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  1. The 1500 for falcers is onky once every 4 years. Didnt make much fifference for me, getting 10 crowns, a bridge and a few other things. If you are from UK you can pay back 10 years in one go.
  2. I made my money from XRP and bitcoin. But I had to work as a teacher for 5 miserable years earning 40k a month just to qualify for citizenship.
  3. Yes, I know. It used to be 300. I had a separate bank account for my kids' money and actually forgot about until I needed it.
  4. Get insurance, despite the cost. I thought I wouldnt need class 1 for my new car but after 2 minor incidents, the cist was 100k, 5 years of my 20k a year. Same with health. If you are over 70, definitely get insurance. You have an average of 10 years left, whats 200k baht.
  5. Yes, many are unaware of the SS benefits. I knew one guy with 3 kids who didn't apply for the monthly 300 or so baht for each one. You get 1500 for dentures ! I was told I could get about 3000 a month or 190,000 cheque. I was told I could continue with the payments for insurance. 3000 baht a month would take just 7 years to be more rhan the lump sum, but I'd rather gamble it on cryptocurrencies. I also paid back 10 years of class 2 NI contributions to the UK pension. Cost just 150 pounds a year.
  6. I'm thinking if paying 432 baht a month for the rest of my life to the Thai social security. Just turned 55 so have the option to pay, after getting my pension cheque. However, I should be a naturalized Thai citizen in the next few months. Is the social security much better, or the same as the 30 baht scheme?
  7. A normal drinker can stop drinking by will power. An alcoholic needs a spiritual awakening.
  8. When you lose the power of choice in taking a drink. When you start to get withdrawals, delerium tremens when stopping drinking. An alcoholic can't function when withdrawing. I needed a couple of drinks to pass my driving test, for example. A heavy drinker won't understand this but an alcoholic will.
  9. It's great to see someone who says they are not alcoholic stop drinking with the use of online drugs, by self prescribing.
  10. Russia. In the US, I heard that a judge can overule a jury's guilty verdict, what's the point if a jury then?
  11. Sickening that this tosser gets off Scot free with slandering the good name of a hero. What annoys me more is the multitides of people from that country that critiize Thailand's judicial system, political system, and corruption. Isn't that the same city that aquitted a rich, famous 'football' player for obvious murder? Pathetic. I am certainly never buying a Tesla because of this.
  12. Donald duck is a Yank. The PM is half Scottish, and Ronald McD cant even speak proper English, "I'm loving it" is not grammatically correct.
  13. That was ALL over the Thai press and social media. Widen your sources, its not like you don't have the time as a retiree.
  14. Some officed make you photocopy the receipt so cant do it by yourself.
  15. My point is that all other police departments/govt. depts. do offer this service for a reasonable charge. My immigration even had the nerve to ask for tips, which many Thais on social media were disgusted about, while clueless foreigners put money into it. If allowed, i can provide rhe Facebook link.
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