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  1. There are still some banks in swiss, which allowed to have a free bank account even when you live outside switzerland. But also they likely change. I have a CA NextBank account for which I not have to pay any fee (Minimum balance is 20'000 CHF). They even send mail to Thailand without any problems. About 1-2 years ago it was even possible to open the account from outside switzerland. Now you need to prove some connection with switzerland. Meaning (as I understand it) if you have a pension this should be enough for allowed to open an account with them. A free ATM card is give as wel
  2. I guess if somebody would know what will happen with the currency exchange, this person would become very very rich!
  3. That would be to good to be true! And if true then probably only for new Investments made after the new rules. Anyway it's only an idea and if this will ever come into effect is another story. They also not told on how high the price have to be in minimum. So there are many open questions.
  4. Yesterday Friday I was in the Tax Revenue Office of my district to claim back the 15% withholding Tax of my Interest. I have prepared the Document from the bank before. The Bank needed 1 week to create the withholding tax document, which shows how much interest and how much withholding tax were on my accounts. When I entered the Revenue Office I had to wait about 30 minutes till my queue number. There were actually 2 ladies helping to fill out the Form. When we started I asked her as well about if it is possible to fill out online as a foreigner. She answered yes and as
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