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  1. Thank you. In that case, is the hyphen the safest option when the slash is a risk? 415 - 92 Soi Buakao
  2. I'm in pattaya on Soi Buakao. My address is something like Sender Name 415 / 92 Soi Buakao Apartment Name, Room Number Pattaya, Chon Buri, 20150 Thailand Real numbers not used. Are you guys saying it would be safe to change The street number and name line to: 415 Soi Buakao, Moo 92
  3. I'm coming on 7 years here and when mail from the US doesn't make it, I've traced the problem to the Thai street address which has a slash. Like 123/45. Sometimes a company will not be able to retain a record of the slash. so they'll send to 12345 or 123 45 which isn't good enough. The mail gets lost, returned if I'm lucky. I've tried seting the street address with spaces: 123 / 45. That has helped but not fully I think hyphens may be a better fit. 123 - 45. Question is, is the Thai post office able to parse 123 - 45 to be 123 / 45? Anyone know?
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