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  1. You can't compare the selling price with the inoculation price. If for example, AZ are selling at $7.50, then you have to add on all the on-costs, like shipping, storage, administration, nurses, doctors etc. so their prices are reasonable however the big question is their presumptions. Their pricing model is assuming that they as private hospitals will get it cheap, not going to happen. They will also be so far back in the queue that they will need a telescope to even see some coming their way
  2. sound advice, just because you are paranoid it doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you
  3. Great, super and fantastic, absolutely no problem at all, just one small request, could I possibly please see all the staffs passports please as I am certain that all your bar girls have priority over the generals, politicians etc. and you are running a nice safe vaccinated service ... oh and the taxi driver who will be taking me home later etc etc
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