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  1. Same, I don't mind the one at paragon, not to expensive with a Thai license and lots to see.
  2. Wonder if the unnamed owners from China or Singapore, I'd bet it's one or the other. As for those named, doubt there's anything like the truth coming from any of them....
  3. What a shame, was lucky enough to swim with and pet a Dugong on a number of occasions in Northern Australia years ago, such docile beautiful animals.
  4. Maybe already mentioned but for a really good 7 part mini-series try "The Loudest Voice". https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6821044/
  5. The nets are obviously coming from fishing boats and it's not only Thailand, All the countries fisherman need to get it together and stop discarding old nets and to use more marine friendly type of nets (not much chance of it happening unfortunately), especially Myanmar, Bangladesh and India, also unfortunately during the monsoon season lots of nets are lost and enter the Andaman current. What you see in Phuket is a tiny fraction of whats floating around offshore between us and India ect.
  6. Patong Development Foundation vice president Somprasong Saengchat said cooperation by all parties had already provided a thorough around-the-clock care for tourists at Patong, resulting in no deaths from drowning at Patong in the past three years. Great to see them doing something positive but the major factor regarding the above is they don't gets rips/undercurrents anywhere near as strong as found at Nai Harn, Karon, Surin ect...
  7. However, ahead of Mr Niwatchai’s arrival in Phuket on Thursday, Phuket officials including the Governor held their own meeting on Wednesday (Aug 14), where several cases were specifically mentioned, including the claims to the 178 rai along the Layan-Leypang beachfront which has been estimated to be worth at least B10 billion Phuket officials have so far done nothing other than make rare public statements that they are “waiting for the legal process to be resolved” No doubt all trying to get their stories and bogus paper work aligned, Hope the corrupt prick$ get caught out.
  8. As in gun shot wounds? If so, what's that got to do with electrocution?
  9. If electrocution was the cause wouldn't there be entry and exit wounds? RIP.
  10. Just downloaded the 1st 3 episodes from series 1 of "Life of Crime"(UK) from kickass, seems very good so far. Anyone onto any other good series at the moment?
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