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  1. This is a standard payout for an insurance policy in Thailand 300,000 baht, now if the insurance did the right thing instead of playing along with the system jack the rate up for the company at fault for hiring a driver who is untrained and had murderess driving habit, this payout in my opinion is nothing to be proud of that requires a photo shot!
  2. Same principal of Thai business education. When business is down charge double!
  3. I believe if you Google there is a forum regarding 7/11 at least it was there when I did it 8 years ago. From the picture it is tough and certainly your location it is tougher than Pattaya, Years ago I was approached to buy a franchise after speaking to one of their representatives English very limited overselling and unable to really answer questions which I had about using examples as to make buying attractive in the end, it didn't make sense to buy one for only 8 years thereafter having to renewal again with another 1.5 2.5 million baht. On that forum I read it was more profitable if you could rent the land to them even if it is long term, a neighbor here in Pattaya maybe 10 years ago was offered 50,000 baht a month for the take over of 3 story building by 7/11.
  4. It isn't pointless, anything that help the problem is good the problem having checks is like 1% addressing the problem. Enforcement and education is 24/7 then the rules and laws must be applied throughout Thailand. The government is the first in line to blame it starts at the top, the current system doesn't work when everyone is doing their own thing. In this case the problem is the Van company who put making money first instead of making sure standards are met by the drivers!
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