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  1. And the IRS is forbidden to disclose tax information (unless under a court ordered subpoena) and the IarS is under which branch of the government (as is all law enforcement)?
  2. I have little hope for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. McConnell, Paul as Senators and now that the Governor has called for the wearing of masks ... far too many demanding their “right” over their own body and their right to die ... oh, they will not say that as it smacks of agreeing with those of us liberals who support the same ... as regards abortion rights. The American Southeast, lowest region in education and arguably highest in ignorance and pride ...
  3. As a retired American educator of 41 years experience and retired Executive Director of the Owensboro, KY Sister Cities and Regions program I wholeheartedly ... condemn this xenophobic enforcing action by this incompetent administration. Here, yet again, we see wrongheaded American legal action being taken to cut the USA off from the rest of humanity. Sad that it used to be the USA was a beacon of excellent higher education for some of the world’s most brilliant, talented international youth to seek. In addition to the liberal academic study, there is the fact that American students were brought into contact with those from various nations and cultures. Conversely, those international students were availed the opportunity to learn about the American culture. At the current time, I cannot totally disagree that international students might be better off going elsewhere, what with the disaffection evident in the US and the spread of COVID-19. This action will be but another “cost” of this incompetent administration. I understand that my study in seven countries and introductory study of six languages ma influence my outlook.
  4. I can not deny population growth but I do not see that as the crisis ... yet. I think it is more a not having a fairer distribution of resources. We have not yet reached the point where we can not feed nor have enough “wealth” (agreed a human construct) to make the income/wealth gap much smaller. Only greed and lack of leadership ... and the bottom line, will of humanity to move things in a more positive direction.
  5. Last time, a few years ago, I paid about 650 to HonePro. Would appreciate a current recommendation and price idea for Chiang Mai. Come August, I have 4 to have cleaned in the house.
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