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  1. Watching May's statement to Parliament at the moment, Credit to her for taking so many questions but it looks like the Tory MPs gave given up on her. Only about 20 MPs on the government bench to give her any support !!
  2. ,,,,,,,,,,,, are the egg rings really required ? Someone mentioned Pikelets to me earlier today, I had never heard of a Pikelet but it looks like they are identical in the batter mix vut are made without the egg rings. A quick Google told me Essentially, the main difference is that a pikelet is not cooked in a ring like acrumpet, hence why it is thinner and more freeform in shape. Crumpets were originally hard, it was not until the Victorian era that they became soft and spongy as we know them today.
  3. Marcus - The recipe also gives instructions on how to make homemade butter. I am too lazy to do that and ignore the steps associated with For the butter, Good luck and I hope they work out well for you
  4. I bought a silicone six ring thingy from Lazada. Now that's what I need. Tip much appreciated and off to search Lazada. I can consign those lethal egg rings to the bin. The world is a safer place and no more need to clean up the blood and batter mess
  5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,are going from skillet to plate ? Skillet to plate or in the toaster next day or Freeze, defrost & toast
  6. Have you seen what the Pike Place Crumpet Shop does to our crumpets ?? https://thecrumpetshop.com/crumpets/ High P - Made a few favorites for the boys last week end. I've been stuffing my face with Lemon Curd (well Lime curd if the truth be known) and Pate on toast (no not together ..... but it might be on the menu at Pike Place Crumpet Shop) all week, Recipe in previous post works well https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/bread-recipes/classic-crumpets/ You can scr&& a mans wife but you can't dis his crumpets
  7. Pleased that you enjoy baking. Perhaps the colonial version of a crumpet lost something in translation or the Seattle weather was not conductive to their production. Try the recipe below https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/bread-recipes/classic-crumpets/ I appear to have been more fortunate than yourself when handling Egg rings. Not sure if its all the HS&E training I received during my manufacturing career or the fact my egg rings do not have razor edges ( resist temptation to say 'fall under the second amendment' ) I believe I know a good crumpet when I taste one having been brought up in the UK and purchased them from local bakers in Lancashire. No doubt those posting on this thread can propose a host of items/ideas/ recipes where a skillet is useful. It might convince you to invest in one. I will try to get some crumpets from Tops and pass comment when I get chance. Yes I use a spatula to turn the rings and the crumpets tend to drop down, This allows me to brown them off whilst starting another one in the egg ring. Why are the crumpets in your picture so pale ? Not complicated and not time consuming. Sorry my picture is not isolated to crumpets (look LHS back). However if you can enlarge it you will see they look pretty good (unlike my potato cakes which I admit were cr&p)
  8. Marcus - I will resist the temptation to call you a halfwit or a child Just for the record I made crumpets for 4 Brits at my house last week. I live up in Esan about 45 mins from Buriram My local town (20km) has good flour (and yeast & a host of items for baking) If you have a lot of batter mess I would question your recipe or own ability Yes I have a Skillet and egg rings but easy to improvise My gas stove was bought at Thai Wasadu and in this modern age has a low setting (even in Thailand) Yes I live in Thailand If you has stated you were some guy stuck in a single room with only a microwave, who never had a mother to teach him to cook I might have had some compassion. However at this stage all I can recommend is that you up the medication
  9. Easy to make your own. Very easy. Give it a try
  10. Went through the process in Nov 2017. Easy to get certified cert from Milton Keynes by post Easy to get Thai Consulate to certify & return to UK address by post (1 week) Attended MFA in Feb 2018. Got the certificate translated there (took 3hrs because the guy said he had not done a Scottish Cert before and needed time to format the copy translation layout?? ,,,,,,,, said English Cert 1 hr). MFA sent Cert in post to Thai address. I understand they no longer do a 1 day service and that it takes 3 days if you plan to pick it up. Local Ampur issued the KP22 within a couple of hours but we needed the village head to come with us, All easy in our case and hope the information above helps
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