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  1. 2 without masks, one holding it on for show yet...! V/Gov Phichet noted that the venues inspected were complying with at least the basic COVID-19 protection measures, including checking body temperatures of those entering the venues, ensuring patrons were were face masks
  2. beechbum


    Why would anyone with half a brain open their hotel or bar when theres no tourists?
  3. As long as face masks are being worn...because that's obviously way more important when on a motorbike than a helmet.
  4. The “white paper” noted that industries that should be developed in parallel with tourism included the marina industry, education industry, health and wellness industry, tuna export industry, local food industry, and sports and events. Now that's some pure comedy gold...
  5. Look at you, being all geographically challenged...
  6. I go through 2 or 3 times daily, its definitely been ramped up more than usual over the last 2 or so months.
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