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  1. Hmmm, you evidently do not know US law. All US citizens are required to pay income tax on worldwide income (US tax law allows exemptions and income limits subject to taxation(. Flying back to the US for vaccine has no effect on tax liability.
  2. I am retired in Thailand because I cannot afford to live a like standard of living in my own country. Yank with Thai wife and her Daughter. We go through my monthly required income of 65,000 + a month. Each of the last 4 years, safely over one million baht a year.
  3. While I do plan to take a vaccine in Thailand, when more choice becomes available, the question is being raised. The vaccine producing companies seem to be wanting country government sign-ons as official partners in the vaccine usage. I suspect one of the major considerations here is protection of the companies from any immediate or long term negative health results liability.
  4. Agreed. I have always used the 65K a month transfer to meet the income requirement. But I use a agency as they keep up with any changing nuances at CM Immigration. As it would cost me 200 baht, plus 100 baht for the required bank statements and the agency costs 500 baht for this same service ... well, their charge of 200 baht more is a value ... handle it, handle it. Of course, they also do my 90 day reports, extension of Stay renewal and the associated O-A required insurance (hope to change visa in the future.
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