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  1. Confession: I’ve never actually owned a smartphone. I’m going to buy a new iPhone in about 8 months, but I simply don’t need it right now so will wait. But I would like to test out how to use apps, get usernames before they go away etc. So if someone could recommend a cheap smartphone to practice on that would be great. It just needs to be the most basic that can play apps. I’m guessing swapping phones (android to iPhone) but keeping same phone number won’t do any damage. Cheers
  2. Does anyone have any experience of the Empress Apartments in Santitham? It's only a 10 minute walk away from both GoGym and Tanin Market which would be nice. It must be really local because I can't find much about the price and room size. Cheers
  3. Does anyone know any semi decent (not too expensive) apartments in middle of Santitham? I'd like to be in between Go Gym and shopping center so any too close to one side won't be good enough. It's a 2k walk across and I can't do that for the gym every day ha cheers
  4. Please excuse me if this question has been asked a hundred times. I can't find any more information on it online. It says you need work permit or RESIDENCE PERMIT FORM IMMIGRATION along with a few other documents to apply. From my research it looks like immigration will actually give you a residence permit form if you provide a contract from your apartment building + TM30 with landlords signature. So it seems you could get that on a tourist visa and apply to sit the motorbike test. Am i Correct? cheers
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