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  1. I have been successfully buying from Lazada using my 'Lazada Wallet' from when they introduced it ... easy to use and never had a problem. Today I went to top up my wallet and was required to do a further authentication .. the page provided had two optional headings 'Thai Citizen' or 'Foreigner' .. clicking on the foreigner link brought up the message that the Lazada Wallet is only available to Thai citizens. What? Why? no explanation. There are other ways to pay but ... ????? Lazada on their 'Chat Now' line informs me that the account would need to be verified with the 'Anti-money Laundering Office'. I am a longterm 'visitor' here on retirement extension, the funds I use to top up my Lazada Wallet come from my Bangkok Bank savings account in Thai Baht. As is so often the case here, Lazada can provide no further details ....................................
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