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  1. Looks like there have been some changes. Previously all my small packet mail to the USA was sent by registered air mail, cost was around 300 - 400 Baht. Today I went and sent the same size packet and they charged me 950 Baht, for EMS they wanted 1.400 Baht Also sent a small packet to Italy by EMS and that cost 1.760 Baht
  2. Just checking on the following, if correct you are allowed 14 days before & 7 days after to do the report. My 90 day report was due on 6 June so today I went and done the report, the date I got for my next report is 26 Aug, do they start the 90 days if you report before the given date, as if I had known I would have waited till the 7 day's after the 6 June.
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