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  1. A favorite whine of many...... Except it is the same electoral college started in 1787 & ratified in 1804 that elected every US President since way before you were born At the end of the day the Electoral College/Electors are people not machines voting the preference of the citizens within their State PS: Your phrase "despite being creamed by HRC" Is almost as scary as a Nancy Pelosi's photo
  2. Hahah you forget the "real" Americans kicked your collective snowflake b@tts at the last election & will provide you a repeat performance soon
  3. The truth is this is how Thai Children learn to speak. They are not taught tones they are just taught the words & the words sound different....similar yes but different
  4. Well he is definitely blind as a bat ;) She could play the Jokers wife on Batman & doesn't need any makeup
  5. Yes if he legally resided in Thailand on a retirement visa then a requirement of having that visa is having 800k baht in a Thai bank. Your main problem I am sorry to say is you had no relationship with him before death & have no chance of one now. The fact that you do not even know if he was married or had a girlfriend, will, etc etc Now I think your too late for any investigative work. Liabilities? I would not worry you a foreigner in another country cannot be liable for such things Sorry for your fathers passing may he rest in peace
  6. Get ready for a major crime/burglary/theft spree Now that there is a new fence in town...aka: Govt Pawn
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