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  1. That fer true, I was in the East end of London recently and it looked more like Bangladesh than the London I remember.
  2. The media, in the UK, tend to portray Americans as being pretty dumb......but I can't believe they are so dumb as to give an old aged pensioner with cognitive issues the presidency.
  3. Helpful, thanks. I think the GLA is for me. Kind of an upgrade from my Mazda CX3. What do you mean, "noisy partly due to run flat tyres"?
  4. Depends on your age and if you paid into the Social Security scheme. If you were in the SS, I think you would have cashed out already.
  5. I hope this corrupt guy is exposed before it's too late. That's awful.
  6. Really? Let's see what the majority of the US people vote for.
  7. Going to buy a new car next year and interested in the above models. I am looking for models about 2-4 years old and they are of similar price. Which one would you recommend? I like a sporty ride.
  8. I am not a Trump supporter, not even from US. Just stating the facts - it's much easier to see from outside.
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