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  1. You answered the question. The system that works for Thai people ... That is the answer to why those bitter farangs bad-mouth. They do not understand this rather "peculiar" system, call it "ostrich policy"? I believe even those bitter old fellows appreciate some benefits of living in Thailand, but then no one really cares. They also contribute, but again, no one really cares. Both sides are just as biased as they can be. I see that the criticism usually causes an uproar. BUT Why not listen instead?
  2. Well, we all could write a list of advantages and disadvantages of living here, living there... We all have our priorities and values. We can talk about Politics, but it is a tainted nasty thing all over the world. We can talk about history, cuisine, laws, education etc. It is a matter of perception how people look at things. (I have a Thai acquaintance who BELIEVES there is no issue with Thai Police, nor does he think corruption is significant in Thailand. There is no point in arguing with him for sure. He is definitely wearing the newest model of rose-tinted glasses) We can put our heads in the sand, but the problems won't disappear. Facts are stubborn things no matter what our wishes are. There are nasty people, bad services, corruption, etc. everywhere in the world. But what's the likelihood of experiencing something unpleasant?
  3. My missus hasn't had a difficulty resettling here. She has had a difficulty understanding <deleted> is wrong with this country and its people. She used to like her country and believed how wonderful this nation was. Then she has had the chance to see the world and now she has a more negative opinion on her own country than most of these so-called bitter farangs. Remember this: It does not matter what people say, it matters who says it. Thailand is not a place that has room for improvement, but it's a place that needs a major revamp. I am not a basher and I am not a person who criticizes for fun or because of boredom, and I wouldn't do that openly, but let's be real; we all understand why loads of farangs show disrespect towards Thailand. Some people wear those extra-thick rose-tinted glasses, but some don't.
  4. Op is bashing farangs because of a few bitter geezers. Op implies that farangs mainly talk <deleted> about Thai people for no reason. I have tried to show that the reality is slightly different. There are justifiable reasons why westerners talk <deleted> about Thailand.
  5. My Thai wife has lived and worked in Europe for a couple of years. Travelled around Europe a bit. We moved back to Thailand and now she is begging me to leave.... She made more friends in Europe than in Thailand even though she has only lived a fracture of her life there. She knows the difference now.
  6. Thai people care their neighbours??? Lol Family?? Lol Friends? Lol. Pets? Yes. Money? Yes. Food? Yes yes yes
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