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  1. surely this should go down as the post of the year !!! it just keeps on giving and giving (although not to the Thai police it seems)
  2. we are in the century of the soi dog my friend, i am sure 2012 was just a typo :-), however if you do by any chance own a time machine do you think I could borrow it ?
  3. So according to this report 145 of them are not on an STV, so they must be on WPs or some other type of visa, the business men that is. As usual with these reports they lack clarity. I suppose its the price you pay for being just translators rather than news reporters.
  4. I'd stay away from TripAdvisor with these comments if I were you, or you could be repeating your incarceration all over and get a bad back from all the wai-ing uou will be doing
  5. .....due to participants collapsing from lack of iron
  6. Its probably a fund set up to cover the decrease in Tuk Tuk and bar bonuses due to Covid, as I'm sure they don't want the police protesting about their drop in lifestyle
  7. yep, I have no idea what the street value of ice is but 19kg sure sounds like a lot. Appears that it went missing from the large drugs haul....
  8. which would bring into question her having used an exercise bike
  9. well someone said that their quarantine was "professional" and i very much doubted that, as usual its all just a bumbling fluster cluck. As usual there are just so many questions that are never answered. So the Thai STV will just become a mess, you can go to great lengths to ensure that you are clear, safe, ready to travel, extraordinary paperwork, testing, certificates, payments, flight bookings to arrive in Covid Shangri-La, devoid of Covid where you can stay for 9 months, free, safe from Covid and enjoying the clean beaches, thats the dream they are selling to the world, but alas with most
  10. i would recommend that you follow Sheryl's link in the "COE and the new TR Visa" forum and check item 8 of the STV requirements
  11. I have just briefly checked a couple of the Thai recommended insurance companies, for someone willing to take more time than me it could prove quite hilarious, for example "April Insurance" does not even have Thailand listed as an option and The pacific Asia one has certain elements closed due to Covid.....LOL
  12. I stand corrected, although Item 8 of "required documents" with the asterix is not as clear as it could be, so according to Item 8, you should take health insurance with a Thai company, but the Covid insurance can be taken elsewhere providing it meets the requirements......as clear as mud
  13. Not true for everyone Sheryl, I was reading your Canberra office requirements you posted on the Australian guys thread and their conditions quite plainly indicate the insurance has to be with a Thai company ???????
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