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  1. I've been saying this for a long time as UJ, stated you are fighting an uphill battle. I stand by my remarks and others which I have written on ThaiVisa in the past and got removed. When it comes to speaking and understanding English it is two different things! Example, you would think the words " Original or Copy " dealing with Custom Immigration in Chon Buri it took two weeks to get that straighten out. They email me the instructions highlighted Copy so I sent a copy, Customs official called said why copy? Shipping office located in Bangkok said they have an office in Chon Buri, I drive down to the area for 30 minutes couldn't find the office so I called back to check the location? It wasn't their office but the Thai Custom office. I wrote in a report my experience January 18th, down Jomtien Pattaya regarding using income statements from outside a Thai bank basically statements and withdraws from a Thai ATM, my reported experience was removed. Money has to be in a Thai bank full 800/400 and all income method.
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