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  1. Well lets agree to disagree .Someone taking over for the balance of the season I see as a knee jerk reaction. There was no negative reaction when they went on their winning run of what was it 12 games, in fact motivation seemed to be the driving force with OGS claimed by the players, to be the catalyst, now its his fault Anyone new coming in would have to deal with now total of 11 injured players .Club confirming De Gea and Pogba will likely not play this weekend. If in the next 2 summer windows they can bring in 6 new players you will see a totally different team as I said patience and planning are the key The club is in a rut due to ongoing injuries, a makeshift team each week and not being pro active in the transfer windows because at board level they have seem to have been more concerned with commercial activity than building and retaining a competitive team. You will remember SAF always even when winning a premiership would move some players on and top up the squad with astute buys, did it year in year out. In the glory years we had 4 strikers Cole, Yorke, Sheringham and OGS together all vying for a start later Van Nistlerooy , Van Persie and even Zlatan popping in goals now zero .No manager in the world can make a silk purse out of a pigs ear
  2. Sacking OGS now would solve nothing.What manager of quality would take on a team that doesn't at this time even have a single reliable, fit striker let alone a functioning midfield ? Even quality managers don't come with guarantees of silverware, ask Poch who is going no where mid season. I thought most United followers had sensibly agreed it will take at least 3 summer windows to make up lost ground.The 3 players bought in the first window Maguire,James and Wan Bissaka have all met expectations especially the latter 2,in fact they have exceeded expectations, no reason why that trend can't be continued next summer window with astute buys. Patience and good scouting is the key. Plus a Director of Football is a must. A club of United's stature cant expect a manager to cover all the distractions. Media and sponsors access alone eats up a huge amount of time that should be spent with players January windows will only provide a short term fix,clubs never let their best leave just the ones they don't see any future in. I see Sanchez is injured and out for months again...unsaleable
  3. For 12 yrs have always got the bank letter and photocopies of relevant pages from the passbook the day before. Never been queried. It's a fixed 800,000 b account which I just roll over every year taking out only interest earned Imm officers don't seem to understand, with fixed term deposits, you can actually withdraw the money at any time you just lose all interest gained if it hasn't reached its expiry term date.
  4. Musk was "piggy backing" on what could have been a complete tragedy except for the brave souls that carried out the rescue and lets not forget one Thai man gave up his life in trying to help. Fortunately the men that did oversee the rescue knew from their vast experience what they were doing. Musk didn't.
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