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  1. For those in Pattaya, appears to be Laem Chabang (Sriracha area). https://kasikornbank.com/en/branch/Pages/result.aspx?q=dummy&option=6&lat=13.724599&lng=100.6331106
  2. Several of the YouTube presenters mention Filelinked. It can be downloaded easily, go to www.filelinked.com in your browser and click to download the APK then install. When you click on the App, it will have a place to enter a "code" -- several of the YouTube presenters will include the "code" to use - enter the code and continue -- a listing will come up showing several apps for apps that have movies, TV shows, video players including VLC, VPNs - I use IPVanish which works well but does have an annual fee, etc. - if you want a particular app, you can click on the down arrow to the right - a green line will fill to show it is downloading and when finished, the arrow turns into a "play" type button - click on the button and a screen will come up to install the app. If you want to download several of the apps, when one is downloading, go on to another and download it - continue until finished with all you want to download. Then you can return to those downloaded and click on the "play" type button - when the first is installed, click on "done", return to the filelinked app and continue to install the others that have been downloaded. In some cases, after entering a code, it may ask for a PIN number -- if one is required, the YouTube presenter will usually include that number as well.
  3. Just go to YouTube and use their search feature, e.g., apps for firestick. There are many videos on how to download and install apps, not only for Kodi but many others as well. I no longer use kodi and to sideload apps for movies, tv shows, etc. is a bit complex. However, there are several other apps including the two mentioned. Most of these will not be live shows; but many TV shows are available within a day of their airing in US, UK, or wherever. For live TV shows, you can also select an IPTV app, but this will most likely involve registering and paying a monthly fee for the service. Again, go to YouTube and search for iptv apps or something similar - and again, you will find many videos recommending these apps and explaining how to install them.
  4. Before I moved here from the USA over 16 years ago, I visited for several years on holiday. A person I worked with back then asked me if I had a problem in looking right instead of left when went to cross the road. My reply was no, I have no problem because in Thailand you better look both ways before stepping into the street as it is not uncommon for Thai drivers, especially motorbikes, to be driven on the wrong side of the road. After moving here, at an expat club meeting, the speaker who was a book author that lived in Bangkok, mentioned that they had twice been hit by a motorbike while living there . . . and both times they were on the sidewalk.
  5. A friend called me a couple days ago and said because his deposit was not coded FTT, he went to Bangkok Bank branch near Jomtien Immigration Office and showed them his TW receipt. He said they told him their records showed it as a domestic transfer and and there was "no way" they could include it as a foreign transfer in the letter they prepare for Immigration. Another friend who also had his transfer by TW sent through Kasikorn Bank, contacted Bangkok Bank and they gave him a "reference number" which they told him he could go to Kasikorn Bank and ask for a "Credit Advice" for that transaction to show that it was International. However, he decided to send another transfer >65k baht via a domestic ACH from his US bank through Bangkok Bank's NY branch, which did arrive -- there are some other threads on thaivisa that note Bangkok Bank NY is still accepting domestic ACH transfers even though they said they would not do so after April 1, 2019.
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