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  1. 1 minute ago, vukovar77 said:

    Yeah,You are not able to live good life whatever You spend .I have great life here and I am socialized well. Even 30 K is too much if I do not have extra expenses.

    I have great pension from EU and savings but I spend only about 30%.I do not need a car.I think that You like talking about money ,cos. You do not have other skills so "money is only way to show people that You are here".Very sad and poor way to live, as I think.

    I mentioned people like you in the OP. 30k is enough if you slaved in a factory in Detroit/Manchester for 40 years before coming here.

    This thread is for young people thinking of making a life/family here, not oldies doing it for something to pass the day.

    When I need psychoanalysis, I have the money to get a real therapist; please keep your thoughts about my 'skills' to yourself and stay on topic. 

    Are you even a teacher? 

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  2. 58 minutes ago, GabbaGabbaHey said:

    Will there be any 11.11 RG miracle? I hope so for you guys waiting, I know how it feels... Jay yen yen and good luck for this week.

    Thanks! I'll check again at 5 pm(well probably before too:) ).

    Was July 30th I did the oath but I was one of the first. If some took it in early August, that would be 3 months, which is about the norm.

    What confuses me is that those who had their MOI interview 2 months after me also took the oath in August.

    Probably a large RG this month, or next. Maybe one this month and another next month. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Caldera said:

    Teachers in my home country cannot afford to dine out at the best restaurant in town once per week. Why would a foreign teacher in Thailand expect to be able to do that? Sure, there are some who can, but most cannot, so maybe a more sensible approach would be to compare apples with apples: What kind of lifestyle would those who think about coming to Thailand have in their home country? Different people, different answers - different conclusions regarding the viability of such a move!

    The difference is the cost. We had pizza in the best Italian in town last Friday. 2000 baht/$70 for 4 people - 2 pizzas, one spaghetti carbonara, tomato bread starters, tiramisu, one gin and tonic, 8 cans of coke, two compilatory liqueurs, one large plate of chips. 2000

  4. 20 minutes ago, Mike Teavee said:

    So approximately 600K pa per child which is 50K per month rather than the 75K I thought he said... Add on Uniforms, School Projects (they were building a hovercraft when I visited), School Trips etc.... & it's easy to see how this can get to > 60-70K per child pm easily. 

    There are so many extras! 

    Those here saying they could live a comfortable life on 40k are totally wrong.

    This month I paid 6k for one kid's school trip to the beach. 7k for another's univerity/IELTS exams and 31k for a Macbook. Not counting monthly pocket money and toiletries. 

  5. 35 minutes ago, brewsterbudgen said:

    Crazy maybe, but brave.  A just cause should always be worth standing up for, even if the consequences may be severe.  

    Absolutely. Some long-term expats are terrified of standing up for their rights while others fight for them. 

    Immigrants in the UK stick together and risk a lot trying to change our culture and system. Sadly, not here most wouldn't say boo to a 'haan'.

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Mike Teavee said:

    Per month, most of it for a (1/2) decent school.


    I should stress that I'm guessing here & basing my guess on the fact that one of my friends pays 150K pm for his 2 kids to attend a very good international school.  As mentioned he's still working so can afford this but only has 1 option for an international school near to where he works, I'm retired & at 54 don't want anymore kids but could easily up sticks & move to where decent schooling was available at a more affordable price if I had to. 





    That's a very good school. In Isarn, a half-decent school costs around 100k a YEAR. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, vukovar77 said:

    From my point of view it is very possible to have really good life here for 30 K if You can speak language and You can eat domestic food .In general decent and wealthy people are not 

    talking about spending 100-200 K per month or so. These people have mostly some frustrations and can not socialize well. So they need "big money talk" to feel better ,cos. many flaws .

    I remember writing similar things when I joined this forum. Things change, good luck. 

    Looking back, I was living in a horrible house for 3,000 a month and driving a 50,000 baht car, which I had borrowed the cash. Living hand to mouth is not fun, regardless of what I told myself, and others. 30k a month is NOT enough to live a decent life. For a few years you could get by if single. 


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  8. 2 hours ago, Mike Teavee said:

    Back to OP, I live in Bangkok with the GF & this year my monthly spend has ranged from 60k (during lock down) to 165K  (when we took a 3 week tour the islands), at a very high level my "Fixed" spend is 70K:-

    • GF - 15K (I asked her to quit her job so we could travel/spend more time together, she was working in a mall 2 hours away, earning around this (with commission). 
    • Rent - 20K
    • Utilities around 5K
    • Groceries/"Adhoc" - 30K (No alcohol, I don't drink at home, but I do buy a lot of cheese & beef  & spend about 4K pm on Korean sauces/spices)

    Add in 10K per week going out for dinner, drinks with mates and it's easy to get to around 110K pm (my average for the 1st 10 months of the year is 113K but that also includes another 3 week holiday in March just before the lock down).

    How much do you think you'd spend with teenage kids at school!? No car?

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