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  1. The OP was asking about Lazada Wallet. So does using Shopee system allow Lazada to refund to the bank account set up with Shopee?
  2. Hello, I had a refund to my non-available "wallet" also. I emailed their help line and below is the process to get your wallet to be able to refund to your Thai bank account. You, as a foreigner, cannot use your wallet, but at least if something is refunded to your wallet, it can then be sent on to your approved bank account. I did get my refunds within about two weeks. Here are the two emails I got from Lazada as they set up my wallet for refund use: ------- Lazada emails to me follow ---- Lazada Thailand Customer Care <CS_TH@care.lazada.com> December 30, 2019 Dear Xxxx Yxxx, Warm Greeting from Lazada! This email is with regard to your concern on the request to transfer the remaining balance from your lazada wallet to your bank account. In line with your concern, kindly provide us the screenshot for us to forward this with the relevant team: 1. screenshot of passport 2. screenshot of bank book (Account Number, Account Name, Branch) 3. screenshot of signature You can blur some details (but we would need to see your full name, picture and bank number) or have the 'Copyright' mark as your signature mentioning for 'withdrawal used only'. Rest assured, that your documents will be kept confidential and internal used with account team only. Kindly reply to this email for us to forward this with them. Your prompt response would be so much appreciated. Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please reply back to this email. We will do our very best to reply within 2 business days. Best regards, Lyza ====== here is a follow-up email from Lazada =============== January 4, 2020 Dear Xxxx Yyyy Warm Greeting from Lazada! Thank you for taking the time to contact us. May we let you know that we acknowledged your recent contact with Lazada Customer Service. Regarding of your lazada withdrawal. As we have coordinate with the relevant team. we have start the procedure and it will take 7 business days for transaction to finish. Please check you account again later. ”Thank you for giving us your valuable time today. Best regards, Wee_LCE
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