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  1. Was that the quite young desk guy ? I don't really think it matters what you say when they make up their mind, like IOs they are not going to believe anything you say.
  2. a combo of only 9 months as well which was a triple TV back in the day with NO questions asked at airports or subsequent consulate applications. Looks like people will have friction at surrounding consulates from 9 months-15 months even on a new passport doing the BTB TV method. (Guessing) BJ must be on their back hard after looking at the highest TV issue offices. I also expect the ME marriage visa to tighten up there in near future either by financial requirements or an upper limit on how many are issued if the person is doing B2Back with them with no offshore employment gaps away from LoS.
  3. Good to know on the doubled financial requirements than before. Thanks. That may be an issue for some now hoping to hit Savana for an SETV.
  4. Sorry not familiar with DETV, thought 'D' was a typo for 'S'. OK ! Double-entry tourist visa....old school....same as triples. METV about same mileage as triple, just harder to get. I'm off the TVs soon, just don't want to get any blue stamp before I go on other ones....
  5. OK, guessing here....either you have a memorable name and or face in PP for the person who gives out the SETVs, or they are referring to some database internal or external.
  6. But you never used the new online appointment booking system for Vientiane, this was just a walk-in application ?
  7. BigT, did you have any significant and continuous history in Thailand before your current 14 months in your new passport ? If yes, I'd guess they had access to your entire history from immi. somehow in that case...
  8. Success, can get a reissue of all my docs from the auction for 500 Baht. Lucky on that one. Just have to file a police report before going thorough a multipage form submission beaurocracy crapfest.
  9. You want to avoid doing more than 6 visa-exempt I think as it will flag you in the system...it is also a hassle doing them. Right now I'd go for METV (just under 9 months really with trip out on last day of visa validity adding 60+30) in your home country if you were looking at a trip home soon and an SETV in Laos after that. Safest options...will get you to just under 1 year or a year if you spend 10-14 days outside Thailand doing the SETV.
  10. Isn't it safer the other way around...? With Vient. more likely to stamp the blue/red stamp before Savanna...I think Savanna....just reject at the window vs stamping...I've not hear of them doing the blue stamp of passport death on TV unless I missed it. I'd keep savana till the end after 2-3 at Vient...with supporting money far in excess of 20k to show to be safe. Once that stamp is in passport it makes it hard(er) to get the TV in the region....
  11. In both countries ? Dug this up on Vietnam https://www.internations.org/vietnam-expats/guide/living-in-vietnam-15470/healthcare-in-vietnam-2 if you have an supporting website informatio no Vietnam that it is "50 years behind" that would be great. Seems good in cities and not so good in rurual areas.
  12. Silence is golden ? Usually the loudest voices are complaining on forums !...and TV visa sub-forum is the loudest of all. I've lived in both a short time, and they do have minuses to Thailand but other pluses as well IMO. It's just down to whether it fits in for that person...my money would be on Vietnam as parts of PI are like Brazilian shanty towns, also junk food places having shotgun security guards outside its a bit OTT....crazy typhoons in PI and lower grade medical care there. Vietnam annoyances are petty haggling and begging/hawkers. Costs of living closer to Thailand 20 years ago in smaller cities and long-stay visa logistics are a breeze....for now anyway.
  13. I don't see it hitting 55 again as hard brexit or soft brexit, the markets will factor in the separation from EU now. Thai baht is also just ascending and ascending.....so crystal ball, I'll say 47-48 at best for soft brexit.
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