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  1. RIP. When I lived in Leith, I met many people he used to deliver milk to I met him at a pro celeb golf match in Bieldside, a gentleman.
  2. My 17 year old used "I could care less" a few months ago. This one I corrected as it doesn't make sense to me.
  3. I guess you haven't assimilated and learned about 'greng jai'.
  4. I think it is more than 4/10. Some still can't accept defeat after 4 years ! Those damn Russians.
  5. Strange question. Maybe they like the beach and to use the only Thai borrowed word in English - Bong.
  6. I agree but don't understand why foreigners only learn this phrase?
  7. I spent 3 months there in 1992 for the early full moon parties. Stoned every waking hour, don't knock it
  8. Serves them right. Better improve that juggling fast and learn to ride a unicycle.
  9. One year, I counted the actual days I worked - it was 87 days! Works out at about 2500 baht an hour.
  10. I recently gave up a secondary school. I hate teaching kids and Thai teachers. I was getting the same as a language school would pay me but had block schedules - only 13 hours a week in the morning or afternoon. I also got 3 months bonus in March. I got 4 months holiday a year plus many extra days. Was it worth dealing with all the BS? No.
  11. I have 2 teenagers and it's "kinda cute" how they use some Americanisms. I need a 'dump' lol. However, I would not like them taught by Filipinos, who often speak poor English and even I can't understand them. Many have fake degrees, and actually a degree from a Filipino university is no better than a high school diploma in the US/UK. They are good for teaching Thai kids cheaply, but not my kids.
  12. 20 years ago, I charged 1500 and 2000/hour for private students from Bangkok Pattana. I also taught kids for 500 in 1995. Now, I charge 1200/hour for kids and business people. Few kids are willing to pay this where I live but it's up to them to get some friends to share the cost.
  13. You have 6 months from last job to continue paying yourself. I pay 432 baht a month. I got a payment of about 180,000 baht for 14 years paying into it.
  14. That fer true, I was in the East end of London recently and it looked more like Bangladesh than the London I remember.
  15. The media, in the UK, tend to portray Americans as being pretty dumb......but I can't believe they are so dumb as to give an old aged pensioner with cognitive issues the presidency.
  16. Helpful, thanks. I think the GLA is for me. Kind of an upgrade from my Mazda CX3. What do you mean, "noisy partly due to run flat tyres"?
  17. Depends on your age and if you paid into the Social Security scheme. If you were in the SS, I think you would have cashed out already.
  18. I hope this corrupt guy is exposed before it's too late. That's awful.
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