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  1. Wow! Thanks. I have now enabled DNS over HTTPS. But we are still using True since they increased the speed to 300/300. Look like working better now. And when I settle don´t in Thailand I will use 3bb.
  2. Hi MartinBKK, thanks for answering, Yes I have got the feeling that they are quite similar but both better than True. Just yesterday actually True called my wife in BKK and said that they will upgrade from 200/200 to 300/300. So for now I think we will wait and see if that will help our Skype problem. If not, then it has to be AIS for now because wife and daughter are not so technical. I think we need to do some more settings with 3bb. However, when I move to Thailand in a couple of years it will be 3bb. If not things changes significant until then between the internet providers.
  3. Hi, We have True fiber 200/200 internet and TV box in Nong Khaem (Bangkok) close to the Thairung factory. We did constantly having problem for the last 2 years with blurry and freezing picture and also lately sometimes bad sound when using video Skype. We have called them many times and they have fixed something that lasted 2-3 weeks and then back to the same not so good connection again. I understand there is a long way to Europe and many thing can happen on the way but we would like to try to eliminate the bad connection that we have influence over and that would be the operator. So we have been looking at 3BB and Ais. They have both almost the same price level. 3BB has 1000/500 and Ais has 500/200 for very similar price. 3BB is the obvious choice here. But is it that really? Sometimes a certain operator can be very bad in a certain area and opposite. So I wonder if someone have an idea what should be the best/safe option here in Nong Khaem? And what about all over Thailand which one has the best reputation of this two?
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