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  1. 5 minutes ago, vogie said:

    Quite interesting but I was more interested in the author, when it is written by a very enthusiastic Nationalist, well he would say that now wouldn't he. 

    He has been described as - "Jeggit” is the nom de plume - and more often than not also the nom de guerre - of Jason Michael McCann, a Scottish scribbler and independentista living in Dublin."


    I doubt very much if we are getting an unbiased appraisel of events, it would be just like reading an account from one of our glorious Scots Nats on here.


    In all honesty Neeraran, you are the most honest of all the Scots Nats on here and I prefered your original reason you want to partition the United Kingdom.😉


    It's good to hear you are open-minded like me; it's good to read a variety of sources when learning history, whether biased or not. 

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  2. 15 hours ago, 7by7 said:

    The only reason I can conceive for you being against giving them that chance is that you are afraid that independence will win!

    They like the feeling of power having us colonized gives them 🙂



    Perhaps the best definition of colonialism has been offered by Ronald Horvath in his 1972 A Definition of Colonialism:

    It seems generally, if not universally, agreed that colonialism is a form of domination – the control by individuals or groups over the territory and/or behaviour of other individuals or groups. (Colonialism has also been seen as a form of exploitation, with emphasis on economic variables, as in the Marxist-Leninist literature, and as a culture-change process, as in anthropology… The idea of domination is closely related to the concept of power. (Horvath, 1972)

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  3. 21 hours ago, 2530Ubon said:

    Well, it just so happens that i do have those numbers, there were thousands. It's not academic, it's recorded history. Also, this isn't an "angle of attack" - It's just what happened at the time. There is nothing to attack anyway, it's not a bad idea to join as one nation. It would be madness for Scotland to try and go it alone - both of our nations would suffer because of it.


    Many a nationalist has given a speech such as yours "our country was sold because of a few rich businessmen who ruled the country" - and these kinds of overtones make people turn out to vote, even though they are patently false. Thousands died on the journey there, these numbers can't be hidden! Thousands invested everything and lost.

    The same thing happened with Brexit - catchy slogans about how much money the EU stole and how we can plow it all back into the NHS. It's all BS... Look at history and judge it by the facts.

    What country are you from?

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  4. 11 minutes ago, jomtienisgood said:

    The question was: Do I have to go through the whole process again? i.e. Tax papers, Marriage Docs, Non Conviction,etc, or will it just be an update to PR; In other words National Anthem etc,Interview in Th already happened.... for PR.   And furthermore, if for some reason the Nationalization would not be accepted, can I also lose PR? 

    Not sure exactly what you mean. I suggest you ask here as there are some who went the PR then citizenship route. I went straight for citizenship. 


  5. 2 minutes ago, khongaeng said:

    That is so strange.  You must have taken the oath only 2 weeks or so after Neeraman, and the RG is dated 1 October, well after you completed your oath.  I hope they have one more announcement before the new year for the rest of the Nov and Dec 2019 MOI interviewees and possibly even Jan and Feb 2020 MOI interviewees that have already finished their oath.  

    Perhaps the batches are from when people took the MOI.  I was Sep 2019 and David was Nov, I think.

  6. 8 hours ago, khongaeng said:

    I also made the cut for this RG announcement too.  After I saw your post, I almost had a heart attack in anticipation.  Only 44 people on this one, so I suspect some MOI interviewees in Jan and Feb 2020 are not on it.  I hope you made this one David!  I found out one of my American friends who was also waiting, but not on this forum, also made the cut. He's probably excited to finally have a fallback if things go crazy in the US with Trump and Biden. 🙂 If I remember correctly he interviewed at MOI in September 2019.  

    Awesome, congratulations 😁

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