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  1. Then don't say When what you mean is can you eat for 300 baht a day in Bangkok....
  2. Yes not yet but having read your posts previously you do not strike me as the type that will stick around when the going gets really tough You have said as much more than once
  3. Yes previous government like all governments was/are corrupt to some degree But those governments were not put in place with a rifle & those governments had some experience in running big business & a country This Junta/Govt has zero experience except to fill its own pockets. You think it is any different than what has ruled Burma/Myanmar since day 1? You think if this continues eventually the two places will not be the same? Yes corruption such as 100B fines you mention is petty & exists in most places...Except maybe in western worlds corru
  4. Well it is true that personally it was not a direct difference but now looking at what has happened in the years since? It is not good for the Thai people or the country as it slips backwards. There is more to a government than just keeping the reds from fighting with the yellows which to be honest was basically let happen as yet another excuse for overthrowing an elected government. Same as Prayut letting mobs overrun government house etc & then instead of protecting the country they swore to protect ...then acting like it is them that need to save the country both they & the police n
  5. No big deal but this has been going on for awhile now First login denied hit back & second try accepted Correct name & PW entered both times Just FYI
  6. Voted ....other...because Left Thailand in 2016 after 2 years of Junta thinking this one looked like it had staying power...We were right Go back to our home there for 2-3 months every year (except this past one of course ) We are fortunate as our home here outside of Thailand is very nice & perfect for us too nice weather/good air year round etc In many ways actually better in lifestyle/health/services/lack of corruption But....in many ways I wish we had stayed as we do really miss that side of our family. We live in the country there (same as here
  7. It all sounds fine but......This ^^^ is pretty much why Thailand will eventually insist on insurance being part of any Visa extension renewal. It is coming even more now after the previous year of virus scares. Thailand in recent years has become well aware of many old falangs refusing to have health insurance (mostly due to lack of funds) only later to lose their nerve when the real pain of dying comes & showing up at hospitals begging. Then literally skipping out of the hospital leaving bills behind after their death Kind of all started around the time
  8. Exactly! Plus as usual the main wife goes only after the mia noi not ever considering it her husbands fault...Or if mia noi even knew he had a 1st wife If she wants 300k ask sammie as he was the offender....he was the one already married not the Mia Noi
  9. Something I hope we don't start seeing more of if/when many planes get back in the air after having been parked for so long
  10. Then there would be complaints about sending elephants to pick coconuts
  11. the one made by Pfizer — needs to be kept extremely cold: minus 70 degrees Celsius, which is colder than winter in Antarctica! Moderna has said that its vaccine needs to be frozen too, but only at -20 Celsius more like a regular freezer. But these Sinovac vaccines from China ?? No problem...throw on a pallet & saran wrap leave in sun on the dock then float over to Thailand no problemo
  12. 555 are you kidding? 99% of these are the guys who couldn't keep a wife in their own country & no others would have them. So now they are like chihuahuas now running down the street humping any ankle they can grab onto ...thinking their popular They should do like the cowboys & play a country western record in reverse.....Then they would get their wives back... get their house back... get their dog back... get their truck back 5555
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