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  1. 90s Essex, London, Brighton 00s Koh Phangan 20teens Saudi I live large wherever I go.
  2. So that's Ramadan over for another year. Happy Eid everyone!!
  3. The thing with drinking beer, or any alcohol for that matter is that it can become habitual. I will regularly go a month or longer without drinking because I know it is good for me. Can get into a good exercise regime, make an effort to eat better. That all seems to go out the window if I'm drinking. It's good to give your body a break once in a while, whether it's one day, one week, or whatever.
  4. Was drinking Klosters in Koh Phangan at least until 2000, maybe 01 it went.
  5. Geez, loads of negativity on this topic about home countries. I can only speak for the uk, but I love going back there after 20 years away. 1) Road and rail (especially) infrastructure is great. London transport system sh...s all over Bangkok. So many more lines, night services, 24 hour buses and so on. Inter City rail services are also so much better. Why someone said infrastructure in the uk was bad compared to Thailand is beyond me. 2) People in the uk are very friendly and polite. As my wife said, even the beggars say thank you. 3) Everyone speaks English, it might not be their first language but everyone speaks English. Doing things, finding things out, asking for help is a pleasant experience. 4) eating out is good value, especially now what with the low pound, and choice is plentiful. As an example you can get a decent meal at an Ask Italian for 10gbp, or even a 3 course meal at French Cote for 15gbp. 5) Booze is loads cheaper, especially wine, loads of choice, pubs in the uk are often cheaper than Thailand. I don't need a gogo with my beer. 6) There are some great looking women around in the uk. I suspect its more the fact that they don't look at over 70s!! lol. Only last year I was in a bar late at night, got talking to a 20 something bird, she started stroking my tackle, and then informed me she was going to f*** me so hard tonight. 7) what's wrong with UK weather. I wouldn't want it all year round, but I really enjoyed some crispy temps in Jan when I visited. And summer temps are pleasant too. You can actually do things without sweating constantly. As the saying goes, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. Don't get me wrong, I love Thailand too, lived there for many years before, and then left again for work. But I prefer to see the good points in both places. Don't think I'd enjoy staying anywhere all year round really. Change is good IMO. Makes you appreciate everything else so much more.
  6. It's actually quite sexy. I live in saudi. You'd be amazed the lengths some women go to to make up their eyes. I'm talking about the young ones obviously. There are even some where they cover completely and you don't see anything.
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