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  1. We farang like to talk/whatever about "zebra crossings". In the 37 years since I first came to Thailand. have never seen a zebra crossing in Thailand. On each side of the road, a zebra crossing needs one of those big amber lights on top of pole, otherwise known as Belisha Beacons. I learnt this in primary school around the same time most Europeans now living here were in school. And if there is a central reservation, Belisha Beacons need to be there too. Checkout https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belisha_beacon. Somewhere down the road a Thai in a ministry will pick-up on this and boost a bank account by having them installed all over the country. Thai traffic laws aren't written by Thais. They simply copy from other counties, mainly British, and apply them as the copper on the street is instructed each day. I often say to my fellow country men, you need to live by Thai laws. This is a case of them not even knowing the laws of there own county. And let's not go in to Pelican Crossings.
  2. I am so bored with "Government Action" that I'm not bothering the give my thought on this report
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