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  1. If I went with the Elite I would ditch the 2nd base and stay in Thailand. It looks to break even against having to maintain 2 places, flights. And of course no unpacking on both sides.
  2. When renewing by mail at the US embassy, you must mail them your original, current passport. If i were to get stopped by the police and show copies of this passport, and they wanted to see my original passport which was at the embassy being renewed, would I be looking at jail time or is there anything else I could do at that point?
  3. Thanks for that, do you know the prices for those options?
  4. The big stuff are: - bedroom rack (printer, laundry, sheets), - mattress topper - weight area floor - weights, bench, dip bars, barbell - kitchen rack with appliances, boards - kitchen rack, appliances, boards - portable AC with window cutout If I have to move every 3 months and reposition all of this, it means killing 8 days a year to move this stuff around. The alternative is to either rent 2 places, or buy the Elite visa. The Elite suddenly looks more economical.
  5. 20 years is a long time. However the 5 year breaks even against the 20 in only 10 years. That's a 50% discount. This also means that if Thailand no longer suits my interests in 10 years, I could sell the Elite for a 10% transfer fee and used discount rate. On that basis it seems a much better value. How hard is it to find a buyer for a used Elite Visa? If anyone has dealt with the used market, where would one go and what is a fair discount to buy/sell one for?
  6. I've been in Thailand for almost 6 years. In my first year I tried to do everything by memory and once had a 10 day overstay, handled by I think a 5,000 baht fine and the IO voiced displeasure probably to let me know it wasn't okay. In another thread i have read someone was denied for the Thai Elite for once having a 2 day overstay. Seems harsh. I guess that means I might be permanently barred from every applying for a Thai Elite? Or do small overstays eventually fall off your record at some point?
  7. Right now I have an 1,800 baht, 1mbps 1 year plan from AIS. I want to change 2 things: find a plan with a higher speed (1 mbps is not good enough for hd video) and maybe also have a shorter term like 3 or 6 months ideally. What other options are out there?
  8. I guess I will throw out the idea of moving everything in and out of storage then. The place(s) will have to stay rented and vacant or else create an all day chore every 90 days. The other thing is the internet. Right now I have True. I wonder how suspending and restarting service would work, especially with a rented modem.
  9. I am considering spending 6 months per year in Thailand, and 6 months per year in the Phils. I think the Phils will be easy visa-wise. How about Thailand? I guess I'll need to apply for a 2 entry tourist visa there, each good for 60 + 30 days? This will create 2 land border crossings (at Chanthaburi), 1 entry and 1 exit by air (Phils to Thailand flight and reverse). Is this considered "a lot" of entries and exits, or a safe amount?
  10. How does the TM30 requirement factor into this? I assume it is still an international entry, so despite being inside of one day I should still have my landlord fill a TM30?
  11. Today's order came in and I was surprised to see only a 30 baht delivery charge from Tesco. Normally it is 60 baht. Have you guys also noticed this? The lower charge makes me less hesitant to place smaller orders.
  12. Yes I'm using a visa run company. I have heard about the Cambodia one night rule and my understanding is there is selective enforcement. I suspect the company I use will not have issues. Chanthaburi has always confused me because it is a part of Thailand's fairly deep interior, yet everyone speaks of it like it's a border town. I don't even know what the Cambodian counterpart to "Chanthaburi" is.
  13. My ED visa extension of stay ends soon and i'll be cancelling it / switching to a visa on arrival from Chanthaburi. I'll go from Pattaya and return. I won't be changing where I stay. I've been at my current place for 2.5 years. I think TM30s are only for overnight stays out of province. But I hear they are needed any time you re-enter the country. In this case should I tell my landlord to fill a new TM30?
  14. Yes, I think that is part of it. In my US city of 70,000 there was 1 theater. In Pattaya, a city of 100,000 locals and millions of tourists, there are 4. SFX runs all the theaters and knows what opening another one would be like. I guess the malls give them a price hard to say no to for the value add the theater provides them.
  15. How do you guys let someone know you'll give them a bonus for performing good service? My hunch is to say "If you do good, I give 300 bonus. 1,300 total, ok?" I think this would be clear but only if the word "bonus" is commonly understood. I don't want to talk about tipping. Thais seem not to understand tip etiquette correctly. They think it's something the customer should give when the Thai asks for it. It seems to be seen as more of an expectation or demand in that sense.
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