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  1. Anywhere near Khlong Saen Saeb.

    I was between Sukhumvit 23 and there.

    Maybe it was because I was near the khlong rather than the filthy air.

    I used to stay near the same Khlong but in Bankapi - come to think of it, no memories of skitoes there.

  2. I did some work with them before the Asian games here a few years back.

    If you are their teacher, you shouldn't have any problems with them.

    I wouldn't expect them to take it very seriously though.

    There will be a token "head" guy there probably. Get on well with him, and ALL will be ok.

  3. Thanks for that Sabaijai.

    Clears a few things up.


    When you pray to Buddha, what do you say, or ask for?

    For those who believe in this sort of thing, I suppose it depends on what you hope to get out of it.

    I don't think you can assume that everyone who is kneeling before a Buddha image, incense sticks between their palms, is praying directly to Buddha for a favour. Some are merely repeating Buddhist verses meant as affirmations (i.e., to remind one's self of the virtues of the Buddhist teaching).

    That makes sense.

    I stayed in a retreat in Darmasala, where HH the Dalai Lama stays, and studied a bit of that branch of Buddhism. It is, indeed very different to what I learned in Chaiya where Buddathassa Bikkhu taught. Although this was 11/12 years ago, and my memory fails me, I am trying to get back into the Buddha's teachings.

    Ganesh is "used" by me to remove obstacles, as you said. I am not sure whether to call myself a Buddhist or a Hindu, not that it matters.

    I believe in Lord Shiva and many Hindu beliefs as well as some of the Buddha's teachings , as I perceive them.

    Om Nama Shivaya

    Om mani padme hum


  4. I am no expert by all means on Buddhism. I see many people praying to Buddha, or at least I think that is what they are doing.

    My main question is, can you pray to Lord Buddha?

    Can Buddha intervene divinely?

    Can you be protected by certain rituals?

    When you pray to Buddha, what do you say, or ask for?

    Where doe Phra Pee Ganet(Ganeshji) come into things from a Buddhist point of view?

  5. I find it very strange that most the foreingers here in Thailand claim that Thai food is there favourite. Did we all come here because of the food??

    Is it that we have grown to love the Thai food?

    I had no idea what Thai food was before I came here. no Thai restaurants where I come from - well not at the time. There are 2 now, and boy did they get a shock when I went in there for a carry out and after listening to them blab on about a few things in Thai responded with a relevant reply to what they were talking about.

  6. Ajarn/Neeranram,

    Why the aversion to people learning offensive Thai words? If they don't know the circumstances in which to use a particular insult then they'll soon find out solely through empiricism. It's rather holier-than-thou to imply that you know them all but that's fine because you know where and when to use them but lesser mortals should not have access to this select knowledge because they can't be trusted.


    I wouldn't want someone to learn the way I did :D Isn't this forum about helping each other in Thailand. I sometimes wonder with egomania evident :D

    Yes it is holier-than-thou, very sorry :o

    Why teach someone something that they shouldn't say, and may be dangerous?

    Doesn't make much sense.

    What the fcku, one of the worst ones you could say is "jai sat"

    This is REALLY bad. DON'T use it, unless you know the correct occassion.

    I have only heard it said once by a Thai - directed to a child molester.

    They had real hatred on their face too.

    If you ever use it, don't say I didn't warn you :D

  7. QUOTE(Neeranam @ 2004-11-15 04:07:52)

    I heard a funny one today - "tao hua ngoo" - this is in the Isarn dialect.

    Anyone know what it means?

    Directed at Thai and farang alike. Not sure which deserve it the most.

    My interpretation of this is "elder man that likes to fornicate with very young ladies". Was this directed at you? Basically, its like being called a pervert.

    Yes, this is an ok translation, I think. Basically, "a dirty old man". Pervert? maybe.

    No, this has never been directed at me, yet. Maybe because I am not old, and not a pervert.

  8. Was taking the piss 

    Yet mae > Mother######er - yet mare

    Yet mang > ###### you - mung?

    Kha-too-eh > Ladyboy - katoey

    Kwai mah > Dog's dick - or buffalo horse

    Khon tingtong > Insane people - silly people (ba ba baboor is crazy/insane)

    Farang ba > Stupid foreigner - crazy foreigner

    Yet > ######

    Kuay > Cock - door

    Ai sat > <deleted>

    Hoop baak > Shut up - sow wow for Isaan

    I hayer > Son of a bitch - ?

