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  1. If your builder is charging you 20k bite his hand off it's simple maths 4 people at 500 baht per day 2000 baht * 8 days leaves the guy 4000............they never finish when they say they will and won't finish in 2 weeks trust me I wouldn't hand mix the concrete unless your builder is A1..CPAC computerize their concrete mix..lazy Thais use to much water so the mix is easier too work with and you end up with a map of the grand canyon
  2. As I said much depends on your spec but I imagine you will use breeze blocks then cement render the walls If the ground is already land filled and you are putting a slab down without footings and using precast columns and a light metal roof then that is the cheap way. If you are tiling the roof which I doubt at the labour cost quoted I would have 6 pads 100 x 100 and 20 x 20 columns to ensure no structural cracks as you have a 5ft span front and back. If you use breeze blocks (Make sure they use ties ) you need about 630 + breakages and they are 6.5 baht each.....Cement is 120 baht 40kg bag If you use super block (aerated) you need 420 @16.5 baht to 21 baht depending where you are...They are fixed with a special glue cement which again is Door standard 1000 baht door 1200 baht handle and hinges 500 baht window about 4000 baht for aluminium Your floor to support a car? Cpac will charge 2280 per cube so depending on thickness 1 cube 10sqm if 10mm thick 7.5 ifr 15mm thick Mesh is ceap so I would also lay some down before concreting. Last time we did a metal roof it cost 500 baht psm but that was 6 years ago..probably not much more than that as yours is just sloped. Add a garage door and you are going to be about 110k which is half the price of average building costs Then you have electricals and water??? Depending on how you build it you are talking 80 to 130 k A company would charge you 8000 baht per sqm which is twice as much
  3. Nonsense ....how can you say that without knowing the spec?
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