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  1. Yea dream on Chubby! The indoor stadium has been on and off going for close to twenty years! Your brother stole or took money 120 plus million to redo Beach Road and that was only the first time how much and how many times this has been done. Even the Army Corp got tired and decided to leave today it is unfinished and you what is your dream wake up Chubby.
  2. Yea, when he got his head out of Xi butt hole saw the label on the bottle didn't say no but hell no!
  3. I heard he arrived sat down roll up his sleeve the nurse unfolded to expose the vaccine and needle the bottle said " Sino " he jumped up said something like (Google Translated) " No <deleted> way!
  4. This works since drivers don't even know how to make a proper left or right turn. This suggestion is my reason why they need to quickly close this department but if they do I won't have anything negative ( or is it bashing ) to write about?
  5. Good to know because I thought it was free all the time! No problem from Nongrue to Jomtien it is really quick worth every baht not having to travel on Sukhumvit.
  6. 2019 Toyota Hilux, Model E plus, List 899,000 2.4 engine, 7 speed Auto, 5 year warranty. Basically, 4 door 2WD, leather interior, got floor mats, tinted windows, 60-40, trunk liner, side floor boards, door protective handles, window guards, 1 year insurance. Interior dash is pretty basic the way I like it, rear view camara no GPS, dial instrumentation if you move up to the G model, everything is digital and you have console A/C for the back. The difference in cost 969,000. When time to buy I paid cash 859,000. Although I have only 15,000 Kilos drive on
  7. Immigration is another I would think the management of your condo is also responsible to enforce plus report if they are allowing rentals. Also try obtaining the other owners names should also be reported.
  8. The taxi guy will apologize give a half ass Wai, like he really mean it and the farang will pay him 1000 baht for causing him such pain another tough case close by the well trained BIB.
  9. It could be easy money when it comes to Thailand as to what they will do and not do! If MGM would have set up a betting line I would surely have put a bet that this guy army or not had no balls he was going to go near the Sino! And that goes to the rest of them!
  10. You don't want to comment because the minority will just accuse you of bashing but to be honest it is really tough really tough at times!
  11. Sadly there is already a vagrancy law but never enforced due to the politics, personally I have no problem with them spending money on the military since S.F. leaders seem to have plenty of money? In 2016-2018 in reading the budget for homeless was 225-250 million a year then they hired some person that was supposed to fix the problem for good Feb 2020 the budget had blown to 350 million and last election voted through a special tax measure for the rich to provide even more money. There seem to be no end in sight.
  12. O.K. Lets get all the government leaders in line for the first shot no pushing.
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