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  1. It isn't Virus Free! The key word in the article seem to be? " Low Risk " noted by the World Health Organization (W.T.O.) that being said countries falling into " low risk " like China? because they are their Master the others will depend on what or how much is in the red envelop?
  2. Thank god they are because if they had the Freedom and population of North Americans or U.S. which you really mean Thais and everyone living here regardless of race would be in big trouble. As they start to open up to save their economy by allowing foreigners to come in even with the restrictions the numbers will grow this will be their second tier because they need the tourist without a vaccine it is a given the number will increase. The question will they be as lucky the second time around because they have not really done anything medically to really handle the growing numbers if it does come. Their only plan is to shut everything down and blame foreigners thus not requiring any testing when the wave comes where do you get tested outside of Bangkok?
  3. This isn't an accurate article! I happened to be there last night at 9:00 pm right across from Club 808 or lower level the Candy Store it is right across from the entrance to Soi Diamond. Yes, it was pretty much the only place opened toward the Beach Road entrance while I was standing across from the place just looking at the people inside what I noticed first was there was a live Band playing although it has a plastic screen in floor I remember reading there wasn't suppose to be any live entertainment but even before I got to W.S. I saw a half dozen places around town having bands on 2nd Road and Soi Buakhao. The place was busy perfect social distancing hell no nor I've seen it anywhere some were wearing mask but mostly not the highest number that were wearing were the waitress. Around 25 officer rush up to the entrance you can see there were one or two big shot BIB you can tell because had those curl up hats they wear and all his ATTA BOYS were rushing around him to make sure he had a clear path to walk while all the cameras followed. They all went inside non of the customer seem to concern I just wonder was the club going to be closed down? 10 minutes later they all came out cameras still following the leaders they went across into Soi Diamond to the first bar it was opened but had no customer the leaders started to talk to the two ladies behind the bar while talking the camera continue to film. Sure there were violations but it just seem they were just out tonight not to enforce but to take some nice picture! No tits or ass down at W.S. for me just nice entertainment from the BIB night out.
  4. Tough to believe first forget all what other country does it this is Thailand the thing to do is the " right thing " but I don't see it nothing but talk like always the people who have the power to change it won't because they are a bunch of good old boys racist! Last year they put into law that you can charge foreigner higher prices at public and private hospital don't believe go back and take a look when they announced the prices if you want to be tested for the VIRUS!
  5. It is something small requested this is how all this PC <deleted> starts it gets out of hand what is next there is much more to be concern about in a Thai school?
  6. And even without the virus they continue to advertise " Affordable " you can't even use the word joke!
  7. Small project doable! The Indoor stadium been under construction for ten plus years money stolen over and over again from the officials. 120 million taken from the project to widen Beach Road the first time then another 120 million for the signal lights the list goes on maybe they will finish it by 2050 for the project Asian games?
  8. Thai Watsadu is a good place to shop much better than Home Pro I don't know of Global. Not sure of your budget but when it comes to roofs you say " steel " although steel framing the framing strength is determine by the type of material being used the heavier the thicker the steel members this would be the case if using cement. One thing about roof here due to the heat it will expand and retract the naked eye won't be able to see it but in time you will when it starts to leak. Recently I've been looking at some new roof material use by a neighbor down the roof, it looks like cement but it is shiny and in 2 years it still is shiny? regardless if money isn't an issue I would have a company come in and spray insulation under the steel structure they will also keep out water if you don't forget buying any double pane windows. When it comes to fixture not the more expensive the better I've pretty thought that but after a few years like plumbing fixture they break down or they tarnish it seem like there are two sets of standards one for America and another for everyone else no one is checking here in Thailand. Example I once purchased a 10,000 fixture after a year it tarnished and the so call washer less fixture started to leak you can't even get a part here in Thailand they want you to buy a whole new fixture go to any store including Thai Watsatu you won't find one or part replacement. Whenever I'm home I go to Home Depot and get fixtures and parts. Spend a bit extra on a good toilet the finish is better don't buy one of those with buttons on top replacement parts are tough, make sure your house electric is grounded make sure you know where the water lines are lay and where it comes into the house because planting a tree in the wrong place or size will cost you money in the long run. Make sure the contractor has enough plumbing glue! it is the small stuff from my experience that will cost you down the road. Today after 10 years I do nearly 90% of the work myself and much of it was fixing what wasn't done right the first time? Good luck enjoy homeowner in Thailand it could be a joy or nightmare certainly a challenge at times?
  9. Did you read the story thread just above your thread today on TV. it is pretty clear what the government is looking for unless you fall into one of those categories listed! Right now you can't just leave and come back whenever you want to regardless of your Retirement extension. Article " confirm list of foreigner that now can come into Thailand "
  10. Maybe I missed it on the 1st page but what is your destination? You seem to indicate you are stuck here but also indicate you want to leave and return then you mentioned something about a Immigration O?
  11. In Jomtien! I have a joint account with my wife been using it for years to renewal never had a problem. As you noted if you do you must have double the amount if one uses the 800,000 per year minimum must be 1,600,000.
  12. I agree! Although I'm sure anyone can come up with a reason to not go home the reality things are opening and if the end comes it comes if you want to stay do what has to be done fill out the form pay the fee like the rest of us. There are flights based on how the Thai operate I'm surprise they came to their senses and granted the extension. It really isn't that hard when the lockdown ended in Pattaya on Sukhumvit I had until end of July to do a 90 day, two days after I just went down after failed attempt online took less that 5 minutes.
  13. Same court but did you get the same judge a she! maybe she saw something in the Danish?
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