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  1. I went to do TM30 this morning as I to Hua Hin for the weekend. I was told that if you are on a retirement extension (or any other long term visa) and travel within Thailand there is no need to do TM30 when you return to your permanent registered address. You only need to do it when I return if I go out of Thailand. The officer had three stars on her shoulders, so it is not as if it was coming from an admin assistant.
  2. What is on the sales contract could be the actual price of the Condo. It is unlikely that all of the commissions paid to any sales agent would be included. This can be as high as 20%. Then there is the legal fees and 6% transfer tax. etc. etc. So you could be looking at close to 30% of what you paid in fees. Does that mean that when you come to sell your 5 million Condo, it is only actually worth 3.5 million? Possibly, then the agent will be back and want 15% to sell it for you! Plus the 6% transfer tax again. I am sure there are plenty of members on the forum that have an in depth knowledge of how this all works.
  3. Oink

    Vacuum Cleaner

    I have had two. They last about a year before the batteries die. Cost as much at the service centre to replace the batteries as the purchase price of the Vacuum. Do yourself a favour and get a small vacuum that you can plug in. It's cheaper too!
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