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  1. I would say if your happy in Thailand a lot if not all of that is due to your relationship with your wife. (you did not say if Canada was previously miserable as a single or married man) That affects your day to day & if your happy now you will likely be as happy in Canada where you will also have rights & less stress in many ways due to government health care/help etc being available. Being old & poor in Thailand will never be better than Canada with rights & benefits to help you get by if that is your financial reality at this junction Also nothing has to be
  2. Silly dragons But glad you have someone to play with ...mentally
  3. Not really sure what your saying here? Is it a sexist deal with you? Are you saying oh look a woman can do well? Because my original statement about Kamala being a scary presidential possibility had nothing to do with her being a woman period.............. That aside as to American putting Trump back in well yes if this is the outcome it is the desired outcome same as 2016 & what the US citizens want/deserve Anyway we will all know soon enough
  4. A stiff breeze would boost his hope as much. Biden is done stick a fork in him it will come out clean. The Dems for better or worse have once again shot themselves in their own foot by putting forth such a candidate as this that none want. To make matters worse his running mate folks would want as president even less. The US Population know with Joe if a miracle occurred & he was elected he would most likely not last the 4 years making Kamala president....THAT is a very scary thought
  5. Your seeing expenses & in turn those expenses offset income Nothing creative about it. Business owners all over the world try to expense everything till their tax authorities tell them something is not allowed (Sorry just noticed this is an old resurrected thread)
  6. Geez that is like 2 of their no helmet pocket money stops no wonder their upset
  7. This was only ever a "thing" since 2016 election results were announced. Trump won & the Dem's went into meltdown ( Hence the earned snowflake nickname) Half of them were crying & saying they needed a safe room & the other were half running amuck in the streets burning things in a tantrum with all their "claims" of how unfair it was that Hillary won the "popular" vote & by their reasoning was the rightful president So yeah we can thank the Dems for this type of nonsense & the media they own
  8. Never was more shame realized than after the twice inflicted "Yes We Can" error
  9. What do you mean "become"? You were always a person with zero rights living in a pseudo dictatorship For most "visitors" they do not get used as said doormat but they were always available to be used. If or when Somchia decides to pull the trigger you will become what you always were ......a coconut girl in a high fashion world
  10. This statement is totally at odds with itself. That folks cannot understand this simple fact even now is always surprising Let some smoke in but not all....matters not smoke is now in .....As an aside it always was Pandoras box was opened back in Dec 2019/Jan 2020 period
  11. Trust me there is not much need for spying when info is often freely given out by Immigration When we lived in Chiang Mai I would be sometimes be given sheets from Immigration & when I turned them over I saw things like some Japanese guy's passport photo & info Other had residence info of other foreigners etc etc etc Seems all that paper they require from us as expats on visa is often re-used as scrap paper for them to print on the opposite blank side what they need to hand out. No thought given to what they use as scrap had personal info on it.
  12. Good for your wife! One of the nice things about the USA is that they at least have a path there for those who legally enter the USA to continue on into full citizenship in as little as 3 years My wife also got her US citizenship back in 2012 so now has her dual citizenship.
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