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  1. Yes, it is one of my favorite movies by all categories. I hope more people here will watch it.
  2. Yes! From having treated her very bad before. And that music when he saves her... wow!
  3. Crash! Fantastic soundtrack as well! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0375679/
  4. I don't think that PM2.5 particles have affect on your sleep! They are to small for that. But maybe there is additional pollen in the air now that you did not have before? I don't know if there are pollen at all in Thailand. Anyway, if there is, that might be that the air cleaner are not up to cleaning that. Do you have a Hepa Filter? I mean real Hepa not the chinese stuff there is in some cleaners. Should be Hepa 11 at least. Hepa 12 is even better. I don´t think that Xiaomi have the real Hepa filters at least last time I checked (about 2 years ago). Just the old Hepa standard that western co
  5. Right so no one don't know, but we can hope. IF that would be a game changer then I am sure it would already be on out in the open. Besides that there is another medicine in the loop that might cure covid in early stages. Saw a scientist TV-show about that. I don´t know any name though. We have to hope they will find something.
  6. And also it will probably not help against Covid..... there is no scientist proof for that.
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