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  1. From the Edinburgh Festival fringe: What's driving Brexit? From here it looks like the Duke of Edinbirgh. (attributed to Milton Jones)
  2. With US citizens, supported by the NRA & Trump, doing ISIS's job for them, why would they bother?
  3. Not the worst Tory by some distance but Patten has lost his marbles by suggesting that Bolton be involved with anything in a foreign country. The surest way for a Chinese takeover in HK is to have the US involved & they have already told the UK to keep their brown noses out of the problem too. I sympathise with the protesters protesting against the proposed extradition law but they are going too far with the violence. As the proposed law has been suspended (unfortunately not permanently), all the protesters need to do is tell Lam that any effort to introduce it again will lead to the same result - more protests. Insisting on Lam's resignation is not a good enough reason to continue.
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