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  1. The problem with him is, that he has no clue on business. About what is is doing wrong… maybe you should check about "The watch was a gift" as an example
  2. Now have to wait 2 weeks for know who win? And the important questions will probably never been answered. But now many Thai people already show the "non-trust" to the election Committee, and prepared a vote. If i am reading correct already more than 1 million Thais signed.
  3. You have Cigna Thailand or Cigna International? Increase by factor 3, that sounds almost impossible, so I would like to have more details… very strange.
  4. What's the reason for opting for the April Global out of France rather than Thailand version? The conditions are not the same. With the International one you can be sure that they not will raise the premiums after a claim. As the April Thailand are under Thai rules which are much easier for the Insurance company. As I never read the conditions for April Health Thailand I can't tell you in details, wait maybe Sherryl will give you a 100% answer to this question. Not mean they worse, but I would trust a Insurance company under International rules (EU, Swiss) much more.
  5. I think your wife is only entitled to the money which you were gain while married, right? So why you want hide some or all money from your wife, as she spend time with you while you were working and now you want give her nothing? I know there are always 2 side of the story. And as we don't know you or your wife we not know who is the person who should get it or not.
  6. Maybe I write it not clear. I mean in comparision to what you become back. Most people pay in more compared to what they become back. And that is the work of the Insurance company to help the few which are less lucky. So my statement is correct for most people it is not worth (for money purpose) but as you never can know if you one of the lucky or unlucky person. I would recomment everybody to have an Insurance. But many like to use this statement above to tell they lived in the last 10 years without and had nothing so they won already X baht…. what happens when tomorrow something big happens? NO further comment
  7. Health Insurance or Insurance in general are always a bad decision for the most people. Because only a small part of the Insured people will actually gain from the premiums they paid. But that is the work of Insurance companies. If only people would pay premiums who really need them, then the Insurance companies could not survive.
  8. Yes, this I have asked myself many times as well.. "have the means of living" something to do with money or not? As not enough money there is already a separate section. This maybe would be the main question. What is real the meaning of this section.
  9. How much are your yearly bills? I asked, because I am interested in the individual increase after claims? I read in the contract, when you use more than 200% of the yearly insurance premium, then they "can" increase.
  10. I thought i read before that Pacific Cross increase the premium after a claim, something Cigna and some others don't, is that correct? Yes this is the big disadvantage of Pacific Cross. They can increase the premium of 25% when you have a claim over (I think) 200% of the annual payment. You have claims for 3 years, and you already pay almost double (195%) the amount. This is even in the contract of Pacific Cross. Anything else of Pacific Cross looks good. But this one point was the main reason I changed from Pacific Cross to Cigna Silver. My wife had Cigna close care (and last year they even reduced the premiums) but now I changed her to silver as well… so both have the same plans.
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