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  1. Bet'cha that felt good to get out and about.....Stop & smell the roses type of thing..... Good for you
  2. 4 eyes better than 1 ????
  3. We have found the Oppo phones to be very good....We have 4 in the family & they have been bullet proof, (even my wife's that I dropped in a river worked after drying)....Excellent picture quality.....2 of us came over from Samsung (We'll never have another)..... Take a look, you might be surprised.....
  4. Ours is an Otto CO-708 from Makro - the box doesn't state the size - edit - 12 liter....It does allow everything to come out and apart right down to the empty bowl.....It works just fine.... Note - to help with clean up, Lazada sells round parchment paper that is about the same size as the grate/ring inside....It acts like a pan & helps keep the unit cleaner & clean up easier.....
  5. I think a good friend's step dad died recently + now the friend's real dad died too & the o.p. is out on this topic & trying to help the twice stricken friend? Maybe....
  6. Consensual environment...By decision, arrangement, & choice.....
  7. I don't think she's jealous, but, you are definitely offending/challenging the norm here.... The mom is trying to instill in her this societies standards - good for her, her daughter stands a chance.... In the meantime you're parading around in your birthday suit....Not something that would be understood, or taken lightly by the locals - or extended family..... I'd save the I'm entitled naked strutting routine for the privacy of your own bedroom.... If it's no big deal in Norway/Finland, wherever - you might just be in the wrong place flapping your 6 around, they have ducks for that here.....
  8. Still here....Our travel plans are in peril, but, if we had gone at our usual time we might have been stuck in limbo....Possibly with the wife being forced to return while I couldn't as a worse case scenario.... All in all, here is a good, safe place to be....Minimal inconveniences, no dining out, movies, massages, etc. Have put more time in the kitchen and, on the bright side, we're exercising more.....
  9. Well - that narrows down the list of suspects to the nearest 500 at any given time
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