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  1. 20 hours ago, moogradod said:

    Absolutely correct. My Thai wife got her Permanent Residency in Switzerland after 5 years. Took about 5 Minutes plus waiting some days for the plastic card. I think not even a bankbook should be required. Who cares how one makes a living as long as you are not breaking any laws - stealing, working etc.

    I applied for Thai citizenship in Dec 2017 and took the oath of Allegiance in July this year. It's much easier for me to get citizenship in Thailand, after they changed the law in 2008 for sexual equality. Also, cost me 5000 baht, much cheaper than other countries. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, chesterubi1 said:

    Personally the whole thing is a Charade, 

    • Make a transaction and update bank book on the day
    • 3 month or 1 year certified statement from the bank
    • Letter from the bank to certify you are a true customer, despite the fact you have a certified statement and bank book

    And still they want to see the original Bank Book at immigration, just to make sure that all of the above is not forged.


    Ridiculous bureaucracy

    Compared to other countries, it's rather easy, in my experience. 

  3. 3 hours ago, lopburi3 said:

    1.  You have to open the account - often an issue that requires time and paperwork.

    2.  You have an account that wife will not be able to access in the event of your death until court action taken (months later).

    3.  Another account to keep track of.

    On the other hand less chance of going below the required 400k by mistake and no question of immigration accepting if you use own name account.

    My wife can transfer funds from my account to hers quite easily. All she needs is my smartphone and a computer. If someone is that worried about their wife not getting money, they could set it up so that she has the private keys. 


  4. 2 minutes ago, superal said:

    Interesting , do you have a link to refer to ?

    You must live there for 26 weeks before being classed as a resident. Well this is what it was a few years ago. 

    My 17 yo daughter can't go to a Scottish university for free, despite being Scottish. She has been quoted fees as a foreign student. 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    Fair enough, but she wasn't awake in the theatre while the operation was being done. You might be surprised how many people are directly involved and the many not in the room. The man that controls the air supply to the room and the staff that collect the used instruments and the man that puts the contaminated material in the incinerator and the girls that clean and sterilise and pack the instruments and the nurses in recovery and the nurses on the ward, and your sister and the hospital management and the canteen staff and the cleaning staff of the theatre and the ward, and the manufacturers of the joint replacement and the insurance company, and the delivery guys and the people that measure her knee before the op, and the kitchens that fed her on the ward and the pharmacists and the people that deliver the medications and the storemen and deliverymen for the IV fluids and the dressings ( and the manufacturers of the dressings ) and the special hand soap that the scrub staff use to prevent infection, and the gloves and the masks and the gowns and the special overshoes if needed,  and for bone surgery probably eye shields and perhaps even helmets for the surgeons. Even the wheelchairs have to be paid for and the crutches, and of course the electricity for the lifts and the maintenance staff that fix the lift, and the coffee machine in the staff tea room etc etc etc . They all have to be paid, the equipment has to be bought, delivered, stored and checked, the anaesthetic gas, the disposable endotracheal tube, the patient gown, the drapes used during surgery, the computer and the computer staff etc etc etc. Costs a lot for all the bits that a patient never sees, and these days most of it is disposable, and the insurance is very expensive. Even the water probably costs a lot, seeing as how much of it gets used.


    Wow, nice description!

    Maybe I shouldn't be running 25 km a day or I could need one or two in a few years.

    My question was if Pattaya city was government or not. If it is a private hospital, fair enough, sounds like a fair price.  I have heard that Pattaya rips of tourists/foreigners. 



  6. 10 minutes ago, david555 said:

    They have crypto coins too now , i don't risk any crypto .


    yes i think they are not the cheapest , hence my " egg backing" remark but i could even load Skrill account with my

    KK Webcard "visa 😎 " and wit draw to my Home country bank ,( Skrill is still on my E.U. adress....)

    Now is a great time to buy crypto, the start of a bull run like 2017! 

  7. 5 minutes ago, david555 said:

    I don't know as i took them at the time living in Europe  , but could use them in Thailand before i had KK account , just ask online they have all your questions in Q&A , whole procedure was online .... butwith  verification , and they are under U.K. financials controle .... 


    Now i have them only as reserve money transfer 

    2.5% fee, wow.


    I think I looked at them before but ran into a problem. 


    With my crypto.com card, all transactions are free. 

  8. 1 minute ago, david555 said:

     Why need for that real credit card ? As you have to block same amount ,Thai  debit cards can  use them so for online order payments  , and also the Kasikorn  Webcards i used and recognized for online payments as ccard , so why blocking your money as debit cards working fine whiteout blocking any money...


    Skrill.com  has also pre paid credit cards (Mastercard ), U.K & Ireland based (Ireland because brexit solution ) including transfer services and other 


    Are these available in Thailand?

  9. If you have cryptocurrency, these are good - https://crypto.com/en/cards.html


    I get 5% cashback, which is great, also paid Spotify/Netflix and I can use airport lounges free. 

    Actually, got 10% from Tesco Lotus recently, up to 50 quid back a month. 


    Also, free ATM withdrawals anywhere in the world and some more...! 






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