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  1. LOL - I should have thought of that.
  2. Can anyone provide a source for comparison of a single layer of 200mm bricks bricks versus a double layer of 75mm with 50mm gap in regards to heat and sound transfer?
  3. My first world bank statement (chequing account) does NOT show my debit card number.
  4. Why don't you call the bank? Doesn't that sound like the most reasonable action on your part? OTOH, reasonable isn't the first adjective that I'd apply when reviewing your posts on this topic.
  5. They are available as I stated earlier. We use mobile banking and don't use online banking so I can't comment on it's functionality. Your comment is undeserved.
  6. You have very low expectations of your leaders. I guess that's why "the former guy" was just fine for folks of the same sentiment.
  7. I know that if you qualify for the household goods exemption there is no duty. It is unclear if the OP or his Thai gf will qualify. The Thai customs web site is quite clear about the circumstances required to qualify for that exemption. In my case, Boonma seemed inclined to be even more strict than the specifications on the website. When I quoted the web site to them, they said it was out of date. When I asked for a clarification they bobbed and weaved away from answering. I'm guessing they preferred to maintain some mystique about the process of clearing customs to show that
  8. If all you want is a document proving you have a Kasikorn account, perhaps the bank will for a fee prepare a letter stating such, including your Thai address and mail it to you at your current address. Your most reliable answer will probably come from the bank itself.
  9. I currently live in a rental while we design/build a new home in CM. The rental has a large area covered with a corrugated metal roof in the front yard. It has an unobstructed Southwest exposure. I think the slope is about 15-20°. I realize the SW orientation is going to either reduce the efficiency of the panels or require a complicated mounting system to yield the maximum production. I also plan on moving the installation to the new home which will have a SSW (approx 16° from East-West) facing roof. I will seal the mounting holes in the rental roof to leave things as when I moved in.
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