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  1. As has been mentioned the chalk will keep them away but if you want a permanent solution you can buy a powder (forget the brand name) which you sprinkle around where the ants track, they will take it back to their nest and it will exterminate all of them in time.Bought years back from Global House or Home Pro I think I was sceptical at first and our home when we first moved in was being overun with small black ants. Obviously had many nests in places we could not find. Blowing them away or spraying pesticide seems only a short time fix and the latter not really very healthy.
  2. United will do well to beat Wolves .Cant remember a team coming up from the Championship that have been so impressive and not just their position on the table the way Nuno has them playing. Good test
  3. Paul Scholes has loyalty DNA well entrenched in his being.He walked when promises of the future direction of the club were not fullfilled,not unsual from an overseas owner. He could have left United many times for more money. Rather ironic you should call Scholes action "pathetic" when you are a self admitted Manchester United hater, always have been ,always will be. I suggested a long time ago you should really get some counselling,hatred has no place in any sport.
  4. In 10 years in CM I have never felt so nauseas,with headaches,sneezing and general lethargy. I felt sicker yesterday,when i saw tankers sucking water out of the moat and spraying it into the air back into the moat. This is the Governments agencies response to what is a major health issue,shame,shame on them. Sadly staying inside is not an option for most people
  5. The specific signage is of course in Thai,not be able to understand it wont be considered an excuse
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