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  1. I recently had a FB exchange with a retiree in the US referring to stores banning guns on the property. I told him I was sorry that Americans seem to now live in a country where they feel the need to carry firearms. Oh, off-the-record I am a citizen of the US and have been a gun owner holding a CDWL. Too many in my country are over the edge....
  2. I bristle at dual pricing however....In all countries citizens have rights that none-citizens do not have. Thailand, in this regard, is in the mainstream.
  3. The topic strikes him at age 72 but my tack is somewhat different and you touch on it here. On one hand we are all the same but then all individuals at the same time (we can honestly wear T-shirts, Same, Same but Different. I have not made it past reading the first page of posts yet but.... While the physical aging is taking place, it is occurring at different rates for each person. The chronological age is not the same as the physiological age. Which calls up, in my mind that there are two major considerations to Tom’s question. I have the heart surgery scars supporting my having cheated death on more than one occasion. Still, I am currently just parking along fine. But the other point raised is the mental stat and here, we'll, I am much younger than my years (OK, make a joke about my being immature... You would not be the first). No, what I find is that my mind continues to be very active, perhaps due to my profession, constant inquiry, constant reading is past of my life and I hope it will be so to the end. Not enough hours in the day and I am fully retired. The other thing that enters is my be in Buddhist and viewing death as yet another passage in my life. Not to be rushed into but neither to be feared. My biggest fear would be incapacity to take the life-ending pill and being a burden on someone else.
  4. Just my humble perspective. The physical aging is upon me, I cannot ignore. Hiked in the Alps over a decade ago and knew it was my last overnight sojourn in mountain terrain. I keep telling myself that aging graciously is the most important. Buddha forbid my being in plaid Bermuda shorts with socks and sandals with a comb-over or hair dye (ala The Donald).
  5. Just a short anecdote concerning hair. Back on my 18.4 acres in W. Kentucky and on the tractor mowing. After that days mowing I returned to shower. Back of my head was burning a bit. I figured maybe tree sap... I had combed my hair looking in the mirror for years but, I took a hand mirror to get the reflection of the back of my head. I had been scalped! The burning was sunburn. I have worn a hat ever since, as much out of vanity as protecting from sunburn here in Thailand. Still comb my hair but refuse to even consider the back of my head!
  6. Let us hope that the order goes out from Royal Thai Immigration Headquarters that this is the policy to be enforced within Thailand. It is reasonable, still has the long stay resident’s address on file. To be updated only at re-entering the country, changing permanent address, or staying for lengthy period away from home (I would think 2weeks or longer as reasonable). As a person on retirement extension of stays for 5+ years, the idea of reporting after taking a trip in-country was making me feel as a ”suspect”. Discouraged internal tourism travel.
  7. Oops, my apology for the incorrect date and not proof reading before sending Just had my 6 month checkup with the Cardiologist at RAM. Bill was 4359 baht which included the 500 baht Doctor fee and the full blood panel workup)
  8. Kenk24. I reported my experience and costs at RAM Hospital here in Chiang Mai in December 2015. Again, the total cost was 110,000 baht. Different hospitals, locations, individual cases will vary but that was the fact in my case. Medicare will pay in some cases for immediate emergency services. Again, my BC/BS Seniors Policy is a private policy paid by my previous employer in the US.
  9. And it all relies on motivating them to vote ... to do that the Democrats must present a candidate the working middle class believes can make a difference.
  10. And I'm thinking we can join the rest of the "developed" nations by having a national healthcare program ... if we stop spending so much on killing others.
  11. Might want to read my post. December 2017, 110K baht all in.
  12. In the same boat when I arrived to retire in 2011. December 2015 I had a heart attack here in Chiang Mai. RAM Hospital stent and 2 angioplasties. At the end of the week I also had an Ischemic Stroke (fortunately cleared within 2 hours). Total bill was 110,000 Thai baht. I have a Medicare Advantage policy which pays up to $5000 USD annually overseas so in the end it cost me $6000 USD out of pocket. A bite but ...
  13. With these two personalities we a promised some entertainment as they go at each other in the public arena.
  14. I enjoyed the original Startrek series episode where god appears as Charlton Heston (out of the 10 Commandment movie). God addresses threw leaders by saying he was appearing in a form he thought the Earthlings could understand ...
  15. It gives your girl, "Face" with family and her village (oe extended family) in being seen in a recognized relationship. No reason to withhold this as it does not involve legal entanglements. Going to register the relationship at the Amphur Office? Let me suggest registering the prenup at the same time so that everyone understands exactly the legal ramifications. One rule I have lived by is that what I bring to Thailand stays in Thailand, that said my funds reinvented in the US and will go directly to my Sons when I croak. Separate Wills here and in the US.
  16. I can not be happy unless we see a clear majority of American voter turning out to reject The Donald and his Republican ilk. I have already retired outside the US (in part because I am out priced in my own country) so I cannot say I will love if the majority do not forcefully reject the Republicans. But I may never vote again in recognition that I have lost my country.
  17. Awaiting someone with enough face to go to Thai Court asking for correct enforcement nationally of one standard.
  18. I'm thinking there are many males here whose ideal would be a sterile orphan. No children to raise, not extended family to support. Well, just a reflection ... no, not applicable in my case.
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