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  1. That's not true at all, most of the west want young people to migrate there, it's just the uneducated or criminals they don't want which isn't specific to nationality.
  2. I hate to break bad news to you, but from the MRI report, it looks like you've got a bad case of getting older. Degenerative changes happen to all of us so I wouldn't worry about that, but you do have some nerve compression which would explain your symptoms. It's not a medical emergency but you should talk to a doctor about that, it can often be symptomatically resolved with physical therapy or medication and there are surgical interventions which you might be interested in depending on your level of pain.
  3. If they overtake when I'm doing 120 I'm fine with that, what annoys me is when I slow down to 90 because there's a slow car in front of me then some slower car that I already passed catches up and undertake me. Then when that slow car moves out of the way, they don't speed up. What's the point of passing someone if you don't want to drive faster than them? Or when I'm approaching a traffic light I tend to coast there (what's the point of driving fast when you're about to stop?) and people will often cut in front in the tight gap forcing me to brake hard. Then when the light goes gr
  4. I'm very curious about this, I can't call it impatience as they clearly aren't trying to get places quickly (if they are, they're doing a very bad job of it). They just seem to want to be in front.
  5. I had the same experience at the supermarket when I tried to buy some Smirnoff branded "hand sanitiser". Just wait until 5pm.
  6. I believe Jesus existed but wasn't anyone special. His mother was probably shagging some other guy and didn't have the heart to admit it to poor Joseph so she invented the story of the virgin birth and with it, a religion.
  7. Not consistent with existing research. The claim in the article is 96.7% immunity after 1 dose. See here: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)00432-3/fulltext This larger study only found 76% immunity after 1 dose.
  8. 2.5" drives have a standard width and depth. The height can range from 7mm-15mm. I'm pretty sure all consumer 2.5" ssds are 7mm and most laptops that still take 2.5" drives these days only support 7mm.
  9. I would question the validity of this research. For n=61 when you constrain that all people counts have to be whole numbers, the only possible results he could get if he did his study properly (as in used a control group to estimate expected infections in the vaccinated group had they not been vaccinated) are: Vaccinated group=60 Unvaccinated control group=1 Number infected in control group=1 Expected number of infected in vaccinated group=60 Infected number in vaccinated group=2 Immunity=96.7% and Vaccinated group=30 Unvaccinat
  10. Damn, it's so unfortunate when motorbikes develop a mind of their own and decide to rear end pickup trucks. Hope he is okay.
  11. Haha, I suppose eating spicy food makes you less likely to rub your eyes and nose giving you a trivial degree of protection.
  12. +1 for invaideIT. The Samsung 870 EVO should suit you fine. They have some slightly cheaper options which aren't too bad too. As someone said above, don't buy those unbranded things from eBay/lazada.
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