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  1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Anyone know when the MOI next interview is?
  2. One of the 4 envelopes I got from SB was to take to the British embassy for them to say my record was clean.
  3. Using the TMB SET 50 DIVIDEND, I can withdraw immediately from an ATM.
  4. Does anyone know if I can still get a second employer on my work permit? My plan is to do that then try to change my visa extension to be based on the second employer.
  5. Pisses me off, one of the reasons I applied for Thai citizenship. At least the UK allowed me to pay back ten years of pension contributions at a reduced price, £1500. If I pay ten more years(another £1500), I'll get a full pension despite only having worked in the UK for 5 years.
  6. I got a fairly new Black&Decker grass cutter and a mouse has eaten through the cable. Any ideas about what to do to fix this? I don't knows much about this kinda thing. I imagine trying to fix it myself to be dangerous.
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