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  1. Liken it to taking a birth control pill or shot but told you could still get pregnant anyway... It's very much the same - only worse....Probably a bad analogy... They either don't have the tools on hand to stop this thing, or they are suppressing, or not tracking results that could negatively affect their market share.... The truth seems to be whatever the best sound bite or guess at that particular moment.... More questions than verifiable answers....
  2. With all the new weekly strains & deficiencies of vac being found the uncertainties are abundant.... The entire landscape of the epidemic and cures/vaccines could drastically change..... As one that is 73, plus med controlled high blood pressure (over 20 years) that has had pneumonia twice I find myself in the uncertain category until more information is mined.... Since it could be possibly betting one's life I find myself in no hurry to run down and volunteer myself early in the process..... If I had to I would opt for Pfizer for the simple reason that my daughter work
  3. Thank you for the caring & update....Sometimes, as much as we really want to change the order of things, it's just beyond reach....You did everything you could....
  4. Good effort, good luck.... Hope it goes well for the chick... We do well with rescuing kittens - not good with other critters, but still have the souvenir obligatory cages.... 500B for a chick with a happy ending = not bad
  5. Menu Learning From Superhumans: The Incredible Fitness and Success of Jack LaLanne written by JAMES CLEAR HEALTHY EATING MOTIVATION STRENGTH TRAINING Jack LaLanne was a pioneer in the world of fitness. The gyms that you see all over town? He opened one of the nation’s first fitness gyms in 1936. The machines that fill those gyms? He invented dozens of them. All of those home workout videos and television weight loss shows? He was th
  6. I've lost 20k through intermittent fasting....I wasn't fat, due to my height and frame; but I feel better having shed the excess.... I eat from about 8AM to 2PM then, that's usually it until the next day..... I'm at about 210# now & that's ok for 6'4".....It took about a year, but I wasn't trying to crash diet - just let things equalize out....
  7. Have light weights, do some exercises + ride a bike about 5k a day.... I realize there's more to do at 73....Since our sport league (softball) folded it's left a gap.... I've tried to organize some bp, which is great exercise but few takers - too much like work... We have a dressing room adjacent to our bedroom....It has an elliptical trainer and lounging area & I'm toying with the idea of cramming a home gym in also.....
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