    Gengri > Whore

    Farang keenohk > Birdshit foreigner

    Mung > Highly derogative form of 'you'

    Goo > Highly arrogant form of 'me'

    Ga-ree > Whore, Slut

    Loog-Ga-Ree > Son of the bitch

    Por Mung Tai > Wish your father dead

    Mae-Mung-Tai > Wish your mother dead

    Yed Por > ###### your father

    Tood-Muek > ######

    Gook Kuay > Damned Penis

    Na-Hee > Cuntface

    Ai Na Dad > Clit face

    Dollair > Bullshitter

    Ra Yum > Shitpanish

    Hee mah > Dog pussy

    Yet ped > Duck ######er

    Hee > Pussy - "######" (pussy is jim or hoy)

    Hee mae mang > ###### your mother

    Hua kuai > <deleted> - huar door

    Heeh men > Smelly pussy - smelly ######

    gettin bored of boomboom, ready for a new account

    I think a good expression for you would be "taloong" 

    I suggest anyone reading this very badly translated list not to use it.

    About 10 years ago, when I had been here for 2 years and "knew it all", I was told a couple of insults. One was "mong hee arai". I ended up in hospital twice when I probably had said this.

    There are a lot worse things here. Do not call Thai people names, especially mentioning animals, unless you want to get hurt. I have seen it many many times in Bangkok Night Clubs, not in the tourist area.

    Very dangerous is the farang, especially drunk, thinking incorrectly he knows the Thai culture and language.

    This guy Boom boom has "failed teacher" written on his forehead.

    Like Randomchances, I was going to post a few REALLY bad ones, but it would not be wise.

  9. Does that mean something unpleasant from a bird ? and is is usually spoken when they poke out their tongue ???

    My wife's mother says that a fair bit, fortunately not to me

    From the times I've heard it used, they were using it to refer to 'dirty' (Sokaprok) farangs, which could refer to their appearance or actions. Some Thais generalize the term to include all backpackers, too, but I've only run across this kind of language a couple of times in twenty years. It isn't an often-used expression, in my experience. More often said by farangs, it seems.

    And, like you, I've never heard a Thai use it in reference to me 

    I heard this once, directed straight at me, when wearing my smart work clothes in the most expensive hospital in Thailand. Two guys walked into the toilets stood on either side of me and one said "farang kee nok". If my wife had not been upstairs about to give birth, I don't know what I would have done. I find that most Thai people don't know the meaning of the phrase. Some think it means farangs speak a lot like a bird, or that is what they say they think! I think the phrase comes from the hippies in Khao San Road years back. It was one of the first things in Thai I learnt, hearing it a lot(not at me always) when I first came here and stayed in KSR.

  10. Better to act and regret; than not to act and yet still regret!

    Some peoples advice will only add vice to your life.

    Better to not act and not regret.

    Self control will give you unlimited control.

    Relationships based on falsehoods are like houses built with their foundations in mud.

  11. I am going to buy a used car this week. I am going to make the rounds of the second-hand dealers today. One question someone may be able to answer - is the price quoted on top of the car negotiable? Obviously it will be, but how much?

    Do you think I should get a Thai to barter rather than myself, a Farang? I would not let my wife do it, as experience shows I can barter better than her.

    Is it best to go to a dealer, or buy one privately?

    I was offered a 10 year old mazda for 60,000 baht, looks good for it's age.

    Is this a reasonable price?



  12. I have never cheated on my "wife" of 5 years. Before we were married, I cheated on her once only. That was during my stag night when I was out on the town and got a soapy massage. I am glad I did as I had never had one before and would always have been wondering what it was like. Blooody fantastic! :o I wish I had discovered them when I first came to Thailand. I must admit I have been tempted, but not often, but the consequences are too bad if she found out. If I did it once, I would continue to do it. I have some friends and met a lot of guys who are married to Thai woman and say, "she doesn't mind", "Thai men do it", "it's accepted here". I say, "<deleted> off, off course it hurts her!!", or "you are in for a nasty shock my friend, don't say I didn't warn you!"

    Define cheat? I have been out a couple of times to a girly bar and have a girl sit on my knee, stroking my leg and the like. A one off is not cheating in my book. If I went to these places evry month, or week, that would be cheating, even though no sex took place.

    You must respect your partner. If not, don't expect any in return!

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