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  1. Leaning the same way. Have my checkup soon, so we will see what my cardiologist recommends.
  2. Or those little spider robots as seen in, “Minority Report”?
  3. so, just curious, what would be the basis for the sliding scale ... if it is wear properly or not? Just asking a question, not challenging.
  4. Outside where there are any other people? I am not confronting only asking is common sense is to be applied. Driving my car with only my own family today? I am fully supportive of steps to protect us, just looking for application of critical thinking?!
  5. Just a note of question. Do some countries look for child support only to age 18?
  6. LMG 200,000 deductible. A I say, I just look at it as a tax to remain until I can change Thai Visa type when travel becomes possible. I further rationalized by figuring a trip over to, say, Vietnam and returning to change to an “O” Visa for reason of retirement would cost me more than the 11,400 baht.
  7. at your age, it may be worthwhile for you. Since you ask why some say it is not worth it, let me explain why it is useless for myself. First, I am 74 with pre-existing heart issues. So, insurance companies will not cover my greatest risk. At my age the premiums, without covering the pre-existing conditions is out of my ability to pay so ... I and others opt for the 200,000 baht deductible. Given the above the annual premium is 11,400 baht. I rationalize it as an additional tax to be allowed to stay retired in Thailand as a retired working middle class US citizen (you understand, I cannot affor
  8. I have not been faced with any "required" pension in Chiang Mai. I use the monthly transfer in as required. As an American ... no Pension. I receive $1320 USD in earned Social Security monthly. I draw a like amount from my own retirement/investment funds. But, I use an agency and figure they handle such matters supported by the supplied bank records. I was open to the USA saying they could not document the veracity of income claims ... dealing with the various retirement funding maeans ... well, it is like herding cats.
  9. When I first arrived in Chiang Mai, my blood pressure was checked any time I had a check-yp, teach cleaning, etc. Naturally flirted with the nurses stating that how did they not expect high blood pressure when I was being cared for by a cut Thai nurse! Thais love to play with language ...
  10. Went into a US hospital for triple by-pass in 2005 (came out with 5 by-passes). At the time I was covered by my employee health insurance so it cost me $1000.00 and the rest was covered. 2015 in Chiang Mai had a heart attack, stent placement and two additional angioplasties 411,000 baht (included a temporary stroke at the end of a week from a bit of floating clot ... yikes,). Here is my point. The by-passes were excellent and trouble free for 10 years but over time the resulting scar tissue at the by-pass sites caused some restriction on blood flow. My best advice to you is read the current me
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