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  1. I got my first retirement extension in early Feb. I did my first ever 90 day report at drive-thru in CM May 5th at 1:05PM. There were about 5 ahead of me. I was driving my scooter and baking in the sun so I just parked my bike in the line, and walked a few feet to be in the shade while waiting. I would move the bike every time the line advanced. In about 10 minutes I was at the window. I handed him only my passport and updated bank book and said "I'm not sure what I need". He immediately handed back the bank book, opened my PP and typed into his computer fo
  2. By your standard of rising sales, tobacco was a great idea...until it wasn't. Sales are driven by demand, not common sense. EG. Goop by Ms Paltrow.
  3. The OP said explanation was his goal. He never mentioned coercion.
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