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  1. 3 hours ago, CrunchWrapSupreme said:

    As stated in the other thread, which I reckon got this one going, I scraped by for several years out in the provinces for around 35k, then worked my way up to just under 70k on the outskirts of BKK.

    I'll have a look for that.


    Another thing I can't stress enough -  learn Thai!!


    As soon as you start working here learn the language. many, if not most don't and find after 10 years they are still illiterate. 


    The advantages of this are you can learn the finer nuances of Thai culture. After 5-10 years of study, you should be fluent and this opens many doors. I've taught culture courses to other teachers, teach intercultural classes to global companies, and translated many things.  

  2. 22 hours ago, Swimfan said:

    Saw the title and thought it was going to be a question on how much do i need ? Like how long is a piece of string ?

    It is in a sense. Those earning 40k a month will say that is enough for a good life here. In my experience it certainly is not. Those earning 200k will say they need that. 

    I've experienced both limits and could get by on 40-50k but it wouldn't be much fun when kids got older. Also, I couldn't have a decent pension. I just cashed out my SS payment, only 180,000 for 15 years payments. I have to wait for 12 years until I get a state pension of 28,000 a month. I should be set, as I've been putting some away for a few year,s including Bitcoin and other cryptos. Bought Bitcoin at $1000($15,500 now). 

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  3. 2 hours ago, JeffersLos said:


    60k each.


    That's very easy for both a Western man in Thailand and an educated Thai woman to earn.


    By 40 years old both of you should be earning 100k+ per month each.


    It's quite easy for a family with 2 kids to have a good life on 200-250k per month. 

    No, I earn all the dough in my household; my wife in not educated. She offered to work but I wasn't for it as she could only earn in a month what I could earn in 2 days. 

    One thing I've noticed is a huge increase in the amount of money needed for teenage kids- iPhones, iPads, school trips, acne cream/make up, books, etc



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  4. 2 hours ago, youreavinalaff said:

    Your figures are well off the mark. Try again.


    Teaching in Thailand for 20+ years. I never had more than 35k. I have a house with no mortgage, a nice car at 7.5k a month, my daughter attended a good government school (no fees). Last holiday in UK cost around 100k baht. 10k in Makro a month would feed the whole village.

    These figures are accurate for me. What kind of car? My average car is 17,500 a month, and that was with a 265k down payment. 

    So you rent a house? 

    I take it you're not thinking of a foreign uni for your kids. Next year, one of mine is going to UK, £13k a year fees. 


    Like I said, if you go native, send your kids to <deleted> schools, live on sticky rice, etc you can scrape by but it's not for everyone. 


    My flights for UK this year were 100k.


     £250 a month in makro is not a lot. That's only one trolley. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:


    None of that makes charing foreigners extra and refusing entry without a passport an acceptable policy. 


    The argument that ‘it happens elsewhere’ only serves to highlight another set of establishments which operate under a racist policy. 


    And.. those are not ‘restaurants’ they are Karaoke girly joints !!





    It's not racist, it's nationalistic.


    A good test of this would be me trying with my Thai ID card.(not the pink one, the real one)

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