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  1. Actually i dont know what insurance costs. I never had it before. But now i am 50 i seem to worry about things more, like being hit by a car.
  2. Thank you Sheryl. It is one reason why the gf thinks it is a good idea to marry. Lol
  3. Do you think the free health insirance gov workers amd their families get here is good enough for a arang husband? Gf says it is, but she also believes in the existence of Nagas!
  4. BM2.....but arent you living with a woman and your kids who make you happy now?
  5. If you have ptsd, anxiety and depression and assuming gou dont look lime a young Brad Pitt. Sounds like you used money to try and balance the deal. Big age gap too? Gor for a woman within ten years of gour own age. Choose a 7 not a 10. Dont mention or use your wealth in the first three months. You might be surprised how happy you could be.
  6. After several different tries Ive found what I am looking for. Well almost. 555 Kanchanaburi.....quiet town with some nature just about left ( the bit by the river) cheap local food and fruit, a decent bar with good live music, another with prem league football, a nice river thats got a few kingfishers and other birds to look at, and a few expats to talk to. But, hottest part of thailand, most farang there seem to be there for the girls and bars with hookers are really not my thing at all. So,a kanchanaburi with a bit of life but without tne sleaze. Any recommendations?