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  1. 4 hours ago, sanooki said:

    Neeranam, were you a teacher? On further reflection on what I've found out, it seems foreign teachers are not eligible for SSS. So, if you were a teacher, I would be interested to learn how you did it. Thank you.

    Yes, I was a teacher(British). Foreign teachers are eligible.

    The SS office often say foreigners are not eligible for things as they're too bloody lazy to do it. 

    Teachers at private schools can't enter the SS scheme. Any other job you get for 1 year, they have to put you on it by law. This is why I'm surprised you're not on it already. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Yellowtail said:

    Why don't you read your mortgage documents?


    I think as long as you do not compromise the structural integrity of the building you should be okay. 


    For example, if you are moving an internal, non-bearing wall to, or removing a non-bearing external wall and adding-on an extension without interfering with the footings, columns or beams you would not harm the actual structure.


    Moving a footing, column or beam you would, or at least could be harming the structure. 

    I will, if I can find them. I can't remember anything like that when I scanned them last.


    Not interfering with any main structures so should be OK, as the experienced builder said. 


    I have French windows taking up most of  the wall, just adding about 33% onto the room. 





  3. 19 minutes ago, judokrab said:

    No knowledge of Thai language is required when applying for citizenship, if married to a Thai.

    It was for me, to get me over the 50 points required. Also, pretty hard to do the interviews if you can't speak Thai! 

    The  multiple choice test was easy but of course in Thai. Nowhere in the process will they speak anything other than Thai. 

    If you make no effort to learn the language, you might find your file rotting in some back office.  

  4. 3 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    Advice to young potential teachers-

    No one cares what you think- you are only a farang.

    Only work with a work permit

    Always remember that pupils are not girlfriends

    Don't expect to be the "looked up to because you are a farang" farang.

    Don't fall in love, and use a condom- babies are a trap to acquire an ATM for life, IMO.

    Live within your means and don't get into debt.

    Enjoy every day- it's going to be the highlight of your life.

    Good advice there 🙂 


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  5. 17 minutes ago, youreavinalaff said:

    I've got it now. Man starts thread about money. Shows what he has to spend. Agrees with someone with the same. Puts down those that without.


    Calls people "bitter", "skint" and basically tells them they are wrong or inferior.


    This is nothing more than a my [email protected] is bigger than your [email protected] thread. A confidence booster.


    Carry on. It's fun to read, for those that can see it for what it is.

    I'm sorry you feel that way but understand. When I earned 45 k a month, I had low self-esteem and I tried to convince myself that it was enough for a good life for my family and I. You are welcome to not read but please less of the judgmental comments; you are wrong, this is not about who earns the most at all. It about young helping young people decide of they want to live the life as an English teacher in Thailand and if they can survive on their salary. 

    The bitter/skint posters are not even teachers and one doesn't live here and the other recently retired here. 




  6. On 11/10/2020 at 2:02 AM, Meat Pie 47 said:

    Well guys I live in the west  (what you call a granny state )

    I could laugh at you. I have no money in the bank (thanks to Thailand)

    Just live on me pension,no house, pay rent and every thing else.

    I cook at home every day and still can come to Thailand twice a year.

    Were you a teacher here?

    How did 'Thailand' cause you to be skint?

    Any advice to young potential teachers?

  7. 47 minutes ago, Hanuman2547 said:

    Although I still visit Thailand every 1-2 years for a month at a time I don't plan to retire there full time.  Most likely I'll spend 4-5 months a year there and the rest in my home country.  

    I plan to retire in Scotland or Australia. I certainly wouldn't be in a position to do this if I earned 30-50k a month here.


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  8. 5 hours ago, vukovar77 said:

    Yeah,but I live with my Thai wife and we have a condo. She cook domestic food every day and she like it.I can speak Thai. We do not need a car (motorcycle is enough  ).OK ,with kids we should spend more ,but not more than 40-50 K from my point of view. I do not live modestly. We live great life like a rich people in Europe.

    Why the need to repeat you speak Thai? How does this affect your living expenses? 

    Wait a minute, why are you even posting here if you are not and never have been a teacher?

    You probably wish you had moved here young and are bitter.

  9. I mean it was a waste of time as I was looking for kids' books for my own children. There were few English books for kids.


    When I moved here in the early 90's I loved the second hand bookshops in Bangkok,  especially in the travellers' areas like Khao San road, Soi Nam Duphli. Different days, I remember bumping into a guy in a bookshop that I had met in Goa and also North India. 

    Is it still on? I might take a wander up as looking for some Thai novels. 


    Just finished a great book -  the high mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel.

  10. 1 minute ago, vukovar77 said:

    Yeah,You are not able to live good life whatever You spend .I have great life here and I am socialized well. Even 30 K is too much if I do not have extra expenses.

    I have great pension from EU and savings but I spend only about 30%.I do not need a car.I think that You like talking about money ,cos. You do not have other skills so "money is only way to show people that You are here".Very sad and poor way to live, as I think.

    I mentioned people like you in the OP. 30k is enough if you slaved in a factory in Detroit/Manchester for 40 years before coming here.

    This thread is for young people thinking of making a life/family here, not oldies doing it for something to pass the day.

    When I need psychoanalysis, I have the money to get a real therapist; please keep your thoughts about my 'skills' to yourself and stay on topic. 

    Are you even a teacher? 

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