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  1. Petition on the parliament web site calling for the government to " Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. " Any chance it can reach the 17.4 million to challenge the referendum vote? edit Oops, sorry about the link, not sure how to break it?
  2. No - RD can only make prompt pay to a Thai ID number and not a telephone number.
  3. Chivas, bit of a mistake on my part, mixed up one and two passengers. Seat booking £23 per leg per passenger, this is Man-DBX-BKK on emirates business class. Free on Emirates web site. But whilst checking note that they say only one piece of baggage up to 40Kg - that is over the airports maximum of 32Kg Checking all the details this company is 2% cheaper than the airline, but with more risk of extra charges - not worth the savings. The travel company? Opodo.
  4. You do have to read the terms and conditions - all xx pages of them Just looked at one agent who's fare was £200 or so cheaper than with the airline. But seat booking was over £200, free with the airline. All alterations was the airline fee plus £75 Plus you had to re-confirm 72 hours prior to every flight - not needed with the airline.
  5. I have my 800K on fixed deposit and have internet access. My wife has her own account. Since she knows the internet codes she can transfer the money to her account at any time - we just lose the year to date interest on the fixed deposit. This is with Bangkok Bank. I asked the immigration officer about my wife having her own visa in Chiang Mai in January, whilst she was surprised about why she did understand the reason. Provided my wife has the 800K in her account for 3 (now 2?) months before renewal then she can move from dependant to her own visa immediately. However, I read somewhere that the new regulations are covering this situation in some way still to be clarified. As far as a joint account Chiang Mai stopped accepting them a few years ago.
  6. briley


    Logitech cordless - logitech battery life is very good, once a year or so for regular batteries, the MX Master recharges very fast and last a few months. My experience of other makes is you have to replace/recharge the battery far to often - and always when you are in the middle of something important.
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