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  1. They also blatantly talk about you in front of you thinking you don't understand. Not necessarily saying bad things, but still talking about you to someone else right in front of you as if you're not there. Just ignorance I guess.
  2. Thai people are okay. I find them a bit boring though. Different folks. Different strokes.
  3. Seriously though, time for you, gf, dd to all get your own place. How old are u BTW?
  4. Or just go to Bahrain at the weekend. But what's new? Many people don't like the rules in the country. Think you'll find it's the same everywhere.
  5. Obviously not for everyone, but the country does have a lot to offer. The people are very relaxed and friendly. A lot more friendly than Thais in many ways who often only really appear friendly on the surface. In my time in Saudi I've received some great hospitality, and once an Arab takes you into their heart they will go out of their way for you. Found these pictures from when Argentina played Saudi in a friendly in 2012. A very bemused Messi arriving at the airport. It's easy to dismiss a whole country, but the vastness of saudi provides a lot of different experiences. From the mountains in the south, diving in the red sea, Unesco sites similar to Petra in the North.... But overall, its the warmth of the people. Hotels are probably pricier than Thailand, but restaurants are cheap, decent Indian or Pakistani food, Turkish or Lebanese. And gas is about half the price in Thailand. Come in winter and it can be very pleasant.
  6. Legend has it that they move the westerner to the front so that the last thing the soon to be dead person sees is an infidel. There is a great market next to Chop Chop Square in Riyadh though, with very nice schwarma. Perfect snack for an execution.
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