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  1. True enough but I also reflect on a typical 17 year old here in Thailand, in the U.S., Australia, if not traveled in Europe. There world is very limited. The PRC set the conflict up by trying to increase control, thinking a slow turning of the screws would bring Hong Kong “in line” closer to the Party control. Oops ... not ready. What is the purported Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times”? Hong Kong, Taiwan big issue as long as those who have experienced any semblance of participatory democracy are living.
  2. That was my thought, or New Zealand, or the U.S. could go back into the Philippines ... no, wait what is closer, ripe for a Trump Tower and a return to its gambling (think casinos!) past under Batista???
  3. Agree that this has been abused by some. Nonetheless, "The Donald" once again oversteps. The federal courts will slash him down. A US President cannot change the US Constitution at will. Sooo, in the end this stance will garner support from his base and end up being another example of "all hat, no cattle" as to reality. Much as history will judge his administration.
  4. We have room to agree but you are aware, the wealthy can buy US citizenship? (investment scheme)
  5. Yes, some, I am told think everything is for sale. There is no such thing as integrity ...
  6. No problem, maybe Iceland is for sale. I am told (by some) that everything has a price and can be bought. Hmmm, perhaps Kiwis would like to be bought by "The Donald". Yes, of course I am being facetious. I would hope all world nations will publicly laugh at this POTUS so far out of his depth. We Americans will try to correct this aberration in a rather forceful way come the elections of 2020.
  7. 555 No sense in listening to the scientific community. What do they know!?
  8. As an American, I was discussing that line of reasoning with a Brit just this morning. My ending, however, was the granting of Permanent Residency. I believe all governments should act in a reciprocal manner. What is required of me ... automatically applies to Thais in the US ...
  9. I suppose I might find insurance at a price that I cannot afford. I did buy medical insurance when I first came at age 64 1/2. The second year I was told the premium would be going up as I had entered a new age bracket. And of course, having had 5 by-passes in 2005 anything having to due to my heart or circulatory system was excluded from coverage as a “pre-existing condition”. I had a heart attack here in 2015 with placement of a stent and two angioplasties. I paid my 110,000 baht bill, thank you.
  10. Hmmm, I think you are already living with the totalitarian mind set. The way things appear to be going globally you will be among the happiest. Say hello to Winston Smith for me (protagonist in the novel “1984”).
  11. Cost was a consideration for me. I live on the 3rd ring road in CM so it’s a bit of a drive into the city but I also have a car for inclement weather. No issues for me riding almost every day. Oh, and the Aerox comes with an electric plug for charging my iPhone. Certainly feel the additional power over the 110cc Airblade.
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