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  1. For business purposes, Speedify can also help. Their SaaS can provide you 0 down time connectivity assuming you have 2 or more connections (3g, 4g, wifi, lan etc)
  2. They usually offer VDSL in condo's and not fiber. 3BB and AIS VDSL packages usually is under CGNAT and not dynamic public IPv4.
  3. For VOIP, make sure you have a good internet connection with a public IPv4 address. Cheaper 590 baht plans usually comes with CGNAT shared IP address and it is bad for voip.
  4. 280 down with singapore vpn is amazing. It's much better than expected.
  5. I have a linksys wrt3200acm model sitting ducks if you're interested (for sale). It works with Openwrt/LEDE and has a powerful cpu / ram and supports dual Wan. It's similar to your AC88U in terms of power and wifi capabilities.
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