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  1. OK, that is good, I think But not the 70 km of course...
  2. What says the manufacturer? I would check with them first. Maybe the machine is not working properly. Maybe the same lamp also indicates other things like power failure. Check with them first of all.
  3. Why is the humidity increasing when starting the a/c? It should be decreasing when the air is getting colder. Sounds strange. Is the a/c 100% OK and sift proof in all 3 rooms? Sounds like humidity (warm air) comes in. Or the room itself is leaking in air from outside when the air pressure in the room gets lower than the outside as someone here mentioned.
  4. I am looking for a air purifier for cleaning among others the PM2,3 and Pm10 particles. Is there any certain brand that can be recommended here in Thailand? Room sizes between 20-75m2. A recommended brand or machine that is cleaning well and also reliable and has a low noise level. There are different at Lazada for example but I only have experience of Coway. And I have read that Philips is OK too but loud. Maybe I have to buy 2 different sizes for the smaller and bigger room. There are brands I never heard or read about at Lazada. Maybe it is possible to attach some hepa filter to the air a/c? I remember vaguely that I have read something about that but now I can not find any topics about this subject. Maybe this topic should be under technical? I was not sure were to place it. Sorry about that.
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