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  1. 32 minutes ago, Dart12 said:

    I'll give it a shot.  I've tried Peter Vella and Mont Clair and another (my fave actually), but I can't think of the name right now.  But they aren't true reds at all.



    16 minutes ago, RJRS1301 said:

    Whatever you pay for most cardboard wines is way above the value, pity your taste buds

    Oh come on!   The collapsible containers in the casks keep out the oxygen and the taste is excellent.  Do you really think we'd be buying casks if the quality was not there? 

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  2. 16 hours ago, klauskunkel said:

    "Oh look, there is on orange one..., and this one is bright red with a touch of crimson.."

    "Scarlet, I see scarlet everywhere."

    "This flame is really big compared to the other flame a minute ago..."

    That's how they 'distinguished' the flames as reported in the article.  

  3. On 12/26/2020 at 12:45 PM, George Bowman said:

    Can bamboo rockets travel that far?

    I can't help wondering if they now have a fireproof variety of bamboo which will not burn up on reentry.

    I also wonder if the speed of the rocket which is listed as 11km per hour has a few zeros missing from the figure.

  4. 12 hours ago, Isaanbiker said:

    The requirement was introduced because foreign expats have piled up unpaid medical bills of more than Bt300 million since 2016. 


       How many of them were direct neighbors, or generally from SEA?


        Watching locals subtracting 10 baht from 100 baht by using a calculator makes me think. How accurate is this statistic then? 



    How accurate are ALL the statistics?    Seems like the numbers are a bit excessive.


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  5. 7 hours ago, KiChakayan said:

    550 words is <deleted> all. My 3 years old has more than that and she can translate Thai to English for me. It seems that these morons want to remain in their moronic isolation. Obviously no one has asked them what language they speak in Asean,  or the World.

    I used to tell my Indonesian English language students, that once they step off the plane in another country, no one will want to employ them if they speak only Indonesian.  They will find employment, job hunting, finding their way around, almost impossible.  Education is not a problem, as overseas students have to pass fairly tough tests to be admitted.

    This is why Filipinos coming to Australia, can almost walk into a job, as their English is quite good.  Thai students are bottom of the list in ASEAN countries.


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  6. 7 hours ago, Peterw42 said:

    What is FCCT ?

    I agree that some group representation to the correct authority could be productive but in this case the correct authority would be Thai immigration, not Embassies or MFA.

    So, who makes the rules?  Who is "Thai Immigration". Some boffin in the Immigration Dept, or are there consultations with government officials, who in normal circumstances would be your elected representatives? 

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  7. 3 hours ago, worgeordie said:

    Well I came here 30 years ago,and have been here ever since,things changed

    little by little until what we have today,which can only be called paranoid,

    is it necessary ?, I don't know ,all you have to do is follow the rules they

    keep coming up with,expect a lot of Expats will be packing up and leaving

    now the requirements for actually having the money in the bank.

    regards worgeordie

    Six or seven years ago, The Aussie $ was getting around 28 - 30 baht and with a little bit of savings, + my pension, 800K was just reached.

    Now the exchange rate is a miserly 21 - 22 baht, and it's quitting time!!

    As Australia is a fairly properous country with a good export market, it puzzles me that the exchange rate is so poor nowadays.

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  8. Last week I came back to Thailand through Don Muang.  Our plane load took well over an hour to process, and sadly, an 'over 70s' kiosk was not there.

    China and Bali are a bit more realistic and have 'over 65' kiosks.   Took me 2 minutes to go through Bali Immigration.  Macau to China Immigration has 41 immigration desks, all in operation + a 'disability or over 65' line.   So nice to see!

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  9. The almost total lack of safety for swimmers and non-swimmers in Thailand is totally unforgivable.

    Whether your current neighbours have kids (or Thais) who can't swim, is beyond the point.

    As another Aussie has pointed out, in Australia and NZ, it is an absolute MUST, compulsory by law, to have the correct fencing and self-closing gates around all pools.

    The 1.2metre  fences are designed so toddlers can't climb them, the gates have a magnetic catch which locks after each use.

    To own a pool and not have these safety measures is similar to riding a motorbike with kids and no helmet - a very big fine and possibly someone's death on your conscience.

    Why is Thailand so totally careless when it comes to safety?

  10. On 16/01/2015 at 3:10 PM, hard124get said:

    why bother getting one at all? getting into National Parks cheaper seems the only advantage !

    You've go to be kidding.  


    The Royal Botanical Gardens hit me for the full farang fee, even after showing my licence, while three Indian women in front paid the 'locals' fee.

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