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  1. I love making wine. It's a great hobby to have. Lived in the Gulf for many years and it's a handy thing to know, especially considering thai prices.
  2. Who cares. Live and let live. Plenty of idiots making videos on YouTube. Don't like them. Don't watch them. Plenty of idiots in the world period. The vast majority of them do not affect me in the slightest.
  3. That's not true in my experience. My wife was in contact with the woman from the bank for a long time and she regularly updated her on properties available. She even arranged to sell to my wife before it went to the public auction. Originally it was 2.5m reduced to 2.2m. We got a further reduction and ended up paying 1.89m. Having seen what other properties in the village go for, we got a great deal. Would definitely consider buying this way again.
  4. I just booked my ASQ. It's nothing to do with Thailand but more to do with the fact I've not seen my family since January.
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