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  1. Had the Republican majority Senate voted on the nomination of Justice Merrick Garland in 2016, I could have no reason not to acknowledge the like vote on this nomination. BUT, the Republican Senate in 2016 refused to vote in 2016 because they said it was an election year. OK, then 2020 is an election year and no nomination vote ... blatant hypocrisy. The result? A further loss of belief in the US justice system and this citizen cannot have any conflict in a Democrat majority Senate rebalancing SCOTUS.
  2. I agree and have observed the potential irony. The Donald, indeed Making America Great Again (or at least improved) in a reaction against the Trump Administration.
  3. that has been an additional irony with The Donald, he mails in his ballot from D.C. to Florida. Additional info, he has gotten in a bind claiming MarLago as both his business and his residence.
  4. We will see. An overwhelming en masse vote will lessen any chance that a challenge will be entertained. And, for those not familiar with the statistics, the more votes the more chances that the majority will be Democratic voters. This is known and the reason behind the Republican Party carrying out voter suppression by Gerrymandering, restricting the number of election polling places, demanding additional personal forms of identification, trying to interfere with the United States Postal System ability to handle the increased number of mailed in ballots, the false accusation of widespread frau
  5. 555 I know myself very well. It would be like a Yorkshire Terrier chasing a sportscar. What would I do with it if I caught up with it?
  6. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away ... OK, OK ... when I first came to Thailand I was a fat boy in a candy store. I am sure many here can identify. I tried being with girls I liked when the mood hit and found that Thai girls really treat you great ... never mind, yes the money thing is definitely there ... but still. When I retired here, I continued to test the waters. Taking different girls as the fancy suited. Then made arrangement for a uni student to come down from Chiang Rai on the weekends. Then contracted monthly for a girl from a bar to "service" me 2-3 times a week. But after being
  7. You can call the IRS to ask about what best to do. Ha! Grateful for Skype!!!
  8. Welcome to th3 club. Get your payment says payment approved May 8th, 2020. I am on direct deposit for Social Security BUT ... I filed tax returns for 2018 and 2019, SS was to inform IRS that I receive direct deposit BUT they did not. IRS mailed a check to the Thai address given on my 2018 tax return BUT someone typed in the wrong address. So ... no payment received. Filed a Form 3911 to trace payment BUT due to US - Thai mail service disruption, no luck in finding check. Currently awaiting a determination to send check to new address listed on 2019 tax return. I filed more for incomation purpo
  9. Happy to be in a country where the medical advice has been followed. I am much safer than those in the US flailing about out of their justified frustration/anger. Just such a sad thing to watch.
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