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  1. If broken around our house = cat.... If missing = wife or daughters (wife, if it's tools) usually a favorite being misused then misplaced.....
  2. Best thing I ever bought? That was my early retirement courtesy of some advice from an aquiantance/friend in Oz - Bob ....He retired in his early 50's & sold orchid's out of his home as a past time to keep busy.... He took me aside & asked if I was retired....I said no.....He advised me to find a way if I could as they spent too much time watching old work mates keel over & die before they could retire..... I studied up and found out he was "dead" accurate..... Within 2 years I retired - and I never looked back..... I'd say buying myself MY TI
  3. I would have done some things differently back home, prior to the move.... Can't claim to be unhappy at all with life here.... My daughter there that would have benefited from my move and helped oversee & manage things was killed in an automobile accident at 26 a few months before the planned move.... That left me in limbo with what to do with vehicles, family heirlooms, & such....
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