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  1. Hold it wait! Vaccine tracker said Pfizer has been approved in Thailand then at the end it hasn't been approved by the FDA? what's missing?
  2. I will not argue with your assessment as to how and why they do want they do to collect many. " but as they say, if you don't like it " will that solution are for cowards it never solve anything by running. Thailand has reach out to the world community wants to be part of it unlike North Korea for example when you have you hand out that comes with strings attached one of them you get criticized and that is what is being done here. I have a saying those who speak out not only do it for themselves but for others who can't or won't and usually benefit from those who do!
  3. If you are in Pattaya go down to 3rd Road and Pattaya Tai, TONY'S GYM, he is having a fire sale! If you want new go to the parking lot of places like BiG C Extra prior to the entrance there are usually a location that is selling equipment? Good luck!
  4. Just my opinion and experience. I had the same situation when it comes to walls particular the back as you indicate. Builders thereafter can use the existing wall as is this is usually common if a single home is built but you have a much larger project. In my situation my back wall stretches along with a number of other houses on my left and right. The new project wanted to add to the height as you noted but our development noted if added they would now be responsible in the future for any failure and prior would need to sign on the doted line. In the end the project build their own wall
  5. thailand49

    Small flies

    Bad this year especially this time of year, it is hot and humid, you sweat and here they come? I always thought because of the Durian which is high season it seems. Go to anyone selling it the basket where they throw the left overs jackpot! I put a bit of regular OFF on my face pretty much takes care of it majority of the time. When I use to live upcountry eating at night particular outside you turn the light on and here they come the family would take a banana leave put oil over it and hang it a few feet away with a light.
  6. Here in Pattaya, many working in Hospitals are getting the Sino, I know a few who work at private hospital on Soi 4 getting it, majority if not all front line at Banglamung Hospital has gotten the Sino. BPH, our family physcian has gotten the AZ. Contracted government workers on motorbikes came through out neighborhood a few weeks ago to sign and ask me and my wife whether we wanted the Sino we decline and said would wait for the Pfizer, Moderna or J&J or even the AZ. I heard from locals many have been ask to be given the Sino but have decline.
  7. What adjective would be appropriate? I tell you what is appropriated is what does Thailand has anything to do with the U.K. in this topic! Sure it is the Virus but it is all RELATIVE and the rate of Thailand since December of the spread regardless of the population has zero relevance ZERO! When a thread comes up comparing Thailand and UK, I'll let you know!
  8. "Minor Outbreak" now that is really down playing it! December 2020 numbers were 5500 infected 50 dead? Today May 70,000 plus infected 300 dead! MINOR!
  9. No problem in fact I look forward to it! Even if they get rid of it? I will still use it as an excuse just as I still using excuse to take a ride to Bangkok U.S. Embassy to get an income letter! My trips always are enjoyable and result in Happy ending!
  10. They say you can't teach stupid? This guy should put a bag over his head when he gets on T.V. You do the numbers 6.2 Billion and your lost for medical from all the tourist coming who end up skipping out on their medical bills 445 million. It is a lot of money lost but small relative to what they plan to generate. You got a lot of billions sitting around supposed to be used when it comes to government managing that money properly go luck with that idea! Majority of it will end up like already pockets of leaders! These types of fees are just scams!
  11. The best I got this morning from reading this article if they want to solve the problem just stop with all the announcements. Stop with all the creation of the website which don't seem to ever work just like the ones for immigration easier to just drive down wait a few minutes done. There are people dying everyday, no testing, no beds but one thing sure we have is a lot of people grandstanding about nothing! There are people running around (not me) trying to obtain a Pink I.D. increasing their % of infection visiting all these places to only find out in this article "
  12. Not sure what your remarks have anything to do with my answer! Let get real for one? But based on your answer not me at least no one is saying a diplomatic authority can't bring in or sneak in or buy in if one has the power or money to do so especially the way Thailand operates! You want to assume we can assume for days but in the end, my answer has to do with storage of the vaccine not who or what could bring it in! Get real!
  13. You are lucky I end up praying to the toilet seat for hours!
  14. Not exactly the FDA in the U.S. has revised that it can be kept in a normal freezer for 2 weeks instead of the cold storage as earlier noted. In the article I read it doesn't state whether after 2 weeks if unused how effective it will be thereafter? Not sure you can put it in a regular freezer and then decide to put it back into cold storage even in cold storage the shelf life is 6 months? Nevertheless, not completely a game changer but should give these Thai inept leaders more time to come up with the wrong answers!
  15. Neither is the Moderna but it is mention in an article here today you can start to register to get it? As noted on 3, Sino, AZ, J&J!
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