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  1. I don't would count an education visa as a long stay solution. But if you have the money you could use the Investment extension, which is in the same category as married or retirement!
  2. Debit cards (ATM cards) in Thailand mostly have something like "Privileged Member" on it written instead of your name. At least I not saw an ATM card with a name, that's mostly the reason you can take your new ATM card with you right away.
  3. Home as a place where you life, then 100% you can own a condo! And even a house you can own, only the land where the house is build on a foreigner can't own. but this you can lease (rent). I just heard (not confirmed) from someone who told he have a lease for lifetime which he told is now possible since a few months.
  4. Actually it also could be enough when your wife is working as some company includes the husband in the insurance as well. I don't know if the husband can also use the insurance after the wife quit this job with further payments or this only work for the main person! @Sheryl How secure you think is this Social Security Health plan in the longrun? As it would be very bad, when you quit your "april/Cigna/..." Insurance because of this and then in 5-6 years you will be kicked out of the social for whatever reason and then you maybe have additional exclusions when you want to rejoin your private Insurance...
  5. I live in that area of "The River". I like it here much more and never would consider to change location to the Sukhumvit area. But I think this depends what you want. I travel 2 times per week to the Ploenchit Area with the BTS, which takes about 30-40 minutes from door to door. And that is fine. The only downside in the Area on of "The River" is when you go out with the car you have to cross the Taksin Bridge and there are traffic jams a lot of the time. But even this is mostly done in about 5-10 minutes. Today I drove the car at around 11 clock in less than 25 minutes to Ploenchit. But anyway I would not recommend to drive regularly into Bangkok traffic. As the BTS is in my opinion the much better option. For me, it was important, that I have a good view and a nice pool, which is on the top floor of the building and some other facilities which I enjoy. Most foreigner are staying in the Sukhumvit area and I think this will not change that fast, if ever. But on the other side, maybe this is exactly the good part of this location, that here now are maybe 5-10% foreigners and the rest are Thais. In the future I think the area around "The River" also will become more and more desirable for foreigners. I remember a Time, when I was almost the only foreigner walking around here. And now (also because of the opening of IconSiam) you can see foreigners all the time.
  6. I don't have a ATM card since longtime. In the beginning I used my Credit card to connect with one of my accounts but since the Mobile App works that nice this is enough to withdrawal cash from a K-Bank ATM. So therefore not need to pay the 200 Baht annual fee for the ATM connection to the CC (Credit card). Actually a debit card and a credit card is by far different! so you can't compare this 2 cards. In many ways the use a very similar purpose but still not the same. Even on some shops you can't use the ATM Visa card, because your name is not on the card. When you want rent a car this can be done with a credit card, but not with an VISA ATM card, because they can't book a security limit on the card! Same for some hotels, when they want have a credit card for security, this then mostly not work with the VISA ATM card. And many other things also different. But yes for foreigners it's difficult to receive a CC (Credit card) without a work permit. And if you are able to get one, then mostly only with a secured account in the background. It seems not to be the standard to receive a CC without a secured account. So at least it seems when you listen to foreigners which archived to become a CC. But it's possible in Thailand to have a CC without a secured account!
  7. This I can't answer, as I have my accounts with K-Bank since longtime. My last new fixed account I opened there in April this year. Till now nobody told something about a security deposit (Not even mentioned it). But I will report back when I know more. Whatever the result will be But I think here in Thailand everything (or at least of lot of things) depends on how much money you have in your account. If you have enough money then more is possible. With money you can do a lot. I told already many times that it's strange that when you have some money.. you start to become many things for free which you have to pay with less money!
  8. Because this is Thailand! You know yourself there is no rules without exceptions. And why they should? because you need an account for example to deposit the 400K for an marriage extension or for transfer the 40K per month to Thailand! I think this should be good reasons, even they not count at the bank. Till now I only know from 1 person who was not able to open new fix account at K-Bank with extension based on marriage. But heard other stories from other banks (GSB) about similar problems! Which I was lucky just 1 month ago.
  9. I not talk about a ATM card. I talk about a real credit card and this you never received directly. Even back in swiss you have to wait some time till you receive them.
  10. Today I filled in the application documents for the "One Siam" CC by K-Bank. After that they told me I should receive the CC in about 2 weeks. So this mean in about 2 weeks I should know about approval or denial. I will report back with the results.
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