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  1. Try using a seedbox instead. It works like this: you download the torrent file locally. Then on the online seedbox dashboard you add the file. The seedbox dls the file at a blazing speed. Then at some point you download the file from the seedbox. From the ISP's perspective no torrenting has happened.
  2. Well I just bought a 4,000 watt surge protector off Aliexpress. Let's hope it acts as a buffer for the socket in case it draws too much current for the wiring.
  3. Plugged in a portable AC and the power strip lasted only 10 minutes. I guess I need something more heavy duty. Anyone know where to get a surge protector capable of 1,200W continous load?
  4. BKK bank isn't allowing ACH to their NY branch > credit to a Thai branch account anymore starting April from what I hear. Checked with Deemoney and they only do Thailand to USA. What other options don't cost too much to move money from a US account to Thailand. I have heard Transferwise named as an option. Curious if there are any others.
  5. Good information. Looking on the FAQ page I see this: 1. Looks like they moved the submission time from 8:30 - 11 to 9-12 2. It says prefered date AND time. Does their system force a time slot on you if your preferred one isn't available? That could limit my ability to do the early morning flight and consultate visit around 10:30 - 11am
  6. I'm trying a new itenerary this trip where I take a 6am flight to UTH (Nok Air), 2.5 to 3 hours getting into Laos, and then I go directly to the Thai consulate. I expect to be out towards closing time which is around 11am. A walk to downtown takes 30 minutes. Does anyone remember the earliest checkin times they allow? I believe they want you out by 12pm for checkout, I'm hoping checkin times are around that hour to avoid buying 2 days for just a few extra hours.
  7. I see a higher amount of decent paying jobs for my line of work (web development) than I would have guessed. That I am already in Thailand may be a bonus to some who require relocation to Thailand. Web Development being telecommute friendly, some employers offer full remote or "scheduled meetings only" arrangements. Pattaya doesn't have a great reputation at least where I'm from. Is it a black mark when applying for jobs here?
  8. In the US a relative received a notice about something he downloaded, it was a while back but I believe he downloaded a movie. It was a warning so he got off easy compared to others who have their service terminated. Do the ISPs do that sort of thing here too?
  9. Their fresco menu isn't too bad compared to other fast food. I hear they have a target for 40 locations by 2022, 3 years from now. For comparison I read that McDonalds has 227 locations across Thailand I'm thinking end of 2020 we'll see a location open along Beach Rd or one of the malls. Or is that too early?
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