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  1. "Frustration" I wonder the frustration they feel is the same I a old man getting older when I have a problem, sick, just want to get treated instead I get the head toe coverage go over as to how much this old ATM can we get out of him. The sooner the private get their personal batch the sooner they can make their deposit regardless of what the government has stated.
  2. Sandbox more like Quicksand! Stop all the nonsense ideas or dreams and just open up completely you got vaccinated " Come on in " no C.O.E. no insurance, no quarantine.
  3. You dreaming! the PM is a puppet! he is behind times the article stated it hasn't been approved although officials have been bragging about it for months. With these leaders anything is possible but history is I have a 90% plus chance of winning I go with those odds, even if I lose this one I'm so far ahead it isn't funny!
  4. Mayor is basically unofficially brought and pay for by the CB Governor.
  5. Vaccinated or not with the current outbreak with no end in sight, it is follow the C.O.E guidelines, get your insurance, etc.. etc.. etc... and wait and get in line?
  6. On again off again! Jump? Jump? just jump don't ask how high? Jump!
  7. The title shouldn't be " New school term to start in Thailand " more like up to you in each province.
  8. The end here is you were unsuccessful in obtaining an appointment in Sattahip but was able to obtain one in Bangkok. I understand you point not trying to get more than one appointment just now wanting to travel so far to Bangkok. Regardless if Bangkok is red or not if you really want the shot you need to go wear a mask, carry alcohol, social distance the best you can or just wait until things die down and become more clear?
  9. I recently did a search not for something as big as you noted a website came up from Google location ( Sattahip ) Chon Buri province that sold and rented Van/small mobile homes with beds etc.. Good luck!
  10. As we know the last few month it has really been hot here in Thailand, it isn't global warming might be all the hot air bright ideas and dream coming from the leaders?
  11. Not really based on everything that was being said by the government and the roll out of the vaccine June 7th, I figure it would come down to this because the government is hoping that their vaccine roll out can and will reduce the infection number add 14-18 days after the first shot for the immune system to start protecting tack on some extra days when the second shot is given the time line is about right just like the sandbox in Phuket?
  12. Funny someone sign an order for Chon Buri to not open June 14th delay until July! Got call today school closed don't come 14th!
  13. The Association has zero power but to suggest " many layers before a law can be amended " " take years " Guess what this is already in the trash when it comes under consideration what will happen is the old leaders get a good laugh and when they done will ask what fool is suggesting the idea?
  14. I agree with majority of what is being said, not defending the Sino I wouldn't take it unless necessary since the information isn't very transparent but what has been put out there from testing by other countries like Brazil? the vaccine is near the 70% range if not higher in the beginning but tested against other variants it was reported % 50-60% but all reports show if infected you won't die from serious complication from the virus. Also reported recently in one country those vaccinated with the Sino over 6 months ago had little or no immunity in their blood thus stop using Sino and order P
  15. 4 million and dropping to 3, 2, 1, unless the jab works they will continue to move the bar up and down!
  16. This article was coming it isn't rocket science that is why I didn't need to be told " wait until clearer "
  17. Think about your comment? Maybe all the straight arrow people who never lie or break the rules and follow the bible to the letter just happens I'll never be one those ever! If one is using a U.S. address residence the assumption is U.S. mail can be delivered so your remark " Post office only holds mail for 30 days " who in their right mind would use an address that their mail can't be delivered! Oh guess if one is living out in the country where the mail box is down the road from their house or one living maybe in Alaska? Then a person who uses or has a U.S. resident a
  18. So if you don't have enough to go around not suppose to cancel appointment because people come from afar etc. I guess do what the leaders preach " what people don't know won't hurt tell them a white lie " solution have them show up for their appointment and break the news to them in person give them a shot of water and hope they are protected until they show up for the their suppose second dose?
  19. Sophon has got to be the worse, lost all the Fox channels including my favorite Fox life a month ago got it back scanned the channels and even got more but daily and I mean daily problems right now as I type usually watching tonight The Good Doctor but for hours every channel gone " no signal " Fox news entertaining but for last month every minute the signal gone or lock screen. What a way to run a business? Time to do some research to move on! Bye!
  20. What is the problem? He was in an accident, he ran because most likely his brakes failed tripped and fell it happens? lets not prejudge the guy?
  21. I was thinking the same but I've seen it hundred times a day. When it comes to motorbike and can't say for sure in this case but in general bikes in particular don't want to slow down especially those who are doing deliveries today like Grab etc. they avoid and what to go around the problem in this case the Ford making an U-Turn. I've seen two young kids on bike refuse to stop try to go around a vehicle both hit the front end flew into a cement pillar. Seem cars instead of just slowing down change lane flip over or cause a greater accident Sad.
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