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  1. Is TAT so slow or is it just slow upstairs! This is recycle news? this was already required as one of the items month ago for your COE! Then did this change since another group was it that so call special visa, that was lower for to 40,000 baht outpatient 400,000 baht? Then you now got the Chinese coming beginning of Oct reported no one applied a few days later 39 arrives that is the quickest COE process or because they were Chinese wasn't required anything it seem just get on the plane do your 14 days and you are free to go anywhere!
  2. Confusing is the correct term to use also contradiction! One has to jump through the hoops to get in but if you are Chinese the country who provided us with the Virus who lies and hide then are allow to come in " special treatment " as if they can't have the virus just skip all the paperwork do 14 days and free to move around! Prejudice Discrimination roll into one but of course Thai leaders don't have a clue or they just want to turn a blind eye. One case just one and I will be laughing to the bank.
  3. Corrected! 39 Chinese one White guy always going overboard trying to fit or sneak his way in.
  4. Everything is filled out completely I printed it out show it to them, Jomtien office when I try to get an answer he looks up and just smiles.
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