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  1. You all have it wrong. The entertainment venues are open . Every single day there is nothing more entertaining than reading all the recycled crappe . Anutin should be awarded a Booker prize and film series, directed by Peter Jackson and filmed in............New Zealand
  2. there are hi-so then there are the really hi-so and then the untouchables. Luckily Thailand has plenty of police generals to send to the public for slaughter. If only we could have an arena where the mighty Czar could do a thumbs up or down the tourists would flock back to watch such a spectacle spending trillions of baht each and eventually, in about 20 years there would be no corruption in Thailand, just some very fat lions
  3. and the Indian variant will very quickly become the dominant variant with all the issues that it brings....Thailand did not start vaccinations quick enough to control this variant which requires 2 shots and I am of the opinion that just like the testing numbers you will find it hard to discover the vaccination numbers as soon as they have issues with that
  4. I just don't get it, For the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would actually holiday there !!! Okay maybe those with a deathwish, but a billionaire in the hotel business who must have been fully aware of the islands reputation!! Maybe it was a suicide pact.
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