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  1. Surely if I grow ganja in my house, which is in my wife's name, she will be arrested, not me.
  2. A problem I experienced was that they demanded my parents' names in my yellow housebook. I had to send my birth certificate to the UK for legislation then to get a stamp from the Thai embassy in London. Then translated and taken to the MoFA in Bangkok.
  3. Remember the nonsense Yahoo got up to with the Chinese government. Who was the president then?
  4. If you want to see 16-year-old girls dancing, you'll have to get on a plane with Bill Clinton.
  5. There's a website to choose from but I can't find it now. Surprised they never allowed Neeranam 'นิรนาม'
  6. He never said the Thai word 'dirty', what word did he use?
  7. Thanks man I guess I am Thai now but won't really feel it until I get the ID in my hand. It was happy, proud experience. It was surprisingly fast, just took about 10 min to sign a couple of forms, go into the boss's office, get instructions to bow and repeat what he said. I chose the Buddhist version. One of the officers took photos and shared them with me. They said to wait for 3 months to pick up the naturalization certificate.
  8. Here are some people talking the oath. Maybe they're different versions.
  9. They say some of the words one at a time but not all. They said สิ่งศักดิ์สิทธิ์ (sing sak sit)a few times(if the Buddhist way). Also พลเมือง(pon la muang). There were a couple of words I never understood so would like to see an official transcript. Wish I'd recorded it but was a bit too excited to remember.
  10. Does anyone have a copy of the actual oath. I can't find it online.
  11. The Phoenix building is opposite, there will be a security camera there.
  12. looks like two on the bike to me, one fell off then the other hit the central thing
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