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  1. THIS ^^^ in spades! You can convert from IRA/401K to ROTH precisely the amount required to boost your annual income to the boundary where taxation begins. No one needs to completely convert any IRA/401K. Partial conversions are simple and make it easy to precisely adjust your AGI/MAGI. IMPORTANT>> If you're still working, create a ROTH IRA right now to get the earliest possible creation date to start the important required 5 year aging as soon as possible.
  2. Here is a >> LINK << that lists the minimum quarterly earnings required to earn credit for SS pension from 1948 through 2019. This is the amount they call "substantial earnings". They are not hidden and AFAIK never have been. Also, you don't actually need to earn those amount per quarter. If your total annual earnings are 4 X the amounts listed, then you get 4 quarters of "credit" regardless of how those earnings are distributed on a calendar basis.
  3. Each browser manages its own cookies and the instructions are specific to each. What browser do you use? Safari, Chrome, Brave, Firefox or ?
  4. The issue you have overlooked along with the many who view SS as an investment is that at 80 most people will NEED that $1 a lot more than at 62 (for medical expenses).
  5. Mr. cmarshall is right on the money and IMHO seems qualified enough to make a living as a retirement planner. So kind of him to take the time to share his knowledge for free to TV members. Using TurboTax(2018) I did exactly as he recommended and using my specific financial circumstances laid out a 15 year plan for balancing Roth conversions, IRA withdrawals and SS payments. My goal is to pay the absolute minimum in taxes balanced against estimated cash flow requirements. Sure, there are plenty of unknowns but I will stand by the advice of one of my smartest(and tersest) bosses. He said, "The plan is nothing, but planning is everything!".
  6. A few years ago I came across articles about retirement planning involving Social Security written by Kotlikoff. I can highly recommend reading "Get What's Yours" by Laurence Kotlikoff, Philip Moeller, and Paul Solman. Available in Kindle format ($11US). If you still have an active library card you can borrow the Kindle book through Overdrive (likely has a wait list). Kotlikoff also sells licenses for his own software that will evaluate your specific circumstances and suggest a comprehensive strategy to maximize your SS benefits. It is best you look at his website for more details >> LINK <<. I have not purchased a license for his software, but his book is very thorough and expect his program is excellent. For retirement planning, I borrowed a friends laptop with TurboTax (2018) and ran through many scenarios to determine how to minimize my US income tax. No state tax for me in Vegas. Once I got the hang of it I could evaluate 10 or more different combinations of retirement income for a year in about an hour. That does take some practice though. I ended up doing a 15 year financial plan using TurboTax. I know tax laws will definitely evolve substantially in that time frame but at least I have a starting point for subsequent years. I'm planning for a happy ending.
  7. I've called about a dozen walk-in clinics here in Vegas. Most are happy to perform the tests but as soon as I mention that a form needs to filled out and signed they are no longer interested. One office was willing as long as I paid them $400. LOL. I guess they consider signing a form as dangerous because they see what can happen in the land of litigation.
  8. I'm guessing it's just a walk-in medical clinic with a few MD's on staff. Often people with no family doctor use them for minor medical care. We have many of them here in Las Vegas. UMC Quick Care has several locations.
  9. The government needs revenue. Probably the income tax compliance rate is very low and to improve it they would have to get off their A$$ to investigate and pursue non-payers. Taxing imports is a far easier source of money.
  10. The website for the LA consulate leaves much to be desired. I only see information about an O-A visa under a heading that states "Maximum stay 90 days, extension of stay may be applied in Thailand". The details page for that type of visa mentions nothing about period of stay permitted or how long the visa is valid. The website of the Thai Embassy in Washington, DC describes the O-A visa to be as expected with a maximum stay and validity of 1 year for the same $200 price. There are also several broken links on that website for the LA consulate and the staff seem spectacularly uninterested in helping via e-mail. Has anyone received an O-A visa from the LA consulate? I probably will just use the DC embassy for my visa since I will be applying by mail anyway. I would prefer to use LA to get faster turnaround time. PS This link to access Thai customs information in English coughs up an error. (http://en.customs.go.th/content.php&ini_content=customs_offences&lang=en&left_menu=menu_customs_offences) Anyone have a link that works?
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