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  1. Sorry for not understanding your post, Tchoopit. The owner of the bag has a Thai ID. Don't see any mention of America or Americans of any type in this report
  2. And Thailand has four of the ten cities with the highest cost of living. And those four are the major retiees areas. Ummmm!
  3. Try using and paying the State Health system for surgical matters. Experience has taught me that it is way cheaper than the private system and way, way, way cheaper and quicker than back in the "old country". As to the quality of health care, yes, world-class. However, the nurses need to learn to nurse rather than just administer what the doctor tells. My treatment was in a relatively small province. Not one of the major centres.
  4. Among other convenience stores and supermarket chains in Thailand, Big-C committed on the 4th of December to not provide the ugly, insipid green plastic bags on the 4th of each subsequent month. Can January 4th they had forgotten that in the Buriram store. And they hadn't remembered by the 4th of February either. How have others found there local stores ability to keep to commitments ?
  5. You need to go back to primary numbers class, CelticBhoy. That's 33m Baht divided by 169m bags which comes out real close to 5 satang a bag.
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