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  1. Yes it was a report that cannot be confirmed as to cause one way or the other But as Dave said........"it’s strange that I became ill for weeks on the night of the vaccine." We like the FDA are not in a rush to claim one thing or the other (unlike many cheerleaders) Instead we are willing to wait & see actual data that is accumulated over time When the FDA gives full approval you can say data is in
  2. Yeah amazing folks think the flu is harmless The flu killed 600,000 people in India in 2018 ....Flu is not harmless
  3. And again.....Does Thailand have any records to prove that? Because honestly this current wave is tiny by anyone's standards. Your graph does not include Thailand does it? Secondly about the lack of Flu........most countries have been racking everything up as Covid including any flu like symptoms In the USA folks were told to self isolate if any symptoms & everyone did...who tested those? So yeah call it unprecedented or call it obvious or better yet add it to the hype heap
  4. Oh right I remember that Max Sound place too as I often took the soi next to it. They also did guitar repair & maybe building? in a shop in back that faced that soi It is just past Chiang Mai Land going toward Ratilanna
  5. There was a recent report about Dave Mears "Dave the Rave" a former Expat that had a website lost his leg after he fell ill with Flu Like Symptoms a few hours after taking the AZ Vac...
  6. Nice graph This thread was about Thailands reports I am saying if they checked back t the start of covid they would see more deaths than now In late 2019 & early 2020 I knew many in the country with super pneumonia My SIL lost taste & smell while suffering a bad flu....but of course no testing then Covid was in Thailand same as everywhere else at that time.... That aside I still think all the theatrics & blaming etc goes nowhere towards getting safer/better living with this
  7. In the USA religious/personal beliefs are allowed in many/most States thus not having kids vaccinated & being allowed to school... https://www.ncsl.org/research/health/school-immunization-exemption-state-laws.aspx As a Covid & Children side note.....Children are & always were the first to get "approved" vaccinations in many western countries. I guess because they are after all the perfect germ plate aren't they? So this puts a interesting twist into the whole Covid Vac plan as they are not allowed to administer these unapproved vacs to minors und
  8. Perhaps if the average Thai new this they would calm down a bit....... The truth is what they are seeing now is a trickle & the only real difference now is they are looking. Truth is if they go back & look at the Flu/Pneumonia deaths from late 2019 early 2020 they would likely see a bump as that is when Covid had been in Thailand from. But they just never tested The first wave same as Italy & others is always the worst as it clears the elderly/sick/weak/infirm In any case all the blaming etc etc They need to take a break & get on with an o
  9. If your thinking of a real guitar like check this shop on Chang Klan Across standard center just a bit towards chiang mai land past @Curve
  10. 555 And yet the first one on damage control? Why it is the cheer leader captain in person No worries 9% problematic is not too bad for the China Vac....You can cheer others with 91% as super effective
  11. Perhaps but the topic is on Covid Vaccines & perhaps mRNA in this case but.......... The Fact of the matter regarding Covid mRNA Vaccine & testing is they began testing on Humans in March 2020 Quoted from National Health Institute Is is your comments about the 10 year testing (not on Covid vaccine) etc that is misleading & in fact irrelevant to any covid vaccine discussions If in fact the Covid mRNA Vaccine had been tested for 10 years on Humans it would easily have passed FDA Approval & not just have "auth
  12. This is the problem with folks like you...your cancel culture mindset your lack of tolerance & worse yet your lack of informed facts 1- Being Vaccinated does not free you from being able to carry & spread Covid 2- Being Vaccinated does not make you immune it only lessens symptoms once infected (maybe) That aside who dies & made you god? Who gave you any right to deem your existence more important than others? If your afraid go grab a case of Spam & a case of Toilet Paper & get in your safe room It is small minds like yours that start c
  13. Total BS like your profile.....member since Feb 2nd & 280 posts.....yeah right more like a campaign plonk in the troll lake you go Folks like you will likely be the isolationist holed up in your safe room with your Spam & TP While the rest get on with life not so afraid of a virus that is 95.x% + survivable by most https://fullfact.org/online/covid-19-survival-rate-less-998/
  14. I may have heard something more ignorant than this in my life... but I cannot remember when
  15. Exactly & it is a bad trait of the few really...This lack of tolerance started a while back & grew into this cancel culture. Not to worry they talk/cry & have tantrums but that is about it.
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