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  1. Medicare does not cover us Americans anywhere outside US territory.
  2. I have not looked but I seem to remember that sugar cane is grown in the US (South) and in the Caribbean. how do they deal with the same issue?
  3. I use Miracid. Invariably, the "little blue pill" will cause indigestion by the end of the day. The only other time I experienced indigestion which did not go away was preceding heart issues (resulted in 5 by-passes in 2005).
  4. Depends. I have filed my paper form in previous years but the recommendation this year, in order to get my $600 2nd Covid Check was to file via e-file. I used the free TurboTax filing. Supposed to get back $414.00 after tax owed is deduced from the $600.00 credit. Ah, yes, ... glitch ... I needed to know my 2019 AGI ... IRS says I stated the wrong figure. Problem getting 2019 transcript of my return due to address/phone number. Sooo ... mailed the 2020 Tax Return. After 8 days ... says it is still in Bangkok. Hmmm ...
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