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  1. Yet backwatd coutries like the UK madenthe Kray twins do over 30 years with only one getting out with terminal cancer. This was all political, scadal with Lord Bòothby, corruption. They never hurt kids or non criminals. People drank and drobe in the 60s etc etc. Thailand is developing, that means it is a few decades behind the UK, USA, which is even worse for gun violence and corruption etc etc. Why do people stay here if they ate Thai bashers?
  2. Yeah, that rooftop was a laugh. On the corner wasnt it? Or just round the corner, near where a normal Western pub came.
  3. Beer chang was stronger than it is today.
  4. Does anyone remember the hole in the wall bar on KSR? A few ceazy nights there.
  5. What about Bobbys bar in Pat Pong?
  6. I went to the new restaurant bourbon street on Ekamai, very good
  7. Sounfs like what i am getting. What dies it say in your passport, thai wife?
  8. No, that is no use as I am in the Thai Naturalisation process and need a continous 1 year extension.
  9. How has Bangkok changed since you came here? I went to Bkk two weeks ago and was astonished with the BTS extensions. I left to go to Isarn when it only went to Bang Na, Saphan Taksin. There are so many new Shopping Malls! I remember sitting in the beer garden in MBK every week, watching them build Siam Discovery. Now there is Paragon! I cam in 1992 and one thing that has totally changed is Khao San Road. back then there were very few thais that went, apart from interested uni students. There were no Thai bars/night clubs. Flooding is not as serious. I remember being nearly waist deep on the main roads. Many more Islam people tourists and Chinese. Pat Pong is now not very good, vendors were rather rude to me at the market. Im sure there are many other arras with big changes that I havent seen. What about you, changes for better or worse, if there is such a thing. As for Khon Kaen, totally changed from a 'baan nok' town to a major city.
  10. Can anyone confirm this as I'm a bit confused. Is it right that I have to put 400k into the bank, wait 15 days then apply for my extension, marriage/dependent? Then wait a month before I they give a year extension. If so, do I need the statement, when the 400k goes in or on the day I apply? Thanks
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