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  1. The LA Consulate seems to be insisting that for my application for COE to be processed I must provide proof of purchase of both the flight and ASQ. That seems to be a ridiculous demand. If the Consulate follows the pattern they set in July, they won't release the September dates for repatriation flights until the last week of Aug. Meanwhile it seems likely that all the ASQ rooms will already be taken! Our desired departure dates are more constrained than most applicants. We have to arrange for the delivery and loading of our shipping container just before our departure flight. The shipping company wants 10 days notice to change our loading date. Sheesh! How many balls do I have to keep in the air simultaneously to get this done???
  2. It's a lot better than most soaps, so will get good ratings for a long time. I am one of those hoping that somehow that good triumphs over evil.
  3. My step son has done a lot of business with a good restaurant supply business. But, they only speak Thai. I don't yet live in Chiang Mai so I don't know where it is. I'll send OP a PM with name and number.
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