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  1. Censorship isn't the answer. The problem with censorship is that for every nutjob you censor, you have a snowflake demanding to censor something debatable or true. The problem isn't even the people who spread this <deleted>, it's that we've created a society where people are great at finding information, but terrible at critically reasoning with it.
  2. Going to NZ is different, Australia has imposed quarantine capacity limits. If they exceed the limit you can't board and you get a credit voucher. This doesn't apply to transit passengers.
  3. Unfortunately it's too late to pay the fine. You're stuck with the money now, there's very little you can do once the fine is expired, you'll just have to keep the money.
  4. They're moving away from pointing with their hands: https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/2018/04/01/humiliated-police-to-prohibit-pointing-in-pressers/
  5. I sent my car in for a service with a Mercedes dealer while I was overseas and I wired them the payment as per their instructions but when I sent someone to collect the car they claimed payment was never received and refused to return my car. I gave them the MT103 receipt on 10-Mar and asked them to contact their bank, Kasikorn bank. They told me they did and their bank said they never received payment. So I had my bank do a trace and today their bank formally confirmed that the funds were received and deposited in their account on 5-Mar. They are still refu
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