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  1. I did not see anywhere in the post indicating the ethnicity/religious belief of the victims but assumed they were Buddhists from their names. I do agree insurgency is often used as a cover for settling personal disputes and conflicts.
  2. The best way to get rid of radicalism in a religion is from within. Other Muslims who feel this is not in their belief to kill other non-Muslims need to step up and either stop these killers themselves or move to live in Muslim countries amongst themselves. Imagine Thailand doing what Myanmar does and have Buddhists killing Muslims? There are a lot more Buddhists in Thailand. How would Muslims feel?
  3. Aren’t these ceremonies/rituals usually arranged by other school officials and not directly by the school director? Prostrating before teachers is a normal show of respect and thanks for their sacrifice to become (low paying) teachers who are supposed to be morally upright etc, but from a western perspective it can seem a bit overboard and undignified.
  4. There is a certain eye contact ritual which Thai people have with drivers. NOT ALL CARS WILL STOP BUT SOME WILL So the ritual starts by looking at the car/driver. If he slows down, then you can cross BUT MAKE SURE ALL THE CARS SLOW DOWN lest you want to be mowed down by the next car/driver who doesn’t want to let you cross. When in Rome do like the Romans do. Looking at zebra crossings etiquette from a western perspective will only get you killed.
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