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  1. Geoffs living on borrowed time.
  2. I know it's north, all I'm saying is you have to go THROUGH either to be able to go south, not that bloody hard to understand is it?
  3. Kamalas OK but the need for driving through Patong or Surin to go south is a huge put off.
  4. It seems you know FA about Rawai or Chalong.
  5. Good effort from the bus driver, hope the fortunner drivers caught, you cant wait for 3 motor bikes and then not see the bus behind them, impossible.
  6. They're from a dashcam, as stated in the article.
  7. Fair enough. Mum isn't new by the way, it was from 2016.
  8. Really enjoying "Valley of the boom. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7768092/ For me the best series by a long way that's on at the moment is still "Berlin Station", just gets better and better.
  9. There's all sorts of good series made in both countries and if someone doesn't like one, then, well you know...
  10. ^^Stupid post by someone with NFI.^^
  11. Just downloaded the 1st 3 episodes from series 1 of "Life of Crime"(UK) from kickass, seems very good so far. Anyone onto any other good series at the moment?
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