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  1. Pib, You're the best. I enjoy your posts here in Thaivisa a lot.
  2. Pib, your nvidia shield is 2-4 times more powerful than cheap android boxes people can buy here in Thailand. Comparing Apples to grapes
  3. You will never get 900 mbps on a cheap android tv device with android browser (chrome or firefox may give a better speed). nvidia shield and other highend devices may get better speed due to raw CPU power.
  4. speedtest app is a lot faster compared to browsers and browsers bundled in weak android devices. You will never get 940 mbps using browser in a weak pc or weaker android tv.
  5. Weak wifi is from cheap provided wifi router. If you spend a good amount of money for a nice wifi router or AP, your restaurant guests can benefit from higher speeds easily. Also, placement of router could be wrong, so many things could distort 2.4 ghz wifi signal.
  6. You can't expect an underpowered android box to get very high speeds even with a gigabit ethernet. If 3bb laptop can get 1gbs in speedtest, but your devices can't, then it could be in your hardware. You should test it with some other device, maybe a friend's laptop or something?
  7. is it possible your computer has 100Mbps ethernet ports or your cable is cat5 (not cat5e) ?
  8. I doubt he has 3BB option. True is still better than dodgy 4G in rural areas with lots of trees (Trees absorb radio signals)
  9. 1500 meter for fibre is like nothing. You can even get decent speed with a phone line at 1.5km using VDSL, with fiber, it should provide at least 500 mbps if not more.
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