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  1. My work permits for the last 15 years had my work address only and no mention of salary.
  2. I never showed mine when doing 90 day reports as they already knew. However, there were a few times I had to show my old one. Can't remember where but maybe at the bank, dept of labour when getting a new WP, tax office, renewing driver's license. Showing the police, yes once when the local police came to check where I lived. I'd never show a ttaggic cop my passport , as in 25 years, never carry a passport when not needed.
  3. You have to understand what Thainess means. It's all good, I used to teach it a few years back. Many standards here are better than in my country. For example my 17 year old has never drank alcohol or taken drugs, unheard of in Leith!
  4. They're going to grow up thinking half of them is inferior. Oh dear seen it happen a few times, father slagging off Thais all the time in front of their half thai kids. Hope dad gets iff the drugs or gets the psychuatric help he needs. Locking him up wont help.
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