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  1. I have never used any garage in CR as yet so just checking for some info regarding a small garage that the owner has basic english. I am not keen on the main dealers as many will not allow you in the service area.
  2. I went there yesterday, its a very busy road but they have a car park at the rear of the building. Not my lucky day as the boss who speaks Engish was at some meeting. After gathering some info from the service guy i returned home and got the issue fixed.
  3. Do they have 2 shops ?, in another link it mentions a shop beside Mengrai area. I can observe this one on Google maps I am often at the market area beside the old clock tower, can you provide a link to the one beside overbrook.
  4. Looking for a shop that can speak english, having issues with some programs on my Dell notebook and would like it checked out.
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