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  1. Just returned from Koh Lan after spending 2 nights, 3 days. OK, been there, done that but won’t plan a return. Samae Beach stay, China central during the day as a continuous stream of boats bring in the Chines tourists. Earlier visit to Koh Saket was OK but I’m for exploring other places. We also spent 3 nights along the Chanthaburi coast at Chaolao Beach. Laid back, nice hotel. Would visit again.
  2. Quite correct but allow that with the new healthcare coverage requirements, it is those who entered on an O-A Visa that are affected. Thus, this is the critical determinant, not our Extension of Stays.
  3. We returned home to Chiang Mai yesterday after a week at the beach. This morning I went to Chiang Mai Immigration as I had read that in Chiang Mai, Immigration was requiring filing a new TM-30 if having stayed out of the province overnight. I was told today that there is a new policy and only if you take a trip out of the country do you need to file a new TM-30.
  4. We were on Koh Larn and I can attest to the large number of Chinese on the ferry and the continuous boats unloading at Samae Beach. We then stayed last night in Bangkok near the airport. The hotel had 10 tour buses parked overnight. At breakfast this morn Da was the only Thai guest in the room and I was the only westerner. Good thing I can say, “excuse me” in Mandarin.
  5. Why does the Royal Thai Embassy, issuing the retirement Visa for Thailand verify my financial ability? Oh, that is right, they already did this and determined that I was the type of person welcomed in Thailand.
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