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  1. My wife is Thai as well as an American. We have bought some land outside of Chiang Mai in the mountains,we'll not build immediately, but will live at mommas till we're positive that'

    s where we wanna stay

  2. Great diving down in the Gulf of Honduras.I almost bought an acre on Roatan in 1975 for $5,000 instead I bought 5 acres in North Georgia Mountains. Big mistake, acre is worth 100 times that now. I like Belize it's close enough to get back into the US very quick. I never made it to Israel, saw the pyramids and went back to Spain. We'll be moving to Thailand Sept-October to relax als...

  3. Curious to how well the upgrade in speed helps you in Thailand. It could be the absolutely crummy comcast connection which at times is pretty iffy at best. If you want local US channels, I'd be curious to know if you can receive atdhe.net and how it functions.


  4. By all means use it, I kinda liked it myself after rereading it

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