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  1. I think almost every online banking in Thailand can topup. K-Bank, Krungthai, GSB at least have this functionality and it's really easy to do with the online app.
  2. is still a big difference if the price is 5 times difference or a difference of about 30% discount. The question is what they count as Residental prices? are this only Thai or anybody who have the right to stay in Thailand with a valid (O, B) Visa-Extension?
  3. I think Vietnam is OK for holidays. But would not be OK for me living there permanent! Yes there are persons who love probably Vietnam more than Thailand but for myself Vietnam would be no option, at least not at the moment. About your statement that you see many moving to Vietnam and not the opposite! You have friends in Vietnam? or you only talk about friends who you know from Thailand.. and now not coming back? You need to have friends from Vietnam first to compare Why I see Vietnamese people enjoy to live in Thailand more than in Vietnam? I have 2 in a Thai class and when I talk to them, they prefer Thailand. Some tell you they like a country, because it's cheaper.. so for them the only factor if a country is good or not is if it's cheaper or easier to obtain the visa. In my opinion not the real factor for which country is better!
  4. it's not cheap. He mean costs of a Elite Visa (500K) per year!
  5. TM30 has nothing to do with your visa. Many posters here say as long as you have no interaction with Immigration you not need to fill in a TM30. But if you stay in a Hotel, then it's not your problem anyway, because the hotel should fill the TM30! TM30 is "only" a problem for people who not stay in hotels. This the reason most tourists don't care and don't need to know about it!
  6. I am not sure if you do work for non Thai customers online, and your money also arrive in banks outside Thailand is considered work. Actually that deep into that. But I think I read a lot of Digital Nomads became from Chiang Mai Immigration an go. So this looks like it's OK to work in Thailand for online business, as long no Thai customer is involved! And as someone else above already wrote I never read any article whre a digital nomad which not had Thai customers was arrested or anything.
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