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  1. Last year, I went away for a few weeks and took my 10 month old CX3 to a garage to get a couple of scratches fixed and one new part. They were happy to look after it. But check the mileage!.
  2. Do Brits need a visa to visit the USA for 3 weeks?
  3. I'm going abroad with one of my daughters, who is 16. A couple of years ago, I was told I needed a letter from the amphur then translated into English, saying that her mother agreed. Does anyone know if this is still required for a kid over 16?
  4. Yes, very low risk but trust me it is not worth it. Can you imagine the panic everytime a policeman approaches you? If you've ever seen the inside of an immigration jail, it would be a nightmare. I had one friend who was 8 years overstay, who said he was a nervous wreck.
  5. Yeah, maybe a bit more with the boats coming from Samui. I'd love to go back, by probably a bit depressingng seeing the change.
  6. I was joking I've had to pity up with many drunken Scots, especially ones that drink that wine from Buckfast Abbey in England! I remember being apprehended in London for drinking a can of beer in Trafalgar Square, what medieval law!
  7. You're only 66, could have another good 10 years! If you are not working, dealing with immigration is not a big deal.
  8. I don't think I know you, and you certainly don't know my topics/posts on this forum. "Thai bashing BS"? Do me a favour and go troll someone else.
  9. I don't speak to one of my neighbours as he asked my wife why farang don't wear shirts, when I was with her. I see many Thais walking around their gardens with no shirts. Also, he wouldn't act as a referee for my Thai citizen application. Tosser.
  10. At new year, I had a BBQ inviting the neighbours. Sitting with my US friend, a couple of men, one a lawyer approached us. They jokingly asked if we could speak Thai. I said yes and my friend had just finished a law degree at a Thai university. After 10 minutrs of chatting in Thai, they sat down with their female friends and started talking about us in a sort of negative way. They simply refused to believe or accept that our Thai could be better than their English. Man, I have a thousand stories like this.
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