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  1. Thank you Susco. I am aware of those but I am hoping to find some adapters locally because the online sites rarely list EVERY dimension of the plugs. In my case it seems I need a longer than usual plug on the two 5V adapters. Also the links you provided are outside of Thailand and the shipping delay can be substantial for those items. Final solution may be to open up the devices and hard wire a connection between them and the power supplies.
  2. I just thought of that last evening. I found that Panasonic has service centers in CM and I will call them today. I don't hold out much hope as the cordless phone is 12+ years old. The other manufacturer has no representation in Thailand.
  3. I tried to order from Lazada but I remain powerless. The online chat support gave me the wrong plug specifications for the 5V adapter (3.8mm X 1.35mm) and the 9V adapters from Lazada have the correct plug diameters and voltage but the plugs are too short to make a connection. I'm still hoping for a CM store recommendation.
  4. Kasikorn's official policy does not allow them to open a bank account for foreigner that does not have a valid year long visa/extension. Their customer help line is adamant and the branch manager I talked to would not stray from that policy despite my having "help" from a senior management level employee. Bangkok bank is much more welcoming. They only required my Residency Certificate from Chiang Mai Imm and my passport with my initial Non-Imm O visa with 90 day permission to stay. My passport also contained the exit portion of the Thailand entry form. Even the Kasikorn manager
  5. My point was that Google supposedly provides tools to edit the metadata. But, those tools regularly fail. They allow the dates to be edited and they appear to save the edited information. The result is some date that doesn't match the file created date and or the new date I wished to use.
  6. I don't consider that Google displaying my pictures in chronological order, or grouped automatically according to persons portrayed as "taking over" my collection. Nothing about my collection has changed other than the presentation method. My biggest complaint is that I have been unable to use Google's metadata editing abilities to reliably change the dates used to sort the images. Often I've had to resort to deleting a photo, using operating system tools to change the date of creation and then re-uploading to Google Photos. This problem occurs when I'm uploading scanned images
  7. According to the retailer's support department I actually need a 3.8mm x 1.35mm plug. The 3.5mm seems to be much more common and I'm hoping I can make one of those work. I have yet to see a 3.8mm adapter advertised.
  8. Previously we had a condo in Bangkok for our son to live in and for us to use during our annual visits. I had no trouble finding appropriate 220V converters for whatever devices we brought here. Based on that experience I donated my 110V only converters to a charity electronics recycling/repurposing center before I left the US.
  9. Moving from US to CM, a number of my devices need 220V compatible power converters. I checked out Amorn @ BigC Extra close to Central Festival and they have limited selection but none of the exact specifications I need. I need two 9V, 1A with 5.5mm x 2.5mm plug. Those should be easy. But I also need a 5V 2A with 3.8mm x 1.35mm plug according to retailer's online chat support. I checked Lazada and only found adapters with 3.5mm x 1.35mm. Maybe those will work. I would rather test the adapters in person than purchase online. Can anyone suggest a CM store that carrie
  10. No, they're not yet cancelling or indicating that they will begin charging to store your already uploaded photos. Details @ https://blog.google/products/photos/storage-policy-update/
  11. To be fair, up until June 1, 2021 you can still upload unlimited photos and Google will store those files for free under the existing rules. Only photos uploaded after that date will consume the 15GB currently allocated to all Gmail accounts. After the policy change takes effect users will need to pay for storage in excess of their free allotment. But... the handwriting is on the wall. I doubt that these free allotments will remain free forever. Start your plan B now.
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