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  1. Individual #1 is, after all, Commander-in-Chief of all US armed forces. Whoa, could not stop the chill running down my back!
  2. As my Senators are Mitch McConnell and Ron Paul, I fear brining to their attention that I am spending my Social Security outside the country for fear that they and their ilk will further penalize retirees. And, as an American, I support the Embassy decision not to become involved in investigating my retirement income.
  3. As the 2018 tax year inheritance tax exclusion is set at 5.6 million USD ... plus other means available to reduce the amount included in inheritance, well just so folks know that the “tax bite” you are addressing will not be affecting the vast majority as we are the working middle class.
  4. 555 He was voted in by the Electoral College not by the popular vote of those citizens voting. The overwhelming number of voters, voted for other candidates or stayed home and did not vote for him. The historical record stands. He tells me that his progress is greater than others, the economy is stronger, etc. So, Democrats blocking anything? The Republicans have controlled the Executive Branch, and the Legislative Branch for 2 years. And now they have a majority on the Supreme Court (Judicial Branch). Everything is great he says so....
  5. Grew up in Jersey, 1 hour from the S. Jersey shore but .... As a retiree, I cannot afford to live in the U.S. OK, OK, maybe a rusting trailer in Florida or Arizona....
  6. Sorry to hear things did not work out for you. Several things you list can become issues for retirees here. As for me, 7 1/2 years retired here and still quite happy with my decision. I deal with problems when and if they present themselves and while reading about speculations of what might develop to be aware ... well, I prefer to spend my time worrying about more mundane matters, like what to eat. I came on a plan where I would take my US Social Security as 1/2 my retirement income and match it with my own invested funds. I continue to do this with automated monthly transfers and this continues to match Thai Immigration income requirements of 65K baht. Medical insurance certainly is a concern and I get questions at the CM Expat breakfasts from newcomers twice a month. I had a heart attack here in 2015 (one thing we do not have to worry about is receiving world-class medical care). The bill came to $11,000.00 with the stent, additional angioplasties, oh ... and a minor stroke at the end of the week hospital stay. Found that my Medicare Advantage policy would pay up to $5K per year outside the US. So, I ended up eating $6,000 in medical costs. As you are aware routine medical care here is quite reasonable so, that fact, being age 72 and having pre-existing conditions means I am priced out of the market for insurance. Here too, I reflect that I am maintaining paying over $100.00 per month on my Medicare but with rising Medicare deductibles and co-pays I am wondering if it is worth the $1200+ a year in premiums. I confess to using an agency to handle the immigration paperwork. It seems to me that it is in their interest to keep up to date on any subtle changes in requirements a do a better job of pushing back on any requirement interpretations which would lose them business. well, enough but for me? I remain under the current circumstances (including a Thai girl and her Daughter).
  7. I'm actually looking forward to this. Individual #1 has brought about a direct Constitutional Crisis and he has been advised of this by both Republicans and Democrats. I would wish for an immediate Supreme Court court decision declaring a breach of the Constitutional powers of the Legislative Branch (thus a declaration that he has failed to fulfill his Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution = grounds for impeachment). The storm has gathered more force. Interesting to watch the developing stuff hitting the fan. As I have previously opined, Trump may actually be good for the USA as he is showing the result of allowing the election of someone far out of their depth and what damage can be done.
  8. I disagree that the US Consulate has the responsibility of certifying personal citizen retirement income. I also question the wisdom of further encouraging the government to investigate citizen income (there is more than enough of that already). Thanks for the backhand slap as I retired 7 years ago with my monthly draw transferred each month to Bangkok Bank NYC. Works for many here in LOS.
  9. You are correct, there is such a thing as, “bedside manner”. Telling the facts as gently as one can .....
  10. Retired to Chiang Mai 7 years ago. Use it quite regularly and have driven extensively throughout Thailand. Hit a “glitch” every once in a while but not any big issues.
  11. I have reflected on this, being from the U.S. Voter intelligence tests? But then we are back to the literacy tests of the Jim Crow Era. Only this time the ignorant would be weeded out regardless of race.
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