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  1. Why can't people accept there is a big difference in what Goverments order and radio stations announce as to what is actually happening on the streets of Pattaya ? As others have stated there are various hotels open and available for paying guests right now. Best to call direct to find out what services are available like the pool for example.
  2. I had the same problem when i visited Mega at the weekend. Was frustrating at first waiting for something to happen but after 2 or 3 attempts at different shops the people policing this didn't seem to be bothered and let me enter, so i just scanned the code and they let me in. For all i know i have been there since Saturday morning as checking out didn't work either.
  3. At some point we must start getting back to normal and the schools opening should be a sign this is starting to happen. Not surprised by the negativity of the opening posts, easier to criticize than to look at this as a positive event. I know my daughter will be looking forward to a return and i am sure the schools will do what they can regarding protection, however personally i don't think it's such a great risk and if any children catch the virus most will recover after mild symptoms. For those children living with at risk relatives, it's the relatives who need to be quarantined. Let the kids lives get back to normal.
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