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  1. I meant schools in Thailand selling themselves, making out that a Cambridge exam is a big thing when it's not. Not education.
  2. Cambridge level.. it's just an exam board buddy! Anyone who went to school in the UK, like myself, probably did a Cambridge exam, or one from a number of other exam boards. You do realise that the whole thing is a scam......
  3. Anyone not happy with the schools in Thailand should leave immediately.
  4. Have you looked at the books. It's 13 year old math and English!
  5. Not everyone has the luxury of choosing whether to work or not. And choosing to become unemployed in the middle of a global pandemic might not be the best of ideas.....
  6. Oh, I have no doubts about herd immunity being real. But I wouldn't make it my exit strategy for the virus without vaccination.
  7. Did you actually read that article? Completely irrelevant.
  8. Herd immunity?! Hmmmm. That's where you lost any credibility....
  9. If you don't like it, you should leave this forum immediately.
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