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  1. Someone got out the wrong side of bed. The poll is a very good one and if you don't like it, just move on. Governments have the right to protect their citizens and if you refuse it, you should be put in jail, especially if you are an alien.
  2. I don't know but want to find out
  3. My daughter wants to travel from Bangkok to Khon Kaen this week. I am asking the same question about ttavelling
  4. Better than the elected thsksin who upped visas to 1900 from 500, and double amount needed in Bank for marriage retirement.
  5. Indeed, travelling to Bkk is pointless and would cider 2000baht.
  6. My point was that Buriram Noi has been working in Pattaya illegally for years and now back home is not going to worry about these laws that are never enforced.
  7. According to the article: - "Those who refuse to receive vaccine jabs, as ordered, may face a maximum fine of 60,000 Baht – 20,000 Baht for a violation of the Communicable Diseases Act and 40,000 Baht for a violation of the emergency decree – and/or two years in prison." There is one important word here - MAY Other laws, for example, prostitution, use SHALL, but of course are never enforced as this one never will, even if were made a law, which it won't. “Any person, being over sixteen years of age, [sic] subsists on the earning of a prostitute, even if it
  8. I use Bitkub, send funds to/ from krungthai bank. I also use satang Pro and coins.
  9. I thought Nationwide was no charge when withdrawing in Thailand. It used to be.
  10. One could say that I a have all my eggs in one basket. That is true in one way, 95% of my liquid assets in crypto - but within crypto, I am diversified. I have 5% only in Bitcoin and ETH but when I take profits from my other coins I will take half in Thai baht and half in Btc. I don't look at my funds in terms of US$ anymore as $ is a the worthless <deleted>coin, IMO. My largest holding by far, Polkadot, I analyze the DOT/BTC chart and more recently the DOT/ETH chart. The currency I want to have in a few months is BTC/ETH. I also get 12% on Kraken exchange for my DOT,
  11. Pattaya is the one place in Thailand where there are more foreign old guys than Thai.
  12. Be careful what you demand. Foreigners get special treatment in many areas, including higher salaries. It is normal for countries to put its own citizens first. I know neighbouring Vietnam and Malaysia does. Myanmar stopped letting foreigners in. Thailand is looking after foreigners very well, stop moaning.
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