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  1. By studying the timeline of how the virus ramped up in China, Thailand is about 4 to 5 weeks behind, in the timeline. So, "and that is if the spread of the virus starts to be contained by April", would seem to be a highly optimistic wish. More likely that it will still be rapidly expanding into the Song Kran holiday period, at which point the risk of further spread will be exasperated by all of the people crammed into busses and airplanes. Thailand needs to be extremely vigilant now, as this virus is not following normal cold and flu patterns, when it comes to it's ability to spread. Full transparency is needed, which is often lacking in this part of the world.
  2. Well we already know that screening for high temperature does not detect the virus. This had just been proven again by the American woman that departed from the cruise ship in Cambodia a few days ago. She was temperature screened departing the ship, temperature screened again getting on a flight in Phnom Phen, temperature screened again on arrival in Malaysia, and all clear. 2 days later fell ill and is confirmed to have the virus. So all of this temperature screening will only detect if someone has a fever, not if they are a carrier of the virus. This has been know since the early days of this epidemic, but some people have chosen to ignore this, for their own agenda. I have to say, the head of the Phuket Health Office does not look to pleased with what is going on.
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