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  1. Had to purchase additional o rings from my pump shop that was not supplied with the tank https://www.lazada.co.th/products/i261551164-s402499067.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1
  2. You need to take the new pump back to the supplier and tell them to send back and have Mitsu check it out. If you go and take apart you will have no chance of any warranty. I have had a few of these pumps and never observed a leak at that sealing area.
  3. I just changed both my pump tanks to stainless, all the gaskets and o rings I obtained from a big pump supply shop in Ubon. On that housing there is two sealing area's 1. O Ring at the top of the housing pipe 2. Flange Inlet Gasket
  4. Seems very strange 2 new pumps would leak from the exact same spot, rather than mess around with the new pump why not order a new o ring and fit to the old pump. You can find the O - Ring in the attachment Mitsu Pump Parts 2016.pdf.pdf
  5. I used them a few days ago from Chiang Rai - BKK, flight left 15min before scheduled time. No issues to report. Take care with there hidden costs, when you book online uncheck all the boxes for additional charges, they also charge extra to select your own seat preference.
  6. I travel every month from Ubon to CR, and need to take two flights. I have now observed Nok Air have a direct flight Ubon to CM, just checking for info on how to get to CR from the airport. I have been told the green bus company does this run but have no idea whare the bus leaves from. I also have my own vehicle that is based in CR so if safe undercover parking was available around the airport area this could also be a option.
  7. Just had the meter installed, i do not wish the cable to high so my two options are place the cable underground or run it along the wall around around 1ft above the ground. I went to checkout the 15amp cable today and it comes in 100m rolls which is perfect, when i asked about the pipe to run the cable through they told me they have never been asked this before. Just checking if i go under the ground level do i need special cable and pipe, and how about if i go above the ground level, is the cable and pipe the same.
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