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  1. No, I can't remember them saying anything about shock. Only done 20,000 km.
  2. That could be it. Could it be the suspension?
  3. My car is 3.5 years old and the last week or two I've felt a strange feeling when driving. It feels lighter, if that's possible, with the steering easier and like it is freewheeling easier. Hard to explain, but reminds me a 20 year old car I used to have. The only thing I can think of is the shocks, or brakes. But it's just had a service at Mazda centre. Not sure if it feels better or worse! Any suggestions?
  4. Did you forget her name? There has only ever been one.
  5. I found an easy answer to that - tell them not to. I refuse to speak Thai to my children. I was rather chuffed! I miss the daily crossword, maybe I'll start doing one online. The Scotsman was a favourite of mine and a little easier than the Times, especially once you got 'into the brain' of the compiler.
  6. Ah, a fellow cruciverbalist! I started doing the Times crossword in the late 80's and only ever finished the cryptic clues once!
  7. My daughter's IELTS teacher is Thai; she got a band 9! My wife went to English classes after we got married; her teacher was Burmese and better than most English teachers I know from the UK or US.
  8. The word was 'actually'; I have a smartphone that alters words sometimes. If you're not a native English speaker(native speaker of English), I can understand your confusion. I am a NES and we say 'English teacher' to mean someone who teaches English, regardless of their nationality. We say Maths teacher/PE teacher etc NOT teacher of Maths/teacher of PE. My daughters' English teachers are from the US, Oz and England. My 2 Thai friends are English teachers and probable speak better English than most NES. They both got PhD's from Leeds University.
  9. I am a Thai English teacher from Scotland. Accusing, an English teacher does not have to be English.
  10. Actually, the Thais often get overtime when learning, so many come but I have the feeling they are often sleeping on their keyboard.
  11. My online students are South American mostly, followed by Europeans, then Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thai. However, most of the Thais work for global companies, whereas the Europeans often pay out their own pocket.
  12. I used to work offshore with Scousers and Geordie. Although from England, I found it hard to understand their English.
  13. Where did you insult me? But you think your relatives are more superior. This thread is about English ability, now how much money -
  14. Very noble of you and I agree to a point. However, all the English teachers wouldn't, the ones that pay their bills with the money they get from teaching. When I was a teacher, we used to hate those missionaries that affected our salaries.
  15. What did you work as in your previous country? Would you be happy if hundreds of retired foreigners with nothing better to do started doing your job for free?
  16. You miss the whole point of my writing. I was wondering if you feel a tad left out, or somewhat inferior when they are talking to themselves in Thai. Sounds like they are Chinese Thais and have managed to master a foreign language when you can't even do it after many years of living in the country! Truth is, they probably don't want you to know Thai as they can feel a rung higher on the hierarchical social ladder. I've seen this so often, these nouveau riche Thais think they are better than their neighbours because they can afford chairs and a table.
  17. And how do you think the English teachers would feel? Just imagine if retired Chinamen started doing your profession for free in your country, whatever it is.
  18. Hear hear, I have two friends who I was out with recently who didn't know how to say the day/month in Thai! they have been here 42 years between them. Last week, I was with a US guy in a cafe and he asked me to ask the waitress for more hot water, I kid you not. Learn one word a day and you'll be surprised, it seems like yesterday I started this thread - https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/49903-lets-learn-one-word-a-day/#comments
  19. I know how you feel. I've lived here most of my life now and forget some English words.
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