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  1. This is so common it isn't even funny! Many Thais you can sell the same motorbike over and over again?
  2. If they cater mainly to tourist, my regular shop mainly Thais ( Darkside ) open on Monday they took out half of the beds for spacing the place is full nearly the entire day. You come in get your temperature taken sign in with the time that is it. They are doing pretty much prior to the required closing wearing mask the ladies I've known for years said all the locals comes in for 2 hours minimum and they two extra ladies so they can rotate for lunch and break. Today they open their second shop which was closed thinking who is going to come they were wrong?
  3. Even in Thailand there should be something called an Easement for the Utility that gives them the right to dig up and do the replacement or repair as long as they finish and make it whole again.
  4. Sadly I'm kind of in the same boat, U.S. certainly will not be on the list until the end of the year if we are lucky! The operable word is travel bubble?
  5. I'm against having Songkran anytime regardless of the virus but I guess since American is looting, rioting, killing each other like wild animals even with the Virus I throw my hands up and say knock yourself out, enjoy and cross our fingers.
  6. I agree with you I really don't see the problem the problem might be as I noted before and it is clear here I can clearly see you know a lot more about what can be done but you fail to understand or accept that I agree on this the reason I stated I go through so many guidelines prior to buying as I noted to you I'm not going to get all I want on my list in the end I need to decide what is more important when buying it isn't and never have been in any of my post to " slate others for their own problems " I stated like you your experience as to mines the problem you don't seem to understand or want to accept it? I understand you point about " unscrupulous developers and the management companies that are paid to manage these properties the reason I run through my check list prior to making a decision in the end if I can only get half of what I want on my list I need to make a decision to buy or walk away this would be for any property I'm not going to throw a slant by saying because I don't see a " posting " as you stated by law therefore I'm buying into a slum of sort as you noted! I fully understand and I use that word a lot here because I think something is missing I agree and it is another on my list as to whether I should buy is knowing whether I have the option of being on the condo board and knowing whether I have a real say in the daily operation or is it just on paper and it is really closed? I understand you are posting here to advise people of information or issues to assist them and to point out the problems " would it surprise you I'm doing the SAME but it doesn't seem to come across in that manner to you?
  7. Good luck I think we who are so negative hope we are wrong this time. First they talk about speed, then they say if successful they must get authorization and not until next year well that is pretty much the same as the other 99 companies! Now that you have tested them with monkeys just move on with the other monkeys their leaders it is time for them to step up and make a real sacrafice for their people.
  8. This was what I was noted by many I've been in the system for years 15 in fact so I'm not sure what the real answer is for sure I will try again in August online to see what happens if not I have no problem going it isn't that big of a deal going.
  9. I told you those Brits are dirty not only dirty but play dirty by patient dumping them on a plane and infecting more they must be on the side of the Chinese communist? No more Brits for a long long long time! No pussy for you guys!
  10. I tried for the first time online before I went down in May, just to see what would happen because I heard some have problems I logged on filled out the form I did it on a holiday the next day I got an email telling me " refuse " so I drove down as noted thinking it was because they had it in the system I had to show my bank book or something? I ask the guy why and showed him the print out he just said because when you return from overseas the next 90 report can't be done online since then I've been told totally untrue because many of told me they leave all the time and when they return do it online? Nevertheless no problem I was there 5 minutes come August I will try online again and if refuse I just drive down in and out again.
  11. Look what I'm looking at isn't the issue here unless you just want to side track the conversation doing so you already lost the the discussion. When you speak of registration that is another issue as to whether they can or not the fact is if there is a law it applies to ALL if not since you are into the law show me only the big fancy high rise which I don't buy into because as I noted the larger the place the larger the problems. This is the same with people the more in a group the more chance of a disagreement and headaches at times you get no where that is from my experience. As to where I buy I don't buy for appreciation which might surprise you or to live in them. I buy in smaller building fix them up and then find a renter who wants a small clean place to live pay a bit below the going rate and wants to stay long term the rent isn't raise and there are tons of rules I put in place and if they agree I rent it to them. I have two down in Jomtien purchased 10-8 years close to getting the second one paid off by the renters. I personally don't care if the monthly statement is posted or not and the two I own they aren't so if it isn't you view is they are downtrodden that is really up to you. When I brought into these building I didn't get or see everything I wanted but for small and not fancy building I think the attendees have done a pretty good job in watching the place and keeping it clean in the years I've owned I've never been issue a bill for improvements that can't be covered by the yearly dues I paid. Both property are in my Thai wife name to be inherited by my son all this is for them. Even before the virus I've looked at addition units in these two building now I'm just waiting for a fire sale when it comes law or no law you state about posting. As I said the law is meaningless here we have laws about helmets, speeding, drinking and driving there are posting everywhere how is that working out for you! Cite whatever law you want but it is all meaningless just do your homework and be active that is what the original post is about!
  12. There is a culture in Thailand to have kids at a very young age after they want them to grow up fast ( too fast ) before their brains have even developed by providing them with machines if not used properly that can and will kill them just like a gun. A vehicle is a weapon! It seems from 5-10 years it is put a phone in front of them to entertain them if they can afford? at 10-15 get them on the bike once learn gives them the independence but like all kids that independence will be abused the parents don't realized they just handed a child a new tool so they don't have to watch their kids. This time of the year when school is out due to Songkran continue now by the virus kids are nearly out by the masses because there is nothing for them to do if they don't kill themselves they go into the 3rd phase that is experiment with drinking and having sex. No country or parent have all the answer to raise kids but when it comes to Thai many in general know one way that is how they were brought up and that is what is pass on they aren't taught any alternatives. I hear stories day in day out about their kids and they say " same " I'm thinking if they know it is going to be the " same " why not do something about it? Going on 3 decades in my village it is like a CD, as to how the future of kids in my village will grow up and turn into? Sad the leaders of this country has fail the people badly the problem the Thais don't know it. We take small things like curfew recreation center to provide activities for children while they continue to build roads I've not seen one program or center in Pattaya to help with their development?
  13. My was due May 5th, although like everyone I was given until July 31st, once the lock down was over and I heard Jomtien immigration was pretty much empty I took a ride down got my temperature taken at the door handed a number 5 minutes later I was back in the car. I think it was quicker than making a post here?
  14. I believe in the free market those wannabes places particular in Pattaya owned and run by a specific group I hope they fold and go home!
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