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  1. The women here aren't keen on using overpowering perfume, if any at all...... I'm guessing it turns them off when men are attempting to cover up odors ala: Pepe Le Pew....
  2. Personally, I would feel too self conscious to go around slathered up & smelling like a locker room while using any close quartered public transportation..... The Thais are very perceptive of odors, dressing mistakes/appearance, grooming, and the like.... Rarely, in public, do you ever see one turned out badly - no matter their station in life....
  3. Yeah - I've tried posting positive oriented threads over the years = They sunk like rocks - glub, glub, glub.....
  4. Used to go there & visit a gal friend....Nice gal = but never found much that was appealing, likeable, entertaining, or convenient about the place.... Some places are just too blah - add dirty with difficult parking & very, very limited english speaking possibilities including movies, book stores, shopping, night life (dire)..... You won't have access to much of anything there versus BKK's conveniences that made life liveable.... Even with that nice little gal, I don't think I would have lasted a year there.... Your wife may feel like she's in her glory there, but, it could be very different for you....
  5. Head gasket or valve cover gasket?
  6. Good insight into many.... Makes me feel bad for the terminally negative ones..... I don't/won't dwell on the negative ones, or take them to task....Not worth the effort....
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