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  1. If you travel somewhere else anyway, then this is perfect. Means you travel outside more often than every 3 months. But if you cross the border only for the additional 3 months, then I think up to you. I would say the extension is less hassle than to cross the border every 3 month, and 1 time per year have to make a new visa again. I for myself not want to go somewhere because my 3 months are up. I want travel somewhere else because I want visit that country or city! With the extension I not have to urge to cross a border. I cross the border when I really want travel somewhere.
  2. Actually I don't think so. with the big and always bigger amount of tourists the thais not even will know of a few expats leaving. 100 leaving and another 100'000 are coming… for them the statistics look perfect.
  3. Not really. https://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=THB&view=10Y Baht to US$ in 2010-2013 was even worse. Maybe the years are not entire correct. But I remember the Baht to Swiss was down to 28. Right now it's 31... In average most swiss are happy with 33-34.. but yes now it's low for us too. Let's check again in maybe 6 months, 12 months… we will see how it looks then...
  4. All the people who changed enough money before are now happy, that they not have to change with the low rates in the next few months. The only question is, how long till the baht become worse again. a few months, a few years? As someone told before it's always an up and down. I remember much stronger thai baht about 10-15 years back. I hope it will not become that strong again, but who knows. I also would appreciate when the baht become lower again, but I have still enough funds in Thailand so not need to worry.
  5. The marriage extension is more work, because you have to go to Immigration 2 times and some more copies. So let's say the more hassle is really only that you have to go to Immigration a second time. But you need less money. So if you are short on money or not want to put "so much" money in a Thai bank, then you are probably better of with a mariage extension. In my opinion both extension have their advantages and disadvantages
  6. The big difference with a marriage extension is, that you become first a 28 day consideration stamp and you have to go to Immigration a second time. The additional paperwork I think is not that much of additional work.
  7. I not have children, but I only Imagination that something like that happen to someone I care about. I guess it would make a difference of the acting of this person. Even he is sorry I would be very angry. Without respect, I am not sure what I would do to this person….. Of course an accident can happen. But when you drive without any care of life.. hmmmmm
  8. The problem is like many times in Thailand. They not always follow the rules. and therefore ignored the wrong wording before. Now they check accordingly to the rules and it is now no longer accepted. So before they were only very nice..
